Bermuda “Wins” Olympic Opening Ceremony

February 8, 2014

We may the smallest team in attendance, but the Bermuda Winter Olympic team made their presence felt at yesterday’s [Feb 7] Opening Ceremony, attracting plenty of attention due to our tradition wearing the island’s signature Bermuda shorts at Olympic events.

Fox News even went so far as to declare Bermuda the winner of the Opening Ceremony, citing our Bermuda shorts in temperatures below 40 degrees.

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Their report said, “With all due respect to the other bold fashion statements of the Opening Ceremony, nothing topped this. Despite temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Team Bermuda made its appearance at Friday’s festivities rocking the namesake leg garment of their nation.

“Who is Team Bermuda? It’s just one person — Tucker Murphy, a 32-year-old cross-country skier who was born in Dallas. He finished 88th in the 15 km event in 2010 in Vancouver. That’s him with the flag.

“Kudos, Bermuda. If they gave out medals for Opening Ceremony, you’d have the gold.”

It wasn’t just Fox News who praised our team, with the sight of the Bermuda team athletes in shorts in freezing temperature causing quite a stir online, with Twitter lighting up as users praised our unique style.

Twitter users chimed in with support for the Bermudian team, with many non-Bermudian users being introduced to the fact that Bermuda has a Winter Olympic team for the first time.

Bermuda is being represented by the one-man team of Dr. Tucker Murphy, a cross country skier making his second Olympic appearance for Bermuda.

Some of the Tweets about the Bermuda team at the Winter Olympics are below:

Twitter   axispowered  Shoutout to Bermuda for wearing ...

Twitter   Chessietd  Any country that small   ...

Twitter   crna_tulipanka  It is awesome to see Bermuda ...

Twitter   davidmacdougall  Bermuda is hardcore. HARD. ...

Twitter   izzyljohnson  Bermuda are my favourite team ...

Twitter   kimscorcher  Hey  can we talk about how ...

Twitter   mrodrigues22  Great to see Bermuda being ...

Twitter   NiaSky  Currently watching the Olympics ...

Twitter   noodlemichelle  Bermuda wearing Bermuda shorts. ...

Twitter   patrickdell  Nothing says Winter Olympics ...

Twitter   ReneJanvier  The  best dressed country  ...

Twitter   S_Witts  Watching  Sochi2014 opening ...

Twitter   SB_CAN  kudos to the Bermudian delegation ...

Twitter   TraveliciousDee   Bermuda bringing the shorts ...

Twitter   Tweety5512  I love Bermuda   Freezing weather ...

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Comments (14)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Now where eles but in Bermuda would mens legs get so much attention?

    Bermuda shorts should be required dress for tourism promoting business trips. For too many years DOT people were running around looking like everyone else.

    Years ago I worked for one of the airlines. The uniform was the Bermuda shorts & knee socks. Working on the ramp I was the first guy visitors saw opening the aircraft door then leading them to immigration. Can’t count the smiles & comments.

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    The Houston Chronicle was less complimentary, it reported…

    “Team Bermuda walked into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics like they owned the place, wearing matching blazers, bright red Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks, a nod to their country’s proud tradition of looking like idiots.”

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the team from the Cayman Islands marched in wearing FLIP FLOPS and shorts.
    It was tacky!…funny in a way,but very tacky!

    • sage says:

      Oh shut up.

      • RME says:

        Let me guess. You’re from Cayman.

      • nuff said:- says:

        Rock Bermuda!!! Putting us on the MAP!

        I wear my Bermuda shorts all over the world with my knee socks and am always asked ‘why’. I tell people that it’s the NATIONAL DRESS of BERMUDA!:-)

        I think that all of the Taxi operators should wear them as well. There is an awesome looking driver that wears pink shorts, shirt or neck tie. I think that sometimes he throws in a lil BLUE as well. Now that’s Bermuda right there with the blue skies and pink sand. OMG what an awesome look. Now he REPRESENTS!

  4. Terry says:

    Dee Prime Minister……..
    Never mind.

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