Digicel Offers Free Internet Access For One Year

January 23, 2014

Digicel launched a new promotion today [Jan 23] by advising customers to “kiss their Internet bills goodbye” and receive 12 months of free Digicel Internet for their homes.

A statement from the Company said, “Any new or existing Digicel Postpaid customer who signs up for a new mobile voice and/or data plan, or extends their existing mobile agreement, can choose to get six Mbps [megabits per second] of Digicel Internet service at home at no cost for the first 12 months of service.

“And, as if that’s not enough, any customer looking to achieve higher internet speeds has the option to receive a $50 discount per month for one year instead. This offer will ultimately save customers $600 over the course of a year.”

“As Bermuda’s leading mobile provider and industry game changer, Digicel is always looking to provide customers with the best value,” said Wayne Caines, CEO of Digicel Bermuda. “This offer was designed to entice residents to make the switch to Digicel and save considerably in the process.

Digicel Internet Offer Bermuda, January 23 2014

“From the start, Digicel has always been a leader in bringing exceptional value to the Bermuda market. Receiving an entire year of free home internet is unheard of; an offer of this magnitude does not come along every day.”

“Digicel’s mobile and fixed line internet services offer a selection of plans for home and office needs. And, contrary to popular belief, switching is a quick and easy process where, in most cases, new hardware is not required, enabling customers to enjoy same-day connectivity,” the company said.

“Value, reliability, and customer satisfaction are our priorities,” added Digicel’s Sales Director, Shane McDonnell. “Our sales team is readily available to assist those wishing to take advantage of this opportunity to receive significant savings and to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.”

Customers will have until March 1, 2014 to benefit from the huge savings on their home internet needs and are reminded that a valid ID and proof of address are required to open a Digicel Postpaid and Digicel Internet account.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Isn’t competition wonderful? Would Digicel be making offers like this without competition? Absolutely no way.

    “Value, reliability, and customer satisfaction are our priorities,” Ya….RIIIIIIIGHT!

    • reality441 says:

      In total, if you buy it, they have you committed for a whopping 48 months. Sounds like a life time…..

  2. real talk says:

    Forget de free internet…who’s de fine ding to ya left??! Ma number!

  3. Point says:

    So what was the point of the ladies in the video? Props? Good job on objectifying women.

  4. Unearthed says:

    I have to give it to Digicel. They are the leader in sales and marketing.

  5. de cook says:

    I actually like de one on de right. I need gurl that for winter.

    don’t get me wrong, de free internet is good too. can use that to talk to my new squeeze (de gurl de right)

  6. Concerned Smiths says:

    This smacks of predatory pricing! Not sustainable! How does this pass Regulators?

  7. somuchless says:

    Wayne please fix your customer service department because many of them are hopeless…

    Even if you’re giving something free I’m sure many will stay away because of the service Digicel provides.

  8. pebblebeach says:

    Great promo Digicel, but BTC is dragging their feet and have not provisioned anything but 8 Mbps broadband link in my area… Been waiting for 15 Mbps broadband link for a very long time and now they tell me I have to wait until June 2014 before they roll out their 15/25 Mbps broadband link platform in the Smith’s area….

    I guess I could go to Cablevision for broadband link services…will pass…

    PS…Prices are still seemingly high..

  9. BERMYDOT says:


  10. Thanks-Digicel says:

    wow, this is awesome, free internet for a year ? wow !!!! I am coming by tomorrow to switch from Logic..

    Also, Caines it is a bit cheesy having two girls at your side !!!

  11. Hmmmm says:

    I dunno, the offer looks good. one year free internet sounds okay to my wallet. I can’t say anywhere has amazing customer service, there are always some customer service people that need to be scrapped.

    Willing to try digicel to save some $$$$$

  12. No way, Jose says:

    ok, is this real? based on their website, I could sign up for 8 megs and pay $10 per month for that? ($60 – $50)

    $10 per month for one year for 8 megs sounds good…I am going to call Digicel to make sure I understand this correctly.

  13. Jim Likes This says:

    One less bill for a year! Digicel, I’m down with that! Now I just have to convince the wifey.

  14. Loves a fantastic offer says:

    Free home internet sounds absolutely brilliant. I just moved here and still have a bit of running around to do, but I will pop into Digicel first thing to organise my mobile and free internet accounts.

  15. Smiths says:

    ..so basically you HAVE to sign or re-sign up for a new two year contract to get the year “free” internet…and if that service sucks..guess what..YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET OUT. They will have you by your b*lls for 2 more years. Thats one way to have guaranteed income for the next two years I suppose.

    Q. What happens if I decide to terminate my Digicel Postpaid commitment prior to the contracted end date?

    A. A termination fee of $500 will apply to any customer desiring to terminate the Digicel Postpaid mobile agreement prior to completion of its 2 year duration. You will no longer receive free Digicel Internet and will be billed at the standard rate of your plan.

    Q. What happens if I decide to terminate my Digicel Internet commitment prior to the contracted end date?

    A. A termination fee of $250 will apply to any customer desiring to terminate the Digicel Internet agreement prior to completion of its 2 year duration.

  16. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    DONT be fooled by all their glitz and razzmatazz,their service SUX and the offer is NOT Free..
    Nothing is free in this world!

    Have to question the sex angle behind all Digicel adverts and promo too.

  17. feel the love says:

    Digicel just trying to tie people into a two year contract before Cablevision releases their phone, internet and TV package. Check out the early termination fees, i.e. fine print…not so good. 6 months from now 6 Mbps might only be $30 and you’ll be losing money.
    Even at free, costs for internet here in Bermuda are pure robbery. Never get the speeds you pay for and those speeds are paltry compared to most civilized countries. Not even going to mention asking why we have to pay two companies for internet!

  18. JONO says:

    Digicel does not have the range that CellOne has….Prefer to support CellOne….they contribute to “feeding our children”

  19. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    HAHAHAH!!…i jus gotta laff at some people bie…i see the ultra conservative side comin’ out of some…all undercover fiends…thur is nuffin’ sexual about the promo…and YES the staff IS ATTRACTIVE…an of course it’s all about MARKETING which leads to PROFITS…yeah PROFITS, you know…the REASON why DIGI CELL is in business…jus like the pusherman…give u a lil sumpin free, knowing that you will be back …i jus gotta sigh wen i see how many people are as dumb as dog s#!t.

  20. Paul Revere says:

    Oh stop complaining about Mr. Caines sidekicks.

    Would you be happier if he has 2 guys with tats and baggy pants?

  21. swing voter says:

    lol most of you will not read the fine print. some of you may end up at BCA if you dont

  22. Clarke L Jones says:

    The thing is that you still have o be paying two Companies as BTC has to be payed. I am looking for the opportunity to have complete service from one Company only.

  23. Bermuda boy says:

    Had Digicel, tried to make a call in Southampton, couldn’t and had to use a friends Cellone phone. He was standing right next to me. I changed of course to Cellone and now I don’t get promotional calls from them all hours of the night and day.

  24. Missing the 441 says:

    So Cellone has the best cell phone service on the island? I’m moving back home soon.