Video: Dr Brown’s Firm Continues Sponsorships

December 18, 2013

Bermuda HealthCare Services today [Dec 18] extended their sponsorship of elite track and field athletes Aranxta King, Tyrone Smith and Aaron Evans for a second year. The three athletes received a total of $12,000 to help them reach their goals, which follows after the $15,000 sponsorship last year.

Bermuda HealthCare Services Renew Elite Athlete Sponsorships, December 18 2013-1

Executive Chairman Dr. Ewart Brown made the formal announcement saying that “Aranxta, Tyrone and Aaron represent just some of the best talent that Bermuda can produce and we are proud to sponsor them.”

“I know first hand the positive impact that sports can have in development of young people and believe that elite Bermudian athletes of this calibre must be supported and celebrated as they rise, not just when they bring home the gold for Bermuda,” continued Dr Brown

Dr Brown is a former track & field athlete himself, having represented Bermuda at the Commonwealth Games in the 400 meters and 1600 meter relay in his younger years. Speaking today, the former Premier said his “personal passion” for sport has been a factor in deciding to sponsor the athletes.

Bermuda HealthCare Services and the Brown Darrell Clinic — facilitated by Digicel — were able to announce the sponsorships with Aranxta King and Tyrone Smith “present” via video conferencing. Aaron Evan’s grandfather, Mr. Clarkson Smith was on hand to accept the check on his grandson’s behalf.

Aaron Evans is an 800m specialist, and Tyrone Smith and Arantxa King are both two-time Olympians, having represented Bermuda in the long jump. They gave the island our two highest finishes at the 2012 London Olympics – finishing 12th and 13th.

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    Dr dreb was a track and field athlete himself??? I would have thought he was more suited for boxing??? He was the best duck and weaving person I have ever seen!!! He certainly new how to slip punches and give glancing blows!!

    • Betty Trump says:

      Well done Dr. Brown, keep giving back to our Community. IT is good when a man can not only talk the talk but actually walk the walk. Those that write distasteful comments are usually the ones whom are giving nothing back to their society, more so their country, but only spreading negative messages.

      Keep providing service to your Country. It is killing the Diehard UBPoba folks. Stand strong as you always do. Thanks for helping our young people to achieve their goals. This is a real example of doing for and reaching out to our young people. Thanks again. “NO one is greater, than a man whom gives back, and so far you are doing just that.”

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Such a shame that there are those who feel the need to run to the media to get publicity. So many more who help the deserving who do it without seeking the spotlight. These are many more than those who appear in the spotlight, and it is those who should receive the thanks, but they do it because they want to help, not to seek publicity.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Shirley Chisholm ‘Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth’

      Thanks Dr. Brown for giving back to our Community, more so assisting our young people to reach their goals and achievements.

      This is better than just talking, but you have done real action.

      The Nay-Sayers will always talk negative, and fail to give back. Ringmaster and Kangoocar are blindfaithfulness UBPoba followers, so their comments are expected, and they lack any real sense of TRANSPARENCY or HONESTY. Overlook their nastiness, and blatant dishonesty.

    • Betty Trump says:

      As your MPs UBPoba says so clearly…….”I challenge everyone out there reading this – if you believe that you have something to contribute and have the answers to the vexing problems facing our country, then get up off the sofa and get from behind the computer and get involved! All this pessimism and cynicism is hard to reconcile with what I know about Bermudians, and what a wonderful, generous people we are.”….NOW ask yourselves Kangoocar and Ringmaster and other diehards what are you doing to make a real different in our Society? As your daily contributions on Bernews does not move Bermuda forward.

      • Ringmaster says:

        I hate responding to your stupid and crass comments but I will in this instance. You do not know me or what charitable acts I and others do without fanfare suffice to say there are students overseas that wouldn’t be there without such support. These acts are done quietly and benefit those who cannot afford to send their children to college. Finally I am not a supporter of any party, nor have I voted in the last 4 elections. So shut the hell up and stop the pathetic “UBPoba blindfaithfulness” BS.

  3. James Herald says:

    I thought the man had returned to his homeland. Why is he showing up here when we are doing so well?

  4. Django unchained says:

    Thank u Dr. Brown for sponsoring these athletes. You will never please everybody. Just do what you’re doing it isn’t going unrecognized.

    • Dano says:

      I was not a fan of Dr. Brown the Premiere but I will say Well Done and thanks for giving back. To bad that more that can – chose not to.

  5. Ranville Thomas says:

    Django I second that lol Bermuda people are funny no matter what you may feel about Dr Brown politicly I have a question for you how many of you have met Doctor Brown the Doctor? Which he is great at in mine others opinion and far as him Docking lets be fair every time he was charged with something rightly or wrong he would stand there listen to position of whomever then he would rebut.

    Looking for the Spot light Do you know how hard it is for Top Bermuda Athlete to get funding in good or bad times there are little things we can do and there are big and small companies and people that can help these people that are weather you want it or not representing you and your country I am sick of people waiting till these young people make it then want to jump on the bandwagon. Think about how much better they would be if they didn’t have to go threw years of added stress of looking for funding. So if him stepping up raise some eyebrow ask yourself what have you done to help these people put Bermuda on the world stage.
    And Weather you liked him or not other then John Swan no other Premier Carried themselves so well he was a real Diplomate. Also can somebody tell where his country is last I heard his family is from Bermuda and he was Born here. LOL But really the Athlete sponsor thing ticked me off lol Happy holidays to all peace and love

    • Betty Trump says:

      Well said Django and Ranville Thomas , Dr. Brown is the great example of giving back to his community.

      A strong black man is something that a certain sector of society will fear! Dr. Brown is a great example of someone whom commands such strong leadership skills. The reality is he is one of those strong leaders that we have not seen in a long time. This is not what a certain sector of society want to see, but golly if he came back, they would be even more afraid and frighten. They only love you, if you are not over stepping on them. Well done Dr. Brown, continue on with the good fight of helping in our community. Well Done!!

  6. Bermuda Boy says:

    I feel like I’m a part of giving these sponsorships, I wonder why?

  7. People's Poet says:

    Marc Bean began to see red
    With the referendum now dead
    “It’s right out of order,
    He used a recorder,
    I cannot deny what I said”.

  8. Senior says:

    Well done Dr. Brown! And to those of you who criticise, please give it a rest and let me assure you that Dr. Brown is a Bermudian as were both of his parents.

  9. Bermuda boy says:

    Betty or Laverne or whatever you call yourself, you live in a dream world. Sad………..

  10. campervan says:

    Thank you Dr Brown for supporting Bermudas athletes.
    I’d like to mention though, that all these fabulous young people are black.
    I hope and trust that you would also have sponsored a white Bermudian athlete too if they had fulfilled the criteria.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Maybe the white Bermudian athletes families and associates can afford it or have their sponsors.

      • Cracker with cheese says:

        Yes, because we are all super wealthy.

      • Dano says:

        @Mazumbo and @campervan – It is his money and he is free to sponsor who he wishes.

        We as a country need to stop this petty B&W talk and learn how to see the big picture. It is idiotic talk like this that make people and companies say NO to sponsorship of any kind, because no matter who they support and what they support there is some idiot out there that will choose to be critical instead of saying THANK YOU!

  11. John E. Thorne says:

    I wish people would stop bringing politics into every issue that takes place in Bermuda. We are all going to survive or go down together no matter who we support. Party politics is killing Bermuda and until we all realise that and do something about it we are finished as a small dot on the map! I hope the Christmas period brings all of us to our senses so that we can move forward together in 2014. One way we can do that is to stop using pen names which will improve the blogs 100%.

  12. Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

    Hello Friends,
    For the record, like many other businesses, we choose to publicize our sponsorships. Since I am not running for office (although some of the bloggers here are pushing hard for that to happen),could it be that we simply wish our patients and supporters at BHCS to see that we are supportive of our community?
    We sponsored our top TRACK and FIELD athletes, without regard to race. Usually, I am accused of introducing the “race card”. Not this time!
    In toxic Bermuda, no good deed goes unpunished :)

    • Dano says:

      Dr. Brown. Let me say thank you for supporting these young Bermudians and let me apologize to you for the behavior of some of the childish few.

      I was not your number one fan when you were involved in politics, but I will be the first to shake your hand and say thanks to you for giving back!

      I played football, cricket, pool and darts when I was younger. My kids choose to play tennis and bike ride. These are the events, I would likely support athletes in because they are close to my heart. My money, my choice.

      Good job and thanks again.

    • campervan says:

      Thank you for the feedback Dr. Brown. Kudos.

  13. Mike Hind says:

    Well done, Dr. Brown, et al. Thank you for supporting our future.