Contraband Seized & Assault Against Officer

July 22, 2018

Contraband has been seized and a Corrections Officer was assaulted, and the police are investigating both matters in conjunction with the Department of Corrections, the Minister has confirmed.

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said, “As I indicated in recent statements, the public will be aware that the Ministry has been working with the Department of Corrections’ leadership to increase the security measures at our corrections facilities. As a result of the enhanced security protocols, I can confirm that contraband has been seized.

“Also, there was recently an assault against a Corrections Officer which resulted in minor injuries to the officer.

“The Bermuda Police Service are investigating both matters in conjunction with the Department of Corrections. These offenses will be addressed internally and through the courts.

“I wish to commend the Officers at the Department of Corrections and the Bermuda Police Service for their steadfast and diligent service.”

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  1. Eye 4 and Eye says:

    Any prisonerfound with contraband or weapons should automatically forfeight their priveldge of getting visitors. Any person found giulty of assaulting and officer should have the same punishment plus no calls or outside time.

    You want to act like an animal and abuse people and freedoms then you should be kept in a cage like and abused like some unfortunate animals. Eye for an Eye

  2. Wahoo says:

    Heads will roll?

  3. Not serious says:

    Easy fix. Assault an Officer or caught with drugs just double the sentence. They not gonna do it though cause they want to be everyone’s friend. Also ship murderers,paedophiles and rapist overseas.