Photos & Video: Tropical Storm Fay Hits Island

October 13, 2014

Even as Tropical Storm Fay moves further out into the open Atlantic, those on the island continue to work to clean up the mess that the storm left behind, with residents cleaning debris from their properties and repairing damage to homes, while BELCO works to restore power to all who lost it. 

For all our first set of photos click here, for all coverage of Tropical Storm Fay click here, and for our live blog covering the storm and its aftermath click here.

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  1. Christopher James says:

    I’d like to suggest to Zane that he call a press conference and go on and on about how the OBA let this storm happen and all the damage it has done. Further, he could rant about how it would never have happened under a PLP Government.

    This would fall in nicely with the last few press conferences he called.

  2. San George says:

    Thanks Bernews. Great photos!

  3. Cheryl Wade says:

    This looks like a harrp operation are another fema