RA Decision: Digicel Promotion “Not Predatory”

March 16, 2014

The final decision released by the Regulatory Authority [RA] following the Logic and Digicel dispute over Digicel’s latest offer said, “Based on the RA’s investigation, the cost analysis, the RA finds that Digicel’s free Internet promotion is not predatory in nature.”

On 23 January 2014, Digicel Bermuda announced an Internet service promotion inviting potential customers to sign up for free Internet for 1 year, and on that same date Logic Communications wrote to the Regulatory Authority to request an investigation into Digicel’s Free Internet Promotion.

During the time of the investigation Digicel ran an advertisement with a cartoon of a woman winking with the caption “Below is the promotion Logic doesn’t want you to know about,” prompting RA CEO Philip Micallef to email Digicel CEO Wayne Caines to say that the ad “is unlikely to fall into the category of unethical or unlawful conduct on the part of Digicel”, however the RA thought it was in “bad taste.”

The full decision from the RA follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ryan says:

    Good! Why do we even have a Regulatory Authority? Let the free-market sort these issues out.

    • bermerican says:

      that’s a clown comment bro. remember when 4gb internet was 100 last year? let’s not go back to that.

      • well... says:

        It wasn’t exactly free market last year either. The firms now have a wider choice of telecomms services they can provide instead of being restricted. We are closer to a free market than last year in this regard. Competition has gone up for ISP’s and as a result prices have gone down.

        Let the invisible hand guide the market.

      • Ryan says:

        Internet prices are coming down in Bermuda BECAUSE of the free-market and the competition it drives.

  2. frank says:

    cellone needs to be more creative and stop complaining

    • positivity says:

      Logic filed the complaint.

      • Agree says:

        Cellone complains when digicel does things Logic complains when Digicel does things smh logic and cellone need to step up their game

        • Come Correct says:

          Not really about stepping up game. If you’ve ever seen a TV commercial very, very rarely do they use the actual name of a competitor because they could be sued. They will use words like “leading bargain brand” or “leading *insert product here* brand”. That’s where I believe the problem lies but Bermuda doesn’t have laws like the US and there was really nothing defaming about the Ad. You just can’t prove logic doesn’t want you to know about it so really it’s a false statement.

        • Come Correct says:

          Furthermore if I wee logic I would just come out saying this is digicels offer (LETTING PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT) and subtlbly highlight the negatives like being locked into a contract even if you’re crap service and then promote their non-contract offers where a customer can move at any given time forcing good service. But I’m not in marketing so what do I know.

          • well... says:

            Agreed. Not to mention that prices could further come down but those who are locked on Digicel’s contract would be locked in for 2 years. Remember, before the ICOL’s were issued most of the provider’s were offering incentives to lock in a 2 year contract for Apple TV or first x months free. They knew prices will come down further.

    • reality441 says:

      Can u not read? Nothing to do with CellOne. Logic.

  3. Clarke L Jones says:

    In ‘Bad Taste” I don’t think that anyone was offended by this Promo except for Logic and I am sure they have their reasons.

  4. Watcher says:

    Logic is now run by the person who ran NorthRock. Expect more complaints as the competition gets more creative…

  5. somuchless says:

    Logic should know that the Digihell promo is just that and the service is not free. Why are they complaining. Be Innovative and tricky like digihell.

  6. IB says:

    Thanks for the reminder that Digicel’s offer is far better than Logic’s, even by Logic’s own analysis.