Videos & Photos: Lamb Foggo Protest March

November 23, 2013

Close to 5,000 signatures were on the petition that was presented to Premier Craig Cannonier at the conclusion of yesterday’s [Nov 22] protest march.

The march was focused over the future of the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre, a situation that has been in the headlines recently.

The Bermuda Hospitals Board announced a few weeks ago they would close the St David’s medical facility, citing financial constraints. The Opposition raised strenuous objections, with both St David’s MP Lovitta Foggo and Shadow Health Minister Zane DeSilva speaking out against the closure on multiple occasions.

On Thursday [Nov 21] Health Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin announced that she directed the Bermuda Hospitals Board to keep the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre open until an “alternative plan is worked out,” which she anticipates will take no more than 6 months.

The crowd started gathering at BIU headquarters at about 11.30am, and at 12pm the march got underway. Police officers escorted the marchers, stopping traffic at the intersections.

The crowd — some of whom were singing — made their way to the House of Assembly, gathering in front of the building.

The organiser spoke and thanked St Davids MP Lovitta Foggo and Shadow Health Minister Zane DeSilva, who were both well received by those gathered.

The Premier then addressed the crowd, receiving some negative feedback and also receiving some applause when he said the Lamb Foggo Centre will remain open.

Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin was next to speak, and the crowd was silent for a few minutes, and then started to drown her out with shouts of what sounded like “we want Zane”. Shadow Minister Zane DeSilva then spoke, and was well received by those in attendance.

East End OBA MP Suzann Roberts-Holshouser faced the most negativity from the crowd, who became quite vociferous when she attempted to speak.

Despite PLP MP Lovitta Foggo interceding at one point, the crowd drowned Ms Roberts-Holshouser out with chants of “no” and she exited having barely spoken three sentences.

Yesterday’s protest march was the second march since the One Bermuda Alliance took control of the Government following their victory at the polls in December 2012. The first was in March 2013, and centered around the term limits issue.

4 minute general video of the march:

4 minute video of Mr DeSilva speaking and Ms Roberts-Holshouser being shouted down:

12 minute video of the speeches and petition being presented:

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Just sayin says:

    What a bunch of losers! Set up by the plp!

    • St. Geo says:

      The OBA didn’t think we was a bunch of losers when they wanted east to VOTE for them! At the end of the day the OBA are only concerned about staying in power one day they say this then the next day they say that and bend over with a** up to the MASSES.

      I voted for the OBA because they have no choice but to please the swing votes who sway from one party to the next depending on how the wind blows. You really think they want to be sitting in the PLP seats after next election? My relative sits in Cabinet with the Premier,they love their seats trust me.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        When did the OBA say you were a bunch of losers ??????

        I think you are making that up

  2. TESTI says:

    So they want to hear what the government have to say on the subject and then drown them out with childish chants???

  3. San Geoge says:

    BHB should lease the building to them for $1 per year and let them run it on a per patient cost basis like a real business should be run.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      That’s essentially what happens. But despite patient costs being charged at 60% higher than a typical doctor visit, or a KEMH visit, it still runs at a loss.

      It’s an over-priced, under-used first aid post.

      • Come Correct says:

        Brilliant! Shut the place down and stick a box outside with bandaids(boo boos), crazy glue (stitches) and buckleys(colds). Lovita can keep it stocked up. Problem solved.

  4. I hope they pay says:

    While I understand their concerns, Bermuda is only 22 miles long. They can easily get to KEMH in a timely fashion and provisions can be made in the event of the bridge closing. I hope they are willing to pay for this service at their finger tips as Sandy’s does not have a UCC.

    If the UCC remains open others services offered by KEMH will be cut. Bermuda has no money…hard decisions will be made that will all affect people. This is the reality of where Bermuda is NOW.

    There will be lay off in government. Bermudians must retrain themselves and ensure their children/grandchildren/ god children no longer obtain Cs and Ds in school. We must learn how to live and compete in a global society.

  5. looking and listening says:

    I wonder if the people at the March are employed? If they are do their bosses know where they were? Oh! I forgot…. most of those marchers must be government workers… they do whatever they want during the job’s time.and their pay cheques will remain intact. Or else…. well you know what. democracy is indeed well and alive. But sometimes we have to ask at what cost? This is one the times that makes me wonder… what next!!!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      They probably took a sickday. They have 14 weeks a year. Getting a day off is no challenge at all.

    • Passive Aggressif says:

      I know of one in the pictures that is the union rep for his company that took his lunch time break to participate which I commend.

      • Hmmmm says:

        Fairplay, I would imagine all who work were on their lunchbreak.
        It was timed to get the maximum participation.

        Do you know if the union rep lives to the East of the Causeway?
        Just curious

  6. GoD1st says:

    Why not allow MP Houlshouser to speak.

    • mixitup says:

      Maybe because when it really was important for her to speak up, she didn’t. No need to hear from her now.

  7. John says:

    Well done you walked and kept it open but like I have said before…… Who is gonna be working there as they previously stated the Dr’s are redundant…… Equals more money lost. But well done hope you enjoyed your stroll and shout lol

  8. Bermuda Male says:

    The financials revealed a profit because not all expenses have been accounted for due to the failure of these accounts being audited on annual basis. The financials provided are unaudited because the previous BHB Board and it’s Government overseers, like with so many quangos and the pension fund, failed to be financially accountable and transparent. They failed to ensure that these accounts were audited and transparent, just as is the case for your $2 billion underfunded pension funds and their numerous and consecutive qualified audits on the consolidated fund. Do you understand what it means to receive a qualified audit from an auditor? Do you know what would happen in the real world if you received one qualified audit, much less several?

    The document yesterday, from the BHB, cited in several sections that the expenses for the year a $100k profit had not been fully accountable (again due the failure to ensure an annual audit had been undertaken) for via the various cost centers for the UCC. Do you understand the concept of a cost center? Thus, due to the failure of being audited, many expenses allocated to other cost centers have not yet been charged to the UCC. So when these expenses are actually allocated to the UCC’s income statement they will more than likely wipe away the so called “profit” that Mr. Desilva and Co keep on talking about. The saddest thing is that they know the exact same thing and continue to repeat the “net profit” line to the public. I mean why would the PLP claim that it was a profitable service for the government and then in the next breath offer cost cutting options? Does that make sense to you? It also should be noted that Mr. Desilva admitted that his cost reduction suggestions would have been considered if the PLP had trained power and the “UCC was on the agenda.” But the biggest question is why under Mr. Desilvas reign were the BHB accounts allowed to go unaudited and end up in the position they are in today.

    The funny thing all of what I said above was in the report which was posted on the BHB website a few weeks ago. So no secret document as some continue to claim.

    Then with the BHB you had the Chief of Staff and CFO placed on administrative leave and a suspect subsidiary wound up recently. That’s a whole other story.

    I am not against keeping open this facility. But I am against people spreading lies about others being misleading. I also laugh at others you keep on harping on about this being a life saving service when it clearly states in the original business plan and on the BHB website states that the UCC is for non-life threatening injuries and is only open for 8 or 12 hours a day.

    But either way I find it funny that some llabel particular individuals’ as liars and demand heads to roll as opposed to the individuals that failed to ensure financial accountability and transparency or at least the people that forecasted an annual Government grant would be required to ensure it broke even, but no grants apparently came to fruition.

    But Bermuda Is another world sometimes I guess.

    • 100% agreement says:

      Bermuda Male,

      I am 100% in agreement with your statements.

      This is what happens when politics interferes with the decision making process. Zane DeSilva had the audacity to state in yesterday’s House proceedings that the decision to create the Lamb Foggo UCC was a “political decision”.

      Like you, I am not against keeping the facility open as there is some need for it. However, to allow the country to continue on its current trend of increased expenditure against a backdrop of reduced economic activity is irresponsible just plain foolish.

      I only hope that the current government can come up with a more economically responsible alternative.

    • Accountability Please says:

      Bermuda Male,

      It is all in the pitch. The BHB CFO is currently on admin leave and has been on leave for the last 9 months. If I understand correctly, her replacement is a secondee. Now do the math. Paid admin leave for a CFO plus the cost of a secondee. Add to this the package and legal fees that will to be factored into the final cost. The UCC could easily be open and break even for another 2 years on these numbers alone.

      I don’t think the matter is the UCC, I simply think BHB doesn’t operate efficiently and grossly misallocates resources.

      I don’t know of any entity that has a staff member on paid admin leave for 9 months without some form of resolution.

      Again, gross mismanagement that the public is being asked to pay for.

      Well done marchers and petition signers. Well done!

  9. L'Tanya says:

    This might not be the place and I applaud anyone who will march for what they believe in but Bermudians make me laugh. The things that we should march for we don’t like, higher standards in our public schools. Overruns of capital project that result in less money going to educate our children and more money to house our prisoners. Or why we are allowing people on financial assistance to receive payments for cable, cells phone and the like.

    Instead of building that expensive building, the government of 1999-2012 should have looked at updated the clinic in St. George’s or fund another location in St. David’s, maybe a building around the area of Transmission site and updated it to accommodate the needs of the community or those of an urgent care facilty.

    • ha says:

      its a PLP march to keep their votes…. that why only one was built on the east end and not both east and west ends as promised. they had the west end votes

    • Tricks Are For Kids says:

      If you feel the things you mentioned above are causes for concern then why don’t YOU organise a march?…..this march was suggested by an area resident…..she thought it was a good cause and so did those that joined the march….grave concerns mentioned above… go ahead and start a petition I guarantee you will be successful….

  10. watchfuleyes says:

    Do I see our Govt school children at another demonstration? the last time school children just ‘watched’ a demonstration or protest, they, their parents, teachers, principal, and school came in for criticism. Now we see several students of all ages are taking part in this particular one, and some viewing it.
    Mind you, I do not see anything wrong with our children knowing and being part of history, if their parents, teachers, and school sees fit. We must teach our children to stand up for some things and become tomorrow’s history.
    Here in Bermuda we stifle our children too much, we shelter them from real life and real world situations, YET, we let them watch destructive, violent, and unsuitable things on t.v and computers daily.
    lets see now if these schools get a slap on the wrist for letting students see democracy in action! This is part of education, it doesn’t all come just from books. People create change, whether good or bad change, and that was the lesson learned.

  11. ha says:

    so… I will like to see all these brainless people use it for the next six months. If not gov should shut it down and say I told you so.

    • Tolerate says:

      Hahaha…. so dumb a**; and I use that term lightly, I’ll arrange that fall off my stepladder to make sure the facility has business. Are you serious? Justify it use (a health care facility) by using it? Wait, I feel a headache coming on. You just don’t get it; the fight for this facility is based on it’s need to exist when needed.
      I’m from the east and agree with you; even as much as I would love for the facility to stay open, but only if a financial solution can bee found.
      To call the marchers brainless? Wow, serious?

  12. js says:

    very disappointing that Craig Cannoiner acknowledged that the petition forced his hand to keep the centre open

    seems the OBA doesn’t have the political capital to make the tough decisions and cuts moving forward

  13. fedup Nana says:

    To all those who have something to add… negative/positive. And for those who took time out to march. Where’s the passion when you read 20 jobs cut AGAIN at######. If you want to rise and march for something; march and rise up for your fellow Bermudians who are struggling to make ends meet. Point out, that your current Govt, has-no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-in its-sight. For the bloggers who are so mean spirited.. direct your text for the good of all and help get BERMUDA RESIDENTS BACK TO WORK.


    • Hmmmm says:

      Try the

      If not, try the Jobs in the papers

      If not try the agencies on the island

      Why not start your own business.

      Wait for a job and you’ll be waiting.

      Proactively seek a job and you’ll find one.

      Nobody has put their resume in the paper yet !
      Now this jobs board exists, you can put you details on there.
      In the meantime, register and retrain.

      This process should be continuous…no waiting.
      When you are out of work, your work is seeking a job.

      You can do it.

  14. GoD1st says:

    What can you offer your country.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      JFKennedy … how apt being the 50th anniversary.

      “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

  15. John Doe says:

    That place is a waist. Why be open and your not gonna be open 24 hours I had an serious issue and was turned away and had to be rushed to KEMH.

  16. No More Deception/Accountability Please says:

    The Premier noted that the process was not consultative in nature. Wow! Did he just admit that the his govt was not open and transparent? He indicated that it was because of the 5,000 signatures. I am always amazed at politicians and their insults.

    The premier is from St. Davids yet he waits 5 weeks to respond allowing the area MPs to say nothing, the Minister to dodge and deflect with her crock about the BHB. Amazing. Keep insulting the people, you will one day be in the same boat as the PLP.

    I would like to remind the OBA to keep in mind the BIG picture.

    Small picture: OBA broke an election promise re term limits. Big picture: The repercussions of relaxing this policy will displace Bermudians for decades to come.

    Small picture: OBA agreed with the closing of the UCC. Big picture: OBA is going to sell out Bermuda in the name of Business and will try and pull the wool over our eyes in the name of fixing the mess of the PLP.

    Small picture: OBA has allowed the CFO at the hospital to be on admin leave for 9 months and has hired a secondee from one of the accounting firms. 400-500K wasted. Enough to help the UCC to break even for about 2 years. Big picture: OBA has allowed yet another Bermudian to be displaced. A dangerous slope.

    Small picture: OBA continues to blame the PLP for our problems (Bob’s most recent babble). While I didn’t vote for the PLP and I believe they have set us back in many areas. All cannot be blamed on them. Big picture: The divide in our country continues because of the blaming game. I honestly expected ‘Bermuda First’ out of the OBA regardless of how the PLP conducts themselves, especially in the areas of reconciling us as one country and not a two groups of party followers

    Small picture: OBA has will allow Sunday sale of alcohol at the markets. Big picture more and more of our culture is being eroded, not to mention the most recent report of more and more fatalities being caused by alcohol.

    Small picture: 10% cuts to 100K+ salaries to people that already have jobs. Big picture: more and more Bermudians don’t have the basics. Watch for the riots!

    Small picture: OBA is touting with the decriminalization of Marijuana that was not mentioned in election promises or 1st throne speech but walla, it is on the agenda. Big picture: OBA is morphing into the PLP in terms of deceiving the people. Be strongly aware.

    Small picture: let’s fight on the blogs on trivial matters. Big picture: We need to use this same energy for the good of our country and lets start with holding our politicians accountable, no matter what side of the isle they are on.

    The list goes on.

    Doesn’t anyone see a trend. I wish we will wake up and see the lies and not excuse it because they are not the PLP. We must hold our politicians accountable.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Ditto. Great points.

    • Just the facts please..... says:

      While you are quick to provide big picture / small picture anecodotes, I don’t see any real solutions to the problem. Where is the money supposed to come from long-term to keep this centre up and alive. It is completely UNDERUTILIZED and is just not being used for the purposes for which it was intended. And yet people feel it should continue to be funded for what??? As a nice to have??

      Come on people, we are in the fiscal mess we are in for exactly this reason. We have just spent and spent and spent with no real plan other than “we’ll worry about that next election”.

      Trust me, I am not a fan on the OBA right now if they cannot have the testicular fortitude to make hard decisions when they need and then stick to them!

  17. Tricks Are For Kids says:

    If you feel the things you mentioned above are causes for concern then why don’t YOU organise a march?…..this march was suggested by an area resident…..she thought it was a good cause and so did those that joined the march….grave concerns mentioned above… go ahead and start a petition I guarantee you will be successful….

  18. Really?? says:

    PLP that is why were in debt because of you flogging the dead horses of business… A government is a business it must break even or make money… Why don’t some idiots here understand that??? WAKE UP the Lamb foggo centre has been deemed a failure therefore must be shut down END OF STORY good to see you guys marching though shame you didn’t feel that passionate during the marches against E. Brown… SILLLY PEOPLE

  19. Urgent says:

    It is urgent that we do something to correct the 14 years of madness!

  20. Terry says:

    ain’t gonna happen Urgent.
    The Speaker of the House is a former Black Beret.
    Keep em close to your chest.

  21. Come On Man says:

    Why are they marching they look and sound like idiots. The emergency care facility is not closed it is open for 6 months until they reach a solution if no solution is reached then you march and protest. They spear headed by Lavita Foggo are still bitter about losing the election are just using this opportunity to make a lot of noise and grant standing at the OBA government showing no respect with their silly comments and sounding stupid.

  22. 1minute says:

    I think more people would of shown up for the march if it wasn’t a PLP/BIU event and had been strictly for saving the UCC