Pen Pals Sought For Westgate Inmate Program

February 14, 2014

westgate prison bermuda generic (1)On February 11, 2014, Imagine Bermuda and Chewstick launched a collaborative pilot project at Westgate marking the Anniversary of the Release of Nelson Mandela from 27 years of imprisonment. A small team visited that facility and showed the documentary film “Nelson Mandela: The Fight for Freedom.”

A spokesperson said, “Following the screening, the team spent time in group discussion with the men, relating Madiba’s story to their own lives.

“The film revealed how his long imprisonment on Robben Island facilitated his personal transformation. It also uncovered the power of reconciliation in the restoration of a country that had been on the brink.

“On the occasion of Mandela’s 90th birthday, the film captured him passing the baton, reminding the human family that, “it’s in your hands.” This became an excellent segue to remind those inmates that they can take that baton and make steps for their personal transformation.

“It was apparent that these men appreciated the connections that were being made on that significant date, and the team intends to visit Westgate on a monthly basis, with the program’s goal being inspirational and educational. The aim is to supplement the wonderful efforts of other groups such as Prison Fellowship.

“One idea coming out of their first session is to initiate a pen pal system. Therefore, they are looking for members of the public who would like to take on a pen pal from Westgate. Those interested would commit to a regular [weekly or monthly] conversation by email with an individual inmate.

“For everyone’s safety and privacy, the system would be securely filtered by the Corrections Department.

“While many groups, such as the Prison Fellowship, have a faith-based approach, this is an alternative and would simply offer a compassionate contact from the wider community for an inmate.

“Those interested in the pen pal initiative should contact”

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  1. QB says:

    Great idea! I think this is a positive initiative that can benefit both the community and the inmates in more ways than one. I hope this programme has a long lasting impact.

  2. js says:

    poor little guys

  3. Kangoocar says:

    Is there any other way we can make their lives at WestGate any more pleasant??? Give me a break!!!!!

  4. Judge & Jury says:

    In this small community,do you know what would happen.
    Not a good idea.

    • Robson says:

      Agreed, this is insane. No way should this go ahead.

    • Care To Ellaborate? says:

      @Judge & Jury What exactly do you believe would happen not being rude genuinely interested in your concerns

  5. Jamudian says:

    This is a great iniative to helping people that are apart of our community-still. prison should be a corrective facility–not just a place to punish people-real change is made when people are shown love.
    Alot of people think that u should just lock them up and forget em…then they come out and become a problem all over again. They are still your sons and daughters they need genuine love.

    I was looking at a documentary about child soldiers in africa…the thing that stood out to me the most was when the boys that were child soldiers said that the worse thing that they experienced is when the people of their villages abandoned them and ostricized them…making them furious and willing to hurt anyone after that.

    Love is the key love is the answer.
    The only force on earth trhat can chgange an enemy intoa friend is Love! MLK…
    They are not your enemies but the can and will be if you facilite the darkness within…
    Be a light to the world- eliminate the darkness..