Michael Douglas: “It Is Going To Be Great”

June 10, 2014

Michael Douglas – famous actor, former Bermuda resident, and son of Bermudian Diana Dill – is presently on the island to work on what he said was his “new hotel,” located at the site of a cottage colony owned by his family for decades.

In a post on Facebook last night that attracted some 45,000 “likes”, Mr. Douglas said, “In Bermuda, working on building my family’s new hotel at Ariel Sands. It is going to be great!”

Photo posted by Mr Douglas on Facebook last night:


Mr. Douglas also stopped by the Masterworks Museaum in the Botanical Gardens in order to survey its current exhibits. A post and associated photo on the Masterworks Facebook page this afternoon said, “Look who popped by the Museum today! Michael Douglas paid us a visit and explored the exhibits at Masterworks.”

Michael Douglas at the museum, photo courtesy of Masterworks


While details of Mr. Douglas’ hotel plans  remain thin, he did post on Facebook earlier this year to say that he had been on the island in order to visit Ariel Sands, the site of his family’s cottage colony.

The post said, “Just returned from Bermuda, the home of my mothers family for the last 400 years! The family has had a cottage colony called Ariel Sands for the past 60 years. Now we are building a new one…very exciting.”

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  1. Great News - Be Happy! says:

    Despite the never ending negativity that spins out of the Opposition Party about Bermuda–things are looking far brighter than they did over the last couple of years—good work to the folks in tourism—new hotels being talked about–re-development of HP and the Sonesta site, 600 travels agents sailing in on the Brekaway AND–Bermuda’s good name being mentioned in the same breath as the America’s Cup. WOW!!!!

    Bermuda don’t listen to all the background noise in the political arena–Bermuda is finding its feet again and we should be thankful to our friends and family here and abroad that haven’t given up hope on the Siland or us–thanks Michael Douglas!!

    I bet it will be grat–best of luck!

    • 32n64w says:

      Another real Bermudian stepping up to the wicket to invest in Bermuda under the careful, responsible and thoughtful guidance of an OBA Government. Thank you to all involved!

    • el says:

      we heard all these promises when the plp were in power about possibilities and plans.. We have yet to see any groundbreaking from any body so before u blow your horn lets wait and see when the hype becomes real.Aerial Sands has been pending for years now, so its just another something that is in the works…

  2. Kangoocar says:

    While the plp is spending their time drinking the special plp tea!!! The OBA are spending their time creating the foundation for persons such as Michael Douglas to feel comfortable enough to invest in Bermudas future!!! Bermuda is going to look a whole lot different come the next election and we can finally say a BIG goodbye to the plp!!! From my own business perspective, I have seen my business grow tremendously this year ( even though I was lucky even under the plp reign of terror ) just hired another Bermudian that I am training and all is even brighter now. What the OBA inherited was nothing short of a complete disaster and I give them the greatest respect for doing what they are doing!! Soon to come all will see the benefits!!!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Hahahahahaha I always love when the Alaska hall dimwits show up for work, they know no other button to push but the ” dislike button” you bunch are a sad lot???? Hope you are all enjoying your Ganja Tea, that is all you have left in life, sad sad sad!!!!

  3. Terry says:

    Bulls*** “Great news”.


    • Onlooker says:

      you’ve always been a jacka** terry, always. Your comments mean nothing to us, we live in bermuda and work to make it a better place…….you, well you re just a jacka**.

      • Terry says:

        Well apparently they do (my comments)

    • Liars/Truth says:

      ya Terry your an ignorant fool that says nothing positive even if it is looking at your face….its because your a loser

      And walton Brown can KMA while your all at it

      • Terry says:

        Liars/Truth and Onlookers.

        Shame on you.
        Keep your heads buried whilst yea make a little hay.
        I have a pressure cooker to sell you……………………….

  4. lucky 7 says:

    Thank you Michael Douglas—and the Green Family! This is all Great news

  5. ABC says:

    thxs so much Great News – Be Happy!

    bermuda back sweet

  6. Pondering says:

    Where we spent our honeymoon! Looking forward to seeing Ariel Sands open again!

  7. shutthemdown says:

    Did this just happen over the past 2 years? or was there an intent to develop the site?

    You ubp/oba ppl are true idiots and soon to be extinct.

    Just make anything up as you go along.

    But of course none of the criminal stuff you take credit for.

    justifiable hate for sure.

    • justsoyouknow says:

      I decided to make an account just for this. As an individual in the engineering/construction industry who has personally worked with the teams for Pink Beach, Ariel Sands and the HP Renovation I can guarantee you that these projects were planned long ago but were being put off until the financial backers felt more comfortable with the direction/leadership of the government

      • watching says:

        but the HP renovations were announced prior to the Dec 2012 election, so…

      • mixitup says:

        Hahaha! And you really believe this Gov’t will last more than one term!? These investors are making long term investments not 4 year investments.

      • Terry says:

        Is that you Captain Harrington Sound?

      • el says:


    • haha says:

      what criminal stuff? state your facts, oh right you ank got none! Yes 2 years or less, don’t try and take credit for something ya party didn’t do.

    • Myopia says:

      Dear shuthemdown,

      Comments such as yours really sadden me as the broader point and the importance of what is happening here is missed or dare I say, shrouded in political posturing.

      This is no longer a chilhood game of who wins who looses. Can’t you see that we have all lost over the last decade. All of us.

      The only way this will change is for positive energy, innovation and action.

      I for one believe in being part of the solution–you attach ub/oba ppl—I am not speaking on behalf of any political party–just as a concerned Bermudian who cars about what my children will find when they take the helm of this impaired ship.

      Trying looking at this from a different angle–

      Keep up the good work those of you that are fighting to put Bermuda back on the map!

  8. James says:

    Surely that picture was take. At Munroe Beach at the back of Port Royal. Is that where his. We hotel is going to be?

  9. James says:

    Surely that picture was taken at Munroe Beach at the back of Port Royal. Is that where his new hotel is going to be?

  10. watching says:

    this is great but why so much secrecy? Mr Douglas has mentioned twice recently about developing it but there has been no details about what exactly will be done with the property. I would like to know what is planned to be done and how it will impact our tourism product.

  11. Raymond Ray says:

    All things planned will be revealed in due time…The most important information is that here we’ll see more people working,(hopefully Bermudians)as well as tourist arriving to enjoy the better things in life :-) (It’ll be just Bermudaful!)

  12. campervan says:

    Thank you Mike D. and Mike D. Standing Strong for Bermuda and turning this ship around:)

  13. jonah says:

    Blogs ..Gotta love em ..Just love how the races get along so nicely in Bermuda.

  14. Terry says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words.

  15. Terry says:

    Yah all wanna thank the billion Heirs like the Greens and Douglas.
    Where the hell is my $800 Million.

    Follow the money.

    • el says:

      the same place the nine trillion dollars missing are in federal reserve USA/Americcca

  16. James Herald says:

    Let this be an example. During the PLP (Green Tea Party) reign of incompetence Ariel Sands stood rotting, and all of a sudden now that PLP is finished (oh they are finished) someone has the confidence to drop tens of millions of dollars into Bermuda.

    Think carefully about this when you next vote. A vote for PLP REALLY IS a vote back into the Plantation.

    • jonah says:

      You are a silly man to think that you can speak for people like me..people that didn’t vote for the PLP during the last election, however will not blindly support any party that takes people of colour for granted – OBA overreaches and it will be their death knell… support a mindset that thinks that only a certain persuaion has the given right to rule and watch the outcome….

  17. jonah says:

    Kangaroo Kid — Maybe I slept walked though the Ewart / Mikey Douglas love in.. The one that resulted in the actor building those horrible middle eastern motivated, unsightly objects on his property, during the, wait, here it comes, Ewart years.

  18. jonah says: