Fire Service Responds, Smoking Bus Tires

September 17, 2014

At approximately 2.30pm today [Sept 17] the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service responded to a report of what we understand to be smoke emanating from the rear tires of a bus.

The bus was located in the Watford Bridge area in Sandys, and the Fire Service were seen spraying water on the back tires of the bus. The police also attended, and it appears that there were no passengers on board at the time.

The follows after the incident earlier this month, which also saw the Fire Service respond to an incident involving smoke issuing from a public transportation bus in the west end.



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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Puhleeeze don’t tell us that it was overheating brakes & the driver neither felt them dragging or smelled the very distinct odor of overheated brake material.

  2. Micro says:

    Poor maintenance or someone is tampering with them.

  3. sebring says:

    probably rasing to win fares !lol! has anybody seen the burgundy mini bus ? it needs to slow down and stop over taking on corners when ever it heads back west !

  4. Raw Onion says:

    I think the fire service needs to go to DPT and hose down all those dirty buses.

    • Many times the buses let of so much black smoke it’s terrible. Im sure it leaves the garage in that state- smokey and dirty.