Photos: Fishery Research Boats Visit St George’s

March 16, 2014

Two fishery research boats from Europe visited Bermuda this weekend, with Danish fishery research vessel Dana and German fishery research vessel Walther Herwig III stopping at Penno’s Wharf in St George’s.

The Danish boat Dana left on Saturday [Mar 15] afternoon, while the German fishery research vessel Walther Herwig III is scheduled to depart on Sunday afternoon.

Danish fisheries research vessel Dana Bermuda, March 15 2014 (17)

The Walther Herwig III is used in sea areas with deep offshore fishing, utilizing pelagic and bottom trawl nets, biological sample trawl and plankton nets as well as oceanographic sensors. The 64.50m boat has 7 laboratories and carries 21 crew and 12 scientific personnel.

Walther Herwig III Bermuda, March 15 2014-5

Dana has five laboratories provided with extensive and wide-ranging scientific equipment for analysis and measurements as well as different tools for trawl fishing, water sampling and sampling from the seabed, and houses a total of 38 scientists and crew in single cabins.

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    somting ver fishy bout all dis.

    • TheSanjai22 says:

      I always wanted to figure out what they did with the fish after they “reasearch” them… profit maybe?

  2. unreal says:

    Something very fishy going on, these two boats were spotted on Argus Bank on Sunday afternoon. I sure hope they are not doing the same type of “research” that the Japanese whaling ships are doing in the Antartic?
    How on earth can we manange the Blue Halo initiative when we can’t even police our own EEZ? These guys could be fishing right in our back yard and we would have no idea. Not good.