Shiona Turini Visits Premier At Cabinet Office

March 30, 2015

Recently, Premier Michael Dunkley welcomed Bermudian entrepreneur Shiona Turini to the Cabinet Office for a courtesy visit.

Ms. Turini has been making a considerable name for herself in the international fashion industry. She has worked for both Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue magazines, has attended New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, and has been featured by the New York Times, Huffington Post and most recently Elle Online.

Ms. Turini, who is based in New York, was on-island to oversee several projects that she’s working on with local organisations, including the City of Hamilton’s City Fashion Festival.

Ms. Turini, whose background is in journalism and public relations, was also a successful participant in the former Bermuda Department of Tourism’s [BDOT] hospitality internship programme.

The Premier and Ms. Turini with the Bermuda football team following their victory over the Bahamas:

Premier  Shiona Turini (2)

Premier Dunkley said, “It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with Bermudians who are doing impressive things. Shiona is very talented and creative and her appeal and knowledge in the fashion industry has garnered the respect and attention of some very high end global fashion brands and publications. In part, her recent visit to the Cabinet Office served as an opportunity for us to recognize her achievements.”

The Premier, Minister Crockwell, and Ms. Turini at the Cabinet Office:

Premier  Shiona Turini (1)

Premier Dunkley added, “We also discussed an array of matters such as travel and tourism and her love for Bermuda, and I was very impressed with her passion for the Island and how she shares that wherever she goes internationally.

“Shiona is emerging as a key influencer and trend-setter in several key demographics. Her global reach has the potential to generate considerable awareness for Bermuda, and we are very keen to follow her progress.”

While on the island, Ms. Turini had an opportunity to attend the Bermuda vs. Bahamas World Cup qualifying match on March 29. Her upcoming projects include participating in a diversity panel discussion at Howard University, being featured on, and participating in an upcoming United Negro College Fund [UNCF] event.

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  1. Well Done says:

    Well Done Shiona keep up the good work

  2. Good thing you got established before they got in power cause its gonna be a rough road for Locals

    • somuchless says:

      Both parties Could care less for the adverage person. Oba are for foreigners etc and the PLP give in to their family and friends.