PLP Respond To OBA On Quality Of Life

August 17, 2014

The debate over the Opposition’s suggestion that the Government initiate a Quality of Life Study, with the PLP responding to comments made by OBA Acting Chair Susan Jackson, saying that “it is unfortunate that when the PLP presents suggestions and solutions to help Bermudians, the OBA ignores them or engages in personal attacks and plays the blame game.”

PLP MP Wayne Furbert recommended that Government immediately initiate a Quality of Life Study, saying the PLP “believes that public policy decisions must be informed by the facts as they stand today and not what we assume them to be.”

In response, Ms. Jackson said that it was “the former Government that initiated the decline in our economy” that “led to a fall in the quality of life for many Bermudians.”

Following that the Opposition said, “If the PLP had put forward a suggestion that benefited foreigners it would have been swiftly embraced by the OBA. Yet an idea that is intended to identify and address in a rational and strategic manner the real challenges facing the people who were born here, live here and call this island home, is immediately rejected.”

The PLP said the OBA promised to create 2000 jobs but instead over 1000 jobs have been lost on their watch, the OBA promised that they would never give PRCs status instead they granted status to thousands of PRCs through a loophole, and the OBA promised to operate in an open, transparent and accountable manner instead they continue to deceive our people about the JetGate affair.

“The OBA’s record is clear. They have broken promises, repeatedly deceived Bermudians and implemented a series of anti-Bermudian policies that have turned back the clock to the bad old days of the past,” the PLP said.

The full statement from the PLP follows below:

It is unfortunate that when the PLP presents suggestions and solutions to help Bermudians, the OBA ignores them or engages in personal attacks and plays the blame game. The same OBA that in one breath preaches collaboration, in the next breath blatantly refuses to work with the PLP on ideas that benefit Bermudians.

If the PLP had put forward a suggestion that benefited foreigners it would have been swiftly embraced by the OBA. Yet an idea that is intended to identify and address in a rational and strategic manner the real challenges facing the people who were born here ,live here and call this island home, is immediately rejected.

The OBA promised to create 2000 jobs. Instead over 1000 jobs have been lost on their watch.

The OBA promised that they would never give PRCs status. Instead they schemed to grant status to thousands of PRCs through a loophole.

The OBA promised to operate in an open, transparent and accountable manner. Instead they used paid operatives to smear Bermudians and continue to deceive our people about the JetGate affair. A scandal that sees key OBA figures under investigation by the Police.

The OBA’s record is clear. They have broken promises,repeatedly deceived Bermudians and implemented a series of anti-Bermudian policies that have turned back the clock to the bad old days of the past.

More and more Bermudians are beginning to doubt the truthfulness of the words spouted by the OBA and their operatives.

Attacks on ideas designed to benefit Bermudians cooked up by foreign consultants and placed in the mouths of virtually silent OBA backbenchers do nothing to benefit the thousands of Bermudians who are beginning to lose hope that Bermuda will ever work for Bermudians.

The OBA should send their foreign consultants back to wherever they came from, and begin to focus on taking care of the people who were born here, live here and call this island home.

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  1. like it is says:

    Interesting. Its election time in two more years.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      That is the point of this exercise by the PLP. They know perfectly well that the OBA do not need a Quality of Life survey to understand where we are at right now. But it gives them a chance again try and enforce the image that the OBA don’t know what is going on, are out of touch. They constantly repeat their code words and phrases that the OBA are looking out for foreigners, are anti-Bermudian.
      For the PLP, this is an easy image for them to enforce, because the OBA approach to rebuilding Bermuda for Bermudians is to bring back business. The OBA recognizes that to get Bermudians back to work we need business and in particular foreign business, international business. This was the recipe for success, that saw our economy boom during the first half of the first decade of this millennium. And that success was because we had many foreigners here, they were here contributing through taxes, use of services, buying groceries, eating at our restuarants, bringing their friends and families down to visit… when the economy started to collapse, we didn’t just lose the couple thousand jobs of the currently unemployed Bermudians, we lost 3 times that with the foreigners that left as well. And all those jobs weren’t made redundant by companies, many of them were moved to other jurisdictions that were offering competitive options better our own. Bermuda lost it, because the PLP did not react to this, could not leave their flawed Bermudians first philosophy. It is this philosophy that has failed Bermuda and Bermudians,we need foreigners here to employ us at all levels of our society. The OBA recognize this necessity and are willing to explore the options that will ultimately benefit al hard working Bermudians. The PLP also deep down know this, but are philosophically married to their narrow viewed Bermuda for Bermudians that as they cannot openingly admit it.
      Anybody who thinks the OBA hasn’t a clue about what Bermudians need right now are willingly blind to reality for the sake of political convienence. The fact is the OBA don’t need a survey to tell them where we are right now, they know it would be a waste of money. And if the PLP truly believe we do, then it tells us just how out of touch they are. The sooner the OBA can get back business, the better off all Bermudians will have a chance of making themselves

  2. We Are Not Amused! says:

    here is the real truth!

    The plp’s record is clear. They have broken promises,repeatedly deceived Bermudians and implemented a series of anti-Bermudian policies that have turned back the clock to the bad old days of the past.

    More and more Bermudians are beginning to doubt the truthfulness of the words spouted by the plp and their operatives.

    (Never forget the plp’s words…We had to lie to you)

    • Changing Tide says:

      BUT the OBA lied and are still trying to cover up. I can assure you its more to come and its going to be ugly.You think jetgate IS bad!!! Hold on to your seats!!! HAHAHA

      • Come, come now Changing Tide.If there be more you and others can believe me, it could never equal the amount of lies / deceit the former Govt. had done while ruling Bermuda… Here’s just a few examples. The four from Cuba…you haven’t forgotten them have you? Now they are holding down jobs that Bermudians should have been doing and to add insult to injury, they also have wives and children here on the Island occupying jobs, homes etc. that needy Bermudians should have but thanks to the P.L.P. they are now homeless and jobless :-(

      • Nitty Gritty says:

        Your memory seems to be selective! Jetgate? Bad?!
        How about Berkeley- $40 million over budget?
        Courthouse- $20 million over
        Dockyard pier $30 million over
        TCD $10 million
        BHC 800,000 for a painter??
        oh we could do this all night!
        Jetgate? Stick to taxpayers money before we ask where the PLP got
        250,000 in the 1998 election!

  3. Kangoocar says:

    So how many times does the plp need to be told that the quality of life for everyone after their 14 yr reign of terror is less than it should have been???? The plp’s incompetence and outright blatant “friends and family plan ” combined together, has hurt those they proclaimed to want to help the most, and that would be their own supporters!!! It’s just sad that their own supporters have been brainwashed to the extent by their own plp , that they don’t even know they are far worse off than they were 14 yrs ago!!!! And as for the ” if we were talking about making a suggestion that helped the foreigners that would be embraced ” that is just more absolute nonsense and week attempt at more brainwashing of their herd!!!!

  4. Navin Johnson says:

    same old same old..quality of life survey? that is like looking out the window during a hurricane and asking what the weather is like….an economic hurricane case caused by the PLP….how long do we have to listen to this crap and does anyone believe anything they have to say?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      More like looking out AFTER the storm & asking “What caused this?” If you are too dumb to know the answer to know this easy question, nothing you say is going to be worth listening to.

  5. Elizabeth Trumparani says:

    Honestly, can PLP become any more pathetic? As I’ve said before, you are embarrassing yourselves.

  6. Creamy says:

    Well I can see at least two outrights lies in this anonymous press release.

  7. Double Standards says:

    And yet the PLP could not rebut one of Ms. Jackson’s points.

    Instead they attack and name call while play up to the xenophobic hatred that is rife within their support base.

    Can the PLP please point to any part of their term that enhanced the quality of life for Bermudians?

    • Sally jones says:

      yes they can…..give seniors free TCD for example so all of the freeloaders take advantage of it and license their big SUVs for free and make the dept soar by another $1.2 million! Just a tiny example….

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Are you seriously asking the PLP to show their contributions for the better quality of life? You either in denial, have your head in the sand or where not present. PLP broke the telecommunications monopoly in both long distance as well as cellular costs as well as broke the high internet costs of the day. They introduced mandatory sick pay, mandatory workman compensation for on the job injuries, mandatory overtime pay (unless you reach a separate agreement with your employer), removal of death tax, breaks for seniors (even though some unscrupulous individuals took advantage of “loopholes”). Made it easier for all of Bermudas children of academic standing had access to higher education, revamped our aged ferry service, replaced the aged Hamilton police station, replaced the aged bus terminal, replaced the aged docks for the mega cruise ships, achieved the lowest unemployment rate in Bermudas history, highest GDP in Bermudas history, highest population rate in Bermudas history (something OBA are struggling to replicate). There are numbers of other accomplishments that the PLP did achieve in their time. Get this straight I am no PLP fan (or OBA for that matter since I don’t believe in party politics since it breads blind loyalty to a party rather then the actual topics of the day) but I don’t like the number of people that refuse to at least take note of the good along with the bad (speaking of the bad, the PLP did contribute a good bit as well but really those can be traced to certain individuals once you pay attention as to when they started to have a controlling in the direction the PLP was going).

  8. It is a shame that Ms. Nearon isn’t interested in a QUALITY OF LIFE data collecting proposal. She might not be aware that most of her people are the very ones who are experiencing a decline in QUALITY OF LIFE. Wake up Ms. Nearon!!

    • kat says:

      “Her people?” “Ms. Nearon?” What kind of games are you playing? Pathetic.

    • coolieh says:

      In a time when we are BROKE, why waste more money? Why can’t broad economic measurements be used until such time as we’ve resolved Bermuda’s MAJOR issues. Isn’t the unemployment rate/GDP movements/balance of payments (a whole host of statistics we already track) sufficient metrics in order to determine if progress is being made, i.e. towards more jobs and hence quality of life?

      The key job of leaders/management, etc. is the prioritization of competing matters/projects. Leaders understand the issue of economic rationing and plan accordingly, usually in line with their strategy (objectives). We are BROKE for god’s sake! So why do some people continue to think there is infinite resources (money) to do this and do that?

      Continual bombardment of government with this and that frankly takes government’s attention away from what is MOST important…getting the economy going and our finances back in order. Somehow of late common purpose and common sense, given our financial situation, has been totally lost. Continual manufacturing of crisis irrelevant to getting us back to work (i.e. Tucker Town, governor recall) and related demands to spend monies on such things, although they may be relevant but not overtly important at this juncture, is simply folly!

      Frankly, the last government failed in realizing there are finite resources that should be ONLY utilized for important/strategic initiatives. Neither did they have a sense of balance about what’s important to “BERMUDA”, for example reducing spending when economic down turn was initially identified. Wasn’t this one of the key drivers for a change of government? Well, I see more of the same!

      I’m glad you’re not in government, as you appear to suffer the same inability to realize what is important (at any point in time) versus what is NOT.


  9. Coffee says:

    Well said ! The policy’s of this OBA government encourages locals to really detest the presents of foreign born politicians who now occupy key cabinet positions . When the powder keg reacts in a negative fashion that won’t be the time to wonder what happened .

    • Navin Johnson says:

      I will take the presents of the foreign politicians if no one else wants them Coffee

    • Double Standards says:

      Wow. Bermudas own “Birther” movement has no arrived coupled with more threats of violence.

      How tea partyesque of you.

    • Family Man says:

      Speaking for myself, I like presents.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Being you are well known for your lies!! ( claiming you are a white female, comes to mind as one of your many lies) you without a doubt would detest anyone that speaks the truth and all ways says it the way it really is!!! With that said, I can see easily why you detest Min Fahy and him being foreign born would only put the icing on the cake for you, wouldn’t it????? You really need to get over the fact that he is status Bermudian which in my and any reasonable persons book, makes him as BERMUDIAN as the rest of us!!!!!

    • Creamy says:

      When you’re referring to “foreign born politicians” who you “detest”, I assume you mean Tweed?

    • Wanderer says:

      Shoot….I’ll take the presents from foreign-born people, even those dastardly politicians! You can drop them off any time….
      Sorry Coffee, old bean, just couldn’t resist…LOL!

  10. Really says:

    In the meantime Waynee could bust into a moonwalk and sing the best is yet to come in falsetto so baddo lol

  11. Trulytruly says:

    Actually more like 3 years.

  12. It Sucks says:

    you came up with NO positive suggestions or comments as usual. Only a way to spend more money we don’t have. A response was offered but then again NOTHING would please you group that PUT US IN THIS POSITION.

  13. The additional 1000 jobs loss were partially from the “trickle down effect” due to the downturn in our economy which had started several years prior to the existence of the One Bermuda Alliance. And that’s a fact. Now, as for jobs being promised. If “certain individuals” would just stop with the “bull-crap” then we know for sure there will be plenty of jobs coming…Jobs in various fields and not only in the construction industry. But the P.L.P. are attempting to blame the O.B.A. for their,(P.L.P.)wrongs:-(
    (As we lot say,’it ain’t gonna work u’lot”)

  14. somuchless says:

    Wayne. Today is Sunday. Give it a break. Guess this is your week in the news. Wayne go sing in the church chior.

  15. jt says:

    Could the OBA please refrain from engaging in this crud and just get on with things?

  16. Rasta says:

    PLP paid Beyonce $2 million and cut money to Salvation Army and Sunshine League. Now there is no money to help the poor.Thanks PLP for making poor people worse off.

    • How soon certain people forget the many points the former Govt. (Progressive Labour Party)made but came short. One thing for sure, the people that went to that Beyonce set certainly aren’t homeless, and nor are they hungry :-( “Ain’t dat” right Dr Brown and associates?

    • Wanderer says:

      @Rasta: “Thanks PLP for making poor people worse off.” That, to me, is the hardest PLP pill to swallow. Their wasteful actions and policies have left destitute, or nearly so, far too many of the very people (their supporters) that they claimed, and still claim, to care most about. They are now trying to again bamboozle these same people by stirring up anti-white, xenophobic sentiment and by manufacturing crises and issues that have no existence in fact.

  17. Blood Sucka says:

    The PLP is a disgrace! All they do is cry and complain get organizations (CURB, The people’s campaign, BIU ect) to do there dirty work and they even boycott parliament! So what solutions have the PLoP come up with!? Come on PLP u know FULL well the quality of life in Bermuda has dropped. Why be so naive to think any different?

  18. Terry says:

    Read chapters 10 and 11 of Mel Ayton’s Justice Denied.
    Chapter 12 and the afterword sum it all up.

    Operation Pressure Cooking is well underway.
    Just different players being influenced by past members of the Black Beret Cadre that still hold office and some enjoying the good life.


  19. The Ridiculist says:

    WHO CARES!! S*** my educated son can’t find a job. Go down hospital see ex prisoners. What am I missing. The message is go prison you get a job.. Talk about confusion…no going to prison to get a job on my watch…waiting patiently.

  20. Wanderer says:

    Good grief, I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh when reading this latest pile of “horsefeathers” from the PLP. There are so many untruths and gross exaggerations in this piece of tripe that I hope whoever wrote it isn’t related to Pinocchio; if so, he/she will need to see a plastic surgeon for an emergency nose-job.

  21. Ian says:

    Team Denial/OBA increasingly find themselves working with less and less to defend the indefensible. Before you know it ALL they will have are the insults and name calling. Continue on with your anti-Bermudian agenda OBA and watch the burden you create for the exact same folks you work so tirelessly to empower in our country.

    • Elizabeth Trumparani says:

      Ian you are pathetic. Take a pill. PLP lost the election – get over it. They are not in charge and we don’t care what you think. Uneducated fool.

      • Anon says:

        Disagree we care what everyone thinks. That’s why, Hopefully Bermuda politics is maturing. That being said it is completely unfathomable how anyone with any sense woul support the PLP. I have never seen anything as pathetic and distruction as they have been for Bermuda over the last ten years until now. Anyone who would vote for them deserves what they’ll get. SMH

      • Ian says:

        Oh look… surprise surprise… insults and name calling… Well done for helping me get the point across Liz.

        • Creamy says:

          Oh, you’re against insults and name calling now? We’ll bear that in mind.

  22. Wanderer says:

    It’s really rich that the author is howling for the OBA to “send their foreign consultants back to wherever they came from”. Perhaps the PLP should set the first example by demanding that a certain “foreign” clergyman have his work permit rescinded.

    It is getting more and more difficult to find reason in the PLP’s non-linear meanderings (or, should I say, rantings); reading all the drivel coming out of their camp is giving me migraines! I get your point…you have a major hate-on for white people and foreigners. Now, please shut up.

  23. Alvin Williams says:

    A government that is under siege by the people don’t want any more truths hitting the fan concerning it’s term as government.
    That is the real reason the anti-Bermudian OBA government wants no part of a quality of life survey. I mean what are they going to say to the people of Bermuda now that they can no longer tell the big lie.

  24. Observer says:

    It took 14 years for the PLP to put Bermuda in the RUTT its in, now the PLP wants the OBA to put things right overnight.
    JETGATE, come on PLP give it a rest, I don’t recall any PLP’s voice when Dr. Brown, in the middle of the night sneaked into the Island our 4 celebrities, to which they now have wives and children and are people without a country, they cant go back, they ant get Bermuda Status, and who is supporting them, NOT Dr. BROWN, and don’t forget. WE HAD TO DECEIVE YOU, just to name a few. So, PLP, stop throwing stones, because your house is also made of glass, in more ways than one.
    One last thing, I recall when the OBA came into power, Mr. Mark Bean stated that the PLP was going to work with the OBA. WHAT HAPPENED Mr. BEAN.

  25. Elizabeth Trumparani says:

    That’s funny, coming from you Ian.

  26. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    More smoke and mirrors ,cunning and decisive comes to mind.

    Here we go again yet another decoy to divert peoples thinking away from dealing with the real problems.

    How to win a debate! Change the subject!
    How to win at cards ! Cheat !

  27. shutthemdown says:

    Everyday the oba/UBP gets weaker ,and at the same time more and more “internet whites” have to defend them.

    keep sinking oba/UBP it is only a matter of time.

  28. Mumbojumbo says:

    No one had more foreign consults than plp ….let’s see now…if I remember correctly….they brought a teacher over or a consultant of some kind who they had sign a contract as soon as he got here….for two or three years at a wage that was well over 150-250,000 per anus…er…annum rather….and it turns out his credentials were “bogus”…false…non exhistant…fake….bull@#$%….but there we were…de taxpayah…we had to honor de concrack….

  29. Mumbojumbo says:

    So …we had to pay three years or two years contract for nothing…and wevpaid his flight over…talk about jet gate?…..Dat was a jet gate….if ever there was one…difference was …we…”we”,had to pay for that…Hey plp…what do you have to say about that?…Am I right or wrong?…I can’t hear you…what did you say…don’t worry…I can wait till you stop chewing your cud…..I’m waiting…..