Video: Same-Sex Marriage Petition Presented

May 21, 2015

[Updated with video] A petition calling on the Government to legalize same sex marriage was presented to Minister of Community, Culture & Sports Patricia Gordon Pamplin today [May 21], with the online petition having attained close to 2,500 signatures.

The petition was started by Tony Brannon last month, and called for the Bermuda Government to “Legalize Same Sex Marriage and implement a complete and full Human Rights for all Bermuda citizens & visitors.”

The petition said, “Same-sex couples want to marry for all the same reasons as their opposite-sex counterparts. These reasons include: for legal security, to publicly celebrate their commitment, to provide greater legal protection for their children, or simply because they are in love.”

Small slideshow of the petition being presented:

Commenting on the matter, Two Words and a Comma said, “As an activist group, Two Words and a Comma focused explicitly on having “sexual orientation” included in the Human Rights Act 1981 as a ground under which it is illegal to discriminate in employment, housing and the provision of public goods and services – in the same way that it has been illegal to discriminate in this way on the grounds of race, religion, sex, marital status and so on for many years.

“This objective was achieved in 2013, and now no-one [gay, straight or bisexual] can be fired, refused housing or denied a public service just because of their sexuality or what their perceived sexuality is in Bermuda. It doesn’t matter, and nor should it.

“Any act of discrimination that denies any resident of Bermuda the ability to achieve their full potential and to live their life as a full and complete member of our society, needs to be addressed.

“Promoting and achieving equality is a key component of a democratic society like Bermuda, and extending the scope of human rights and entrenching them further in law and in practice is thus not only something to be supported, but something to be celebrated in our society.

“Equal marriage rights for all residents of Bermuda, no matter their sexual orientation, is therefore something that Two Words and a Comma wholeheartedly supports.

“The ability for a couple to have their relationship legally recognised by the state, whether they are in a same-sex relationship or an opposite-sex one, is to be welcomed as a positive development that will benefit not only the individuals themselves, but their families, the economy, and our society as a whole.

“Along with equal marriage rights, we are mindful that there is also work to be done to extend the Human Rights Act 1981 to fully cover areas such as age-based discrimination in employment and mental disability, and we encourage and support each and every step furthering human rights so as to ensure we live in a fairer and more equitable society.”

Update: 7-minute video of the petition being presented:

Update 8.28pm: Responding to the petition today, Minister Gordon-Pamplin said, “Tony [Brannon], thank you very much for going through the process to be able to arrange the petition and to be as pedantic as you have been to ensure that I was available to receive the petition on behalf of all of those petitioners.

“Let me say that the one thing that I am very proud of, is that since coming into government, the One Bermuda Alliance has made mammoth strides towards ensuring that human rights protections have been expanded from that which we found when we first arrived in office.

“And I think it’s important to recognize and to understand that this government has not just an obligation, but also a desire to listen to those thoughts that are being advanced by all of the people of Bermuda, so that nobody feels as though they are on the outside.

“The process that will happen here is that having received this petition on behalf of the group, I will have it presented to my colleagues. Obviously there are things that need to be considered, there are legislative things that need to be looked at and the like, and as Tony indicated this is not something that will happen overnight.

“The one thing we do not want to do is to do something and find out that it’s not being well done. So it’s very important to give it not just the time that it deserves, but the consideration that it deserves in order to be able to consider what we have in front of us, and to determine how best to move forward.

“With delight I will be able to take this and give it to my colleagues, and we will have the necessary conversations, discussions and collaboration that will be required going forward. Thank you very much for the presentation and thank you everyone for coming,” the Minister added.

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  1. west says:

    If u lot legalize dat crap n nt decriminalize marijuana dis island gonna b like boltamaire real talk

    • Karma says:

      What language is that? Boltamaire??? Did the female horse get loose?

    • Project Fail says:

      Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

  2. west says:

    Dis island going dwn hill for us bermudians smh

    • Cow Polly says:

      Only the homophobic variety – the rest of us Bermudians are still pushing up de hill.

      • Impressive says:

        Although your post was in reply to another poster, I don’t have an issue with the gay lifestyle at all. I believe in liberty in various forms. If one wants to have sex with a member of the same race, so be it, but I don’t condone the act and I don’t believe its God’s will. However, I refuse to be labelled as “homophobic”. The suffix phobic means fear in some form. I don’t fear the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual persons, so that term is way off the mark with some people who may not be in agreement with the act. So what do you call people who are against legalizing marijuana mari-phobic?? Just asking

        • Lois Frederick says:

          Funny slip. “If you want to have sex with a member of the same race.” Everything in Bermuda, it seems, comes down to race!

          • Impressive says:

            edit, meant sex** ;-)

            • Mike Hind says:

              What’s weird is that exact argument, literally, including the typo, was used not that long ago.

              As for it being “God’s Will”? It’s really none of your business, is it?

              Someone’s personal choice of religion should have absolutely no effect on anyone else’s life, should it?

              Is there any reason to be against marriage equality, or someone’s sexual orientation, that doesn’t involve bringing in someone’s personal choice of religions? That doesn’t involve expecting or demanding other people follow the rules of that personal choice of religions?

              Would you have a problem with someone else denouncing you or denying you rights based on their personal choice of religions?

        • Sickofantz says:

          Being gay is not a lifestyle choice any more than having long legs are a lifestyle choice.

          • mj says:

            @sickofantz—your name says it all, gay is a lifestyle choice, a baby doesn’t know the difference between feelings and knowledge.When a person begins to decipher what they see, what happens to them and what they know then choices are made, being born ” so called black” even though thats a colour, WE have no choice in how we are viewed and treated just because of skin tone and nationality, the cards were stacked against most of us at birth and i always knew ‘gay’ to mean happy , but we know people that rule this world change words and meaning at the drop of a hat.

        • Cow Polly says:

          So you don’t like people who don’t know you passing judgment on you then? So start to imagine what a gay person feels like with your judgmental “I’m not in agreement with the act” when it affects you not one iota? And then try to understand that your judgment produces a law that prevents LBGTs from enjoying freedoms that you and I take for granted.

        • sage says:


          • Zevon says:

            Except that using ganga is a choice. Whether you are gay or not, it not a choice.

        • umum says:

          Here we go again, the ignorant gleefully reveal themselves to the world.

          ” but I don’t condone the act and I don’t believe its God’s will. ”

          Moot point, who cares what you condone, and there is no god….double fail on you, bigot.

        • Peace says:

          Do you think it is ok to impose your religion on others by rule of law? I would rather you be homophobic.

          • impressive. says:

            I haven’t imposed my religion on anyone. My Spiritual beliefs belong to me, and based on them, it sets a guideline for things in this life that I either choose to participate in/ enjoy etc.. I haven’t said that all gays should be killed or jailed, I simply said that I don’t have an issue with it, but from a personal perspective which is influenced by my spiritual beliefs, I don’t think its right, but hey, thats me. Excuse me for having an opinion.. Some say that being gay is not a choice, but that also in an opinion, unless someone has scientific evidence to prove this. I have had a good number of gay friends, and I don’t hold anything against these persons, I don’t go around telling them what they should or shouldn’t do, but I have had some good discussions with many of them, and I have noted that in no less than 9 out of 10 of them where molested in some form when they where younger.. That is a fact to me, but maybe just a coincidence to others, who knows..

            • umum says:

              “. Some say that being gay is not a choice, but that also in an opinion, unless someone has scientific evidence to prove this. ”

              How about the fact that it occurs in all species.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Now you’re spreading misinformation and mixing correlation and causation and it’s disgusting.
              That is NOT a fact, by any stretch, it is nothing more than a sick, sinister denunciation. Shame on you.

              • Impressive says:

                so be it, But that is from personal experience.. You call me sick based on things that I have experienced or heard.. wow.. Anyway, I am not to type of person to condemn something without finding out the motive or for lack of a better word, the inspiration/reason why a person would do something that I don’t agree with etc. I try to remain open-minded and learn from everyone around me.. Having said that, I have had discussions with some persons who are Gay, to get an understanding of their experiences upbringing etc. and one trait that the majority of them share is that most, (not all) of them where molested at some point as a child.. Like I mentioned initially, maybe it is just coincidence, am I open to that notion.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Then PLEASE do just a little bit of actual research before you continue spreading this misinformation. This line of thinking has been thoroughly debunked many, many times.

        • Age Bees says:

          heterosexist then?

        • Inkblot says:

          You cannot say you don’t have a problem with it and then say it’s not God’s will. That would be a problem, and it makes you, by definition, homophobic. And wrong. Now, you’re entitled to have your wrong opinion up until the point it hurts someone. Which, you know, yours is kinda doing.

          By the way, I’m assuming you’re following all the other antiquated laws from Leviticus and Deuteronomy, where the anti gay one comes from?

          • No Gay Marriage! says:

            In life the truth hurts and so does opinions. If you or someone else cannot handle it, go hide in a cave. Because even the best things in life hurt…but it’s life get over it. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, if you or anyone else cant handle it, get off the site!
            If your not ready for the wrong answer, don’t ask the question!

        • Paz says:

          Your statements seem contradictory. You say “I don’t have an issue with the gay lifestyle at all.” Yet you say, “I don’t condone the act”. You seem to be saying gays can live like gay people as long as they don’t have sex with each other.

          Is that correct?

      • St. Geo4Lyfe says:

        I’m homophobic and proud of it! Kick rocks!

        • Mike Hind says:

          Well done. At least you’re honest about your despicable hate.

  3. Ed Case says:

    @boltamaire. Hint: put down de joint before you type.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Was probably doing it on the iPhone while driving as well

    • Karma says:

      I was going to suggest, perhaps, a refresher course in Primary School English Grammar and Spelling…but both would work.

  4. @west says:

    @west you’re proof this a a country with some stupid, intolerant ****

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Here is antiquaited Bermuda being dragged, kicking & screaming, into the 21st century. Why oh why are we so far behind the rest of the so-called civilised world?

    • .... says:

      Because unfortunately for us the Church & its followers have faaaaarrrrr too much input into the decisions made on this Island.

  6. 3rdeye says:

    Homosexuality is a symptom of emptiness! If one is filled with purpose and a sense of a higher conscience, he has no desire to be homosexual. We are hermaphrodite by nature. Male and female energy. We were created to love the opposite sex. Woman was taken from man’s rib. Esoteric wisdom and all of nature is built around this principle and concept. Homosexuality is an unnatural act! Where have the morals of mankind taken us?

    • Still Laughing says:

      What bizarre homophobic new age crystal healing crap is this?? You’ve been inhaling too much incense!! Educate yourself! Homosexuality has been around since air! Not just the human race but with animals as well. Guess we’re going to have to re-educate them too eh?

    • Ed Case says:

      3rdeye: The fact that you really believe that woman was made out of a mans rib – makes you too stupid to be taken seriously.

      Your other comments prove this.

    • Real says:

      Good post! Thank you

    • GOD says:

      Well to the moon I guess, I was most impressed.

      …and the internet of course so you could write your message (the CEO of the server you go through is likely gay).

    • @west says:

      homosexuality is found in literally THOUASANDS of species and homophobia is found in JUST ONE! you are ******* pathetic

    • Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

      Exactly! The sunshine and brightness of the 7th temple surrounds us all and gives us an aura of Egypt Pyramid and banana. Lemonade and blue, swims with turtles but no….yes….no… The rain dances with the forest of spirits to the monument of Rah and then we fall down.

    • Blankman says:

      3rdeye, do you even know what “hermaphrodite” means? It’s not what you think.

      As for woman being taken from man’s rib that depends on whether you believe the Bible or not (and there are two different creation accounts in Genesis alone – they are not consistent and only one refers to woman coming from a man’s rib).

      As for the rest of your rant it makes even less sense – sexual orientation is not a choice.

      • mj says:

        @blankman—- you may be a little blank when it comes to sexual orientation–true it isn’t a choice but it certainly is a fact that if you are born with a phalus, you are a man and if you have a vagina and womb you are female,,.. what you do with your body parts is entirely up to you but having sex any other way but to multiply , is just lust.. and I don’t see why just because it was done back in Egypt or before that it legitamizes it here.. , that is why kingdoms were destroyed!! Certain people are free to make choices regarding what they do because they don’t come from the same nationality as others who will be punished for effimante behaviour and perverse sexuality, which goes against OUR CREATOR. The Creator who has given us “special covenants”.. so those of you who want to embark on any train coming your way, then go ahead after all this is YOUR heaven on earth, but certainly not ALL of us!

        • jt says:

          99% of sex is lust then.

        • Blankman says:

          mj, what are you smoking and where can I get some?

          As for “our creator”, he/she/it doesn’t exist and please don’t try to tell anyone that they have to live by the rules of your religion.

          • mj says:

            @blankman–You still blank heh? reading the Bible and other related books and other books in general or observing and learning doesn’t make one religious, stop trying to pin the Bible down to a group of people, Most World Leaders read or have read the Bible and they literally live their lives according to what they interpret it as, so pick it up and read for yourself, EVERYTHING is contained within it and There is a creator unless your uncle put the sun in the sky and causes the grass to grow and rain to fall and lightening to bolt and thunder to roll and the most important THE VERY AIR that we breathe comes from our Creator thats right!!! you nor the 1% or the 1% above them have that power!Try climbing a very high mountain and see how far you get before your gasping for breath! thats right and just because the Most High doesn’t act like what you expect or anyone else does not negate Hos existence, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING..(Isaiah 45:10-12), (Isaiah46:9-13), now if your afraid to read then do not reply..

        • Inkblot says:

          So you’re against condoms too then? Pity.

      • smh says:

        sexual orientation is not a choice? LOL…i guess your born Gay right?

        • umum says:

          “sexual orientation is not a choice? LOL…i guess your born Gay right?”

          Yes, any more questions?

        • Zevon says:

          Finally, you seem to understand.

          • smh says:

            double idiot

            • Blankman says:

              So you accept that people are born gay?

              If not, please tell us when you decided to be straight. After all, if someone has to actively choose to be gay that implies that the opposite is true. People have to actively choose to be straight.

              Doesn’t work that way. But here’s a simple test. All you have to do is choose to be gay. Not forever, just for a couple of years …. I thought so.

              • Zevon says:

                Exactly. According to smh, he actively considers whether he wants sex with men or women. He thinks about sex with other men, wants to try it, but decides not to because of a couple of quotes in the bible. It’s a totally free choice for him. He’d be just as happy having sex with men, except he doesn’t because of the bible.
                How interesting.

        • Inkblot says:

          Actually you are, it’s called epigenetics, look it up :)

    • Lois Frederick says:

      You mean empty like Tim Cooke, the CEO of Apple, the largest most successful Company on the Planet?He’s gay. Someone else’s sexuality is of no concern to me and should be of no concern to you. Same goes for everyone else in the World too. It has existed for eons. Get over it. Live and let live.

      • Peace says:

        Lets not forget the inventor of the computer who also brought an end to World War II and saved tens of millions of lives =)

    • Peace says:

      I suppose intimacy is strictly for baby making then? Condoms should be illegal right? And you defiantly should not do @#*$ or $^%&!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      You can believe all that. And you even have the freedom to say it.
      Just like the rest of us have the freedom to say that you are disgusting and hateful.

      Why does ANYONE have to follow the rules of your personal choice of religion?

  7. Jus' Askin' says:

    Definitely the Isle of Devils :-(

    • umum says:

      “Definitely the Isle of Devils :-(

      Yes, hate filled, bible thumping, devils.

      • mj says:

        hahahahahha–Bible thumping “devil” thats hilarious…

        • Mike Hind says:

          As long as people are being denied equal rights, based on someone’s personal choice of religions, there’s nothing funny about this.

  8. GOD says:

    I’m ok with it.

    • hmmm says:

      Thanks for confirming that, almighty one.

      • GOD says:

        Just thought I should say as no-one has ever asked me.

    • Starting Point says:

      Can we have our religious community rank the level of sin for us with sources please – where does homosexuality rank with single mothers, birth control, sex out of wedlock and divorce?

      whole ton of moms and grandmothers headed for fire and brimstone in this country. Males can find a loop hole of course, as God likes us better.

      • Abhaya says:

        @ Starting Point

        Homosexuality, Fornication, Gluttony, Lust, Adultery, Lying etc are all ranked the same according to God. There is no one sin higher than the other.

        Unfortunately many of my fellow Christians focus on homosexuality as an abomination but forget that in the Bible says in Proverbs 6 that there are six things the Lord hates,seven that are detestable to him:
        haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

        God hates all sin, but Jesus Christ died for all so that we do not have to remain in our sinful state. I am sorry that some fellow Christian spew hatred under the guise of Christianity but that is not showing the love of Christ. I personally, because of my religious beliefs and relationship with Christ do not condone a homosexual lifestyle, however that does not mean that I spread hate or I shun those that do.

        If more Christians acted on the principles God gave us, perhaps others wouldn’t abhor the church so much.

        • No Gay Marriage! says:

          That is true, but with that being said. These is no one committing these sins looking for the preachers blessings. Gay people want to be together, by all means do your thing. But do not look for the Lord’s blessings to so. If gay people are looking for security that being married provides, legal benefits etc, find another avenue for the governments to provide this. Not under God’s name. These people are fighting so hard to get to get married under the Lords name, but not as hard to just to a basic law pass to protect their union, providing them wit the same benefits. No one is committing sins looking for the Preacher’s blessing. Bad enough Bermuda welcomed the first Gay preacher, there is no way you can be a preacher and be gay! A preacher’s job is not to promote sinning, but to help one not to sin. Therefore no to marriage, but I do believe as people you deserve the security that marriage brings. This island is going downhill, from the violence growing amongst each other to this petition. crying shame

          • Believe says:

            Apparently you are confused as to what marriage is. To get married does not require any form of preacher or their blessing. It is a legal contract.

            Whether gay persons request or are granted a blessing on their marriage is between them and the religion to which they might be affiliated with, and nothing to do with anyone else.


            1. the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship.

            2. a combination or mixture of two or more elements.


            union, alliance, fusion, mixture, mix, blend, amalgamation, combination, merger

            “a marriage of jazz, pop, and gospel”

          • Mike Hind says:

            This is more misinformation and, to be honest, outright lies.
            Isn’t lying against your rules?

      • Blankman says:

        To put things in perspective, there are six admonitions regarding male homosexuality in the Bible (interestingly enough there is nothing about gay females) but there are 367 admonitions to hetero couples and 25 references to the sin of being left handed.

        • Ed Case says:

          But the six admonitions you mentioned that are in the bible only refer to honosexuality if you choose to interpret them that way.

          The bit about not to lie with a man as with a woman could easily refer to not telling the truth to you male friend while its ok to BS a woman. Thank about it.

          Thats what religious folk do – they interpret the bible to make a point. Oh, and its a bunch of fiction too – didn’t you know?

          • smh says:

            Ed case you sound idiotic.

          • Blankman says:

            Ed, it’s called “Cafeteria Christianity” where they pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow and, if the words of the text don’t say what they want them to they claim that you have to understand what “god” was trying to say and proceed to interpret them to mean whatever they want them to mean.

            For some reason they all seem to focus on Leviticus 20:13 and ignore that fact that Leviticus bans 76 things labeling many of them as abominations. No idea why people should be expected to obey that one verse but are allowed to ignore all the others.

            And that assumes that the Bible is something more than a bunch of fables.

          • No Gay Marriage! says:

            Ed Case you’re really saying anything…you sound stupid

          • mj says:

            science is fiction —sci-fi..If the Bible is so fake, then how come only certain people on this earth can till the ground and others can’t. We have been stricken with plagues mentioned in the bible and also teaches how to build with mortar,how to bottle wine, herbs to eat, food to omit from diet, wht part are you saying is fiction? back it up..The people responsible for printing some of history have changed names of places on maps so as not to reflect places mentioned in the Bible but the circumstances are there… How come some males get circumsized, you think it was because a scientist came up with that idea or a physician,? No! The Most High established this covenant with Abraham(genesis 17:9-14)And to this day , certain males are circumsized, not even knowing why.. and that is fact not fiction.

      • Tough Love says:

        Being a single mother is a sin? I guess you think they should all have abortions then.

        • Starting Point says:

          I dont think it is but to be a single mother you have had to either had a divorce – SIN or had a child out of wedlock – SIN

          Fact, in the eyes of the lord.

          again, i dont believe that at all, just pointing out the hypocrisy of the religious argument against gay marriage.

          but LOL at your inability to see the irony of my post :)

      • Soooo says:

        Don’t forget eating shell fish

  9. smh says:

    The idea of legalizing Gay Marriage isn’t about making a statement it’s about providing Bermudians (tax payers) the opportunity to be protected by the state. The fact that in the 21 century that people can not realize that Gay Rights is more than two guys or two girls holding hands and pride parades is crazy! It’s about protection Emotional, Physically, and Financially. So let’s not say the island is going down hill because they want to create laws to protect.

    • Tough Love says:

      We are a island, not a state. This isn’t the U.S.

      • Bente Lundh says:

        “The state” is a general/generic political science term referring to “the Government”. That would be any jurisdiction, not just the United States of America!

      • lol? says:

        @Tough love, you do realize that state is another word to describe a nation or territory, right? smh.

        • mj says:

          um smh—state is not same as nation, and even though nations are supposed to have their own territory more or less that doesn’t, not ALL nations have thier OWN territory. and ” state” is very complicated as is the U.S of A , America. Americas, Washington State, United states,etc..Bermuda is not a state it is a territory, but we are not a nation because we are divided in this island, and subjugated.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Wow. You really have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

            • mj says:

              no -you don’t know what um talking about and never will coz u don’t want to understand, u want to have your own spoilt way sooo you just look to go aGAINST anyone that doen’t agree with you , stay beHind me!

              • Mike Hind says:

                Gibberish. This is nothing but gibberish. It’s the insane ramblings of a crazy person.

      • Inkblot says:

        Thank you sir/madam, you win this marvellous Darwin Award.

  10. Tony Brannon says:

    Thanks to all the supporters of SAME SEX MARRIAGE.
    It is the right thing to do.
    The 1st Black President of the United States of America is on the right side of history with his support for SSM
    The daughter of President Castor of Cuba is pushing for legalization in CUBA.
    It IRISH decide tomorrow.
    BERMUDA do not be last again to change…..It has cost us dearly so far.

    • clearasmud says:

      I dont care what others have done I hope that this issue is resolved in Bermuda by Bermudians in a democratic manner.

      • Blankman says:

        What does “democracy” have to do with rights. They are rights because they exist and they have nothing to do with the mob mentality. The “tyranny of the majority” doesn’t come into play.

    • Bente Lundh says:

      Tony, good for you! I signed the petition but I am not holding my breath or engaging the Haters. They are DEFINITELY on the wrong side of history. In Bermuda, they will probaly be long gone before finding that out, or learning how embarrassed their grandchildren will be when they uncover the current generation’s prejudice.

  11. lol says:

    I think it’s funny that people are quick to diss gay people when this islands Gay scene is so large! Just a little food for thought.

    • frank says:

      all the gays could go an live somewhere else bermuda has to many more things to get right

      • umum says:

        “all the gays could go an live somewhere else bermuda has to many more things to get right”

        I think all the bigots should leave, that would truly make Bermuda a paradise!

      • Mike Hind says:

        Why do you hate Bermudians so much?

      • Zevon says:

        All the bigots could go and live somewhere else. Bermuda would be a nicer place.

    • Blankman says:

      It’s not as if we’ve ever had any gay politicians is it?

  12. Raymond Ray says:

    What difference will it make if this was permitted? We have now same sex living together and only “Christ” knows what is going on in our hotels when visitor get to balmy Bermuda.
    So please, “u’lot”, get real! If it isn’t your cup of tea don’t worry about what others choose to do with their damn lives :-(

  13. Not exactly says:

    Kudos Toni et al. Let’s just hope that the OBA takes the next step and regularises the Marriage Act. The Human Rights Act amendment was a great first step, let’s hope that bigotry does not stop this one.

  14. Cow Polly says:

    Well done Tony. Let’s hope that this petition starts to right the wrong that affects more people than we can imagine and the Government repays them for the taxes they pay by giving them the rights they deserve.

    • Yea ok says:

      You can hope all you want the OBA will never pass this filthy request. Now click Dislike.

  15. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Um all for it as long as I don’t see it or hear about it…keep your behavior behind closed doors!! Also marriage should only be for a man and a woman in church, all that other stuff, just sign a piece of paper…bye!

    • Blankman says:

      What’s the church got to do with marriage? That’s a civil matter (you can walk down to city hall and get married with no church involvement at all).

      If you want a church wedding feel free but that isn’t what marriage is about.

      For the record a number of mainstream churches will perform same sex marriages and historically for centuries both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches had same sex marriage liturgies on their books and actually performed same sex marriages.

      • Say Whaat says:

        Not in Bermuda, churches don’t and won’t perform same sex ‘marriages’. Confused why same sex couples would want to be married in a church in the first place.

        • Cow Polly says:

          May be they believe in God?

          • smh says:

            obviously not if they homosexuals…stupid

            • Inkblot says:

              nope, plenty of gay people believe in God, they just don’t take Leviticus as fact.

          • Blankman says:

            what god? Last time I looked there were several thousand religions in the world.

        • Soooo says:

          They would if it was legal, I know of at least 1 that wouldnif they could

        • umum says:

          “. Confused why same sex couples would want to be married in a church in the first place”

          Who said they do?

        • Mike Hind says:

          Churches perform weddings, not marriages.

    • umum says:

      “Um all for it as long as I don’t see it or hear about it…keep your behavior behind closed doors!! ”

      Same to you, bigot.
      Keep your out of wedlock baby machine locked in the basement, I don’t want to see it.

  16. sage says:

    I agree gays should have full rights, but I think locking people up, fining or even warning them for a plant is far worse and urgently needs abolishing.

  17. Ed Case says:

    What difference does it make what apparatus you have underneath your clothes?

    In fact how can anyone tell? Does it really matter?

    Congrats Tony for bringing this forward. I too hope Bermuda is not dead last as they have been so many times before – note we still don’t have gambling or hire cars.

    Time to legalize this.

  18. 3rdeye says:

    and here I was thinking that we had more sense than the animals lol. What if all of mankind were gay? How would we survive. That’s why it is an abomination. And I love all people however, there is no grey area here.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      No, it’s a choice…”Sorta” like anything else one does, or don’t want to do. Thank goodness we have options…
      I have always been somewhat confused by the fact that (according to religion)God made everything and then claimed all is well…So, why hadn’t “God” corrected the wrongs from the beginning of time?

      • Say Whaat says:

        Man made things wrong. Does you mother/father still clean up after your mess? They shouldn’t because you chose to do it yourself.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Following is a thought for everyday and everyone:
          “You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do”. -Anne Lamott, writer (b.10 Apr 1954)

    • Ed Case says:

      3rdeye: You proved it yet again. Didn’t thank that was possible – but you did. There is no gay area here.

    • smh says:

      lofl…The Truth!!! Trying get rid of the Human Race all together.

    • Inkblot says:

      I hope you don’t wear clothes made of two different fabrics then. Or work on Sunday.

    • Varied says:

      If gay people were allowed to marry each other, it’s pretty unlikely that we’re all going to jump on the ‘bandwagon’. Heterosexual relationships aren’t going to become an endangered species.

  19. Jess says:

    Hey Christians— so… if it’s against YOUR religion, I’m cool if you don’t want to be gay. It’s not against MY religion, so I’ll marry another woman if we want to. So, we’re cool on this, right, Christians? Problem solved. Have a nice day.

    • Blankman says:

      Exactly. For all of those opposed to same-sex marriages the solution is really easy. Don’t have one.

    • smh says:

      For those that want to Marry the same sex…its simple go do it elsewhere.

      • Blankman says:

        smh, that doesn’t work because Bermuda won’t recognize it.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Why do you hate Bermudians so much that you want to deny them rights?

        • mj says:

          why do you hate”Bermudians “so much that you would deny them of their right to be acknowledged for being the people who built up this system from the ground up and are still enslaved.You care so much about emotional feelings rather than making sure”Bermudians”are first in their country and are respected for who they are, what they have accomplished and what opinions they have, where is the respect!! oh yeah, you guys just wanna be recognized for lusting each other, coz it has nothing to do with love.

          • Mike Hind says:

            What the heck are you talking about? You’re throwing around a lot of accusations and not one of them has even a little bit of validity. Is your position so weak that you have to resort to this sort of absolutely dishonest nonsense to make a point?

          • Jess says:

            Ummm… I’m Bermudian. 100%

      • Zevon says:

        Why don’t you and all the bigots go elsewhere?

  20. smh says:

    So what pastor on this island you feel will allow you to use is church for same sex marriage? Better yet what pastor you think is going to Conduct a same sex marriage on the island? Lol stop wasting the OBAs time. Got real n Serious issues to deal with. You wanna marry the same sex then get on a plane and go Marry whoever you want.

    • umum says:

      “So what pastor on this island you feel will allow you to use is church for same sex marriage? Better yet what pastor you think is going to Conduct a same sex marriage on the island? ”

      Hopefully one who isn’t a hate filled bigot, like you are.
      Not that it matters. No one needs a church to get married….did that little fact make your ignorant head explode?

      • smh says:

        nope but you need a justice of peace to get married…Since most of them bel8eve in the Bible then i doubt any of them will marry you …Put that up ya *** n like it u wierdo.

        • umum says:

          “nope but you need a justice of peace to get married.”

          No, you don’t.
          Marriage has nothing to do with religion. You’re thinking of a wedding and getting confused.
          “Put that up ya *** n like it u wierdo.”

          But, just based on your spelling and grammar, you’re clearly too stupid to understand the difference.

    • Varied says:

      There’s at least one pastor on-island who appears willing to take that route, for starters.

      Secondly, a church isn’t even needed for a couple to get married. Apply for the licence, go Registrar General, sign some paperwork and bam.

  21. nok says:

    I am not for this at all!I feel like it is bring pushed on us.

    • umum says:

      “I am not for this at all!I feel like it is bring pushed on us.”

      get over it.

      Interracial marriage was ‘pushed’ on us….it didn’t cause the downfall of society.

      • smh says:

        Ummm is ******* retarded. You need find a cliff with Tony.

        • umum says:

          I”m retarded? That’s your argument? lol.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Wow. You really have no problem with hate speech do you?

    • Inkblot says:

      You don’t like it? Don’t marry a gay person :) Otherwise it has literally nothing to do with and will affect your life in exactly 0 ways.

  22. Coffee says:

    Imagine this scenario in primary school , ‘ Mommy , Stephen’s daddies wife is a man . ‘ Mommy , my best friend Sarah has two mommies, I think one of them acts like a daddy , it’s pretty ackward cause I have no idea who to call Mrs.Richards . Poor children need not be so confused by the mental diseases of adults .

    • umum says:

      Coffee, you’re such an idiot….children are so much more intelligent than you could ever hope to be…don’t worry about the gays, worry about yourself.

      • Coffee says:

        Mental disease much?

      • mj says:

        children are far more brainwashed now then ever, through vaccinations, medications and other bamboozling methods the rulers of this earth choose to poison our minds, and bodies, so that they can create a society that will not produce a certain bloodline.. Children are called so because they have not reached adulthood, many decisions are made for them in their best interest and some not, these things a child learns and later hoepfully can discern.. Some just don;t get it and others do, one and one is three not two,—mommy daddy and me… the UNION that multiplies… now if you are a subtractor than go to the left.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Wrong. “Multiplies” has nothing to do with “the UNION”.
          Procreation is NOT a stipulation for marriage in any way, shape or form.
          You are talking nonsense.

    • Peace says:

      A small child would be confused by it therefore…

    • creamer says:

      So a small child may get confused by it.
      It’s not like small children don’t already get confused by a bunch of things already.

      Imagine this scenario: “Mommy, Stephen doesn’t have a daddy just a mommy.”

      Or “Mommy, Sarah doesn’t have any parents, just a nanny.”

      Children don’t understand a lot of things. That’s part of the reason why we have an age of majority. However, many adults have realized that I, being heterosexual, am allowed to marry the person I love. But a homosexual can’t? I really think that is a bit ridiculous.

    • Inkblot says:

      Homosexuality is not a disease nor is it a mental thing. Epigenetics. Come on people, you have Google. Also, I’m sorry, if you’re unable to explain that two people love each other you’re an awful parent.

    • Mike Hind says:

      More hate speech from Coffee. Par for the course.

      Also, what is confusing? It’s not hard to understand. “Sometimes people fall in love and get married.” end of story.

      If you aren’t smart enough to explain to your kids “Well, why not ask Mrs. Richards what to call her.” then maybe you shouldn’t be a parent.

  23. Angie says:

    Religious people that want to deny others the right to marry take my time. Marriage predates Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). If you don’t want to marry someone of the same sex then don’t.

    I see and hear a lot of people say that being gay is a “choice”. I honestly don’t believe most people would choose a life of ridicule and being subjected to so much hatred if that wasn’t who they truly were. You can’t pray away the gay.

    Religion is the real choice. You are choosing to deny others their rights. You are choosing to hate. All because of a 2,000 year old book that was written by man. As far as I know marriage is a legal contract (which is why you DO NOT have to do it in a church). It wasn’t long ago interracial marriage was illegal. Think about that.

    “Oh, but gays will ruin the sanctity of marriage”. I think the Kardashians have already taken care of that.

  24. cromwell says:

    Tony Brannon and his friends confuse wanting sex with love.

    Justification of your actions calling it love does not give you a right to do what you want within the culture of Bermuda society.

    Just because you want sex with some one does not mean you love them.

    Any relationship of love has costs and responsibility. In this case they are asking for government state approval and financial advantages.

    • Peace says:

      Discrimination: treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.

    • Peace says:

      Your argument assumes that all gay people are not competent enough to tell the difference between love and lust. There is only one difference, and that is sexual orientation.

    • Blankman says:

      cromwell, marriage brings costs and responsibilities with it.

    • Blankman says:

      cromwell, you logic could just as easily been applied to interracial marriages in days gone by.

    • Mike Hind says:

      “Tony Brannon and his friends confuse wanting sex with love.”

      No, that’s you and the bigots on your side.

  25. Oh,I see now says:

    Lois Frederick says:
    May 21, 2015
    Funny slip. “If you want to have sex with a member of the same race.” Everything in Bermuda, it seems, comes down to race!

    I’m sorry but race has everything to do with everything always has been.Nothing has changed much but a few laws that certain individuals are forced to observe..Might I also add society in general has made it taboo to act out racist behavior publicly for fear of individuals and businesses being ostracized and prosecuted.Now in a way with everything I’ve just mentioned you can say things have changed.The sad reality is attitudes have not changed much especially in this little island because believe me……still waters run very deep.

    Before anyone shouts race card if I could snap my fingers and eradicate it all I would have long ago, but the ugly truth is the ugly truth.

  26. Straight up says:

    Adam was made for Eve… he was not made for Steve

    • umum says:

      “Adam was made for Eve… he was not made for Steve”

      wow, you really believe this crap?

    • Zevon says:

      The Adam and Eve story is a myth. It never happened. You do know that, don’t you?

    • Peace says:

      Someone above said Adam’s rib was used to create Eve. So how was Adam made for Eve, when Eve needed Adam to exist first?

    • Zevon says:

      And if Adam and Eve were this first man and woman, how did their children have children, exactly? The whole concept is gross.

      • Blankman says:

        If you believe the Bible it seems that God populated the entire world via incest. Twice. Once beginning with Adam and Eve and again after the flood.

        • mj says:

          The Lord God formed woman(genesis 2:21,22)it was not incest..incest occured when Lots daughters had sex with him after giving him wine, those children Moab, (father of the Moabites today) and the other child Ben-Ami (today known as the children of Ammon).The Most High did not take kindly to this act and although the nations are around to this day , The Most High has judgement for them, like all the other children of the other nations as well.

          • Mike Hind says:

            MJ, do you think that other people should be forced to follow the rules of your personal choice of religion?
            If so, would you have a problem with other people forcing you to follow the rules of theirs?

          • Zevon says:

            It’s a load of fictitious mumbo jumbo.

    • Inkblot says:

      Did you just…You do realize that little saying was thought up by reasonable people to make fun of homophobic bigots, yes?

  27. 3rdeye says:

    @Angie that same 2000 year old book was translated by Shakespear and overseen by King James, a self confessed homosexual. An autobiography of him quoted him as saying,”There is no greater pleasure than that of sleeping with another man.” This homosexuality is derived from Greek culture.

    • Inkblot says:

      …Just how old do you think Shakespeare is?

    • Inkblot says:

      Also have you never heard of the Nicene Council?

    • mj says:

      @3rd eye–maybe you have blurred vision, but King Jamies the 1st and the 6th was NOT A HOMOSEXUAL, these lies were spread because he went against the roman catholic church, He had a wife and children and He wrote against homosexuality ,(the realKING JAMES ) he told his son to avoid effeminate behaviour and not to forgive it, which is why people for gay rights don’t use King James as their sign or put him out front and center to be supporting “gay” rights, because the real KING JAMES of both ENGLAND< SCOTLAND was not gay! Lies have been told about a lot of people once they fall out of favor with the 'romans". There was a plot to Kill the King, why would they want him dead if he was a homosexual, wouldn't he be used as a strong reference, please get your facts straight King James authorized the 1611KJV and within it contains abominations against homosexuality, so why would he condemn himself?Not everything written in any books are factual unless it can be backed up and proven.ALl books, because they were transcribed by men, who may are liars, but not The Most High.

  28. Ahhh marry you up…buts it’s bessah git somadem legal papuhs fo dat sociah securiteh ains dat penshuns aindat deah insurunce…and sucheh dat deah….

    • Steede says:

      Typing in a way that mocks some sort of fake Bermudian accent …. Yawn.

  29. Alex Madeiros JP says:

    What’s everyone so worked up about? The Minister will do what they always do…NOTHING!

    • smh says:

      for once im happy he will do nothing

      • umum says:

        “for once im happy he will do nothing”

        Of course you are, Bermudians hate equality.

  30. Silver Lining says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is about… The majority of Bermudians agree that same sex marriage shouldn’t be legal. If they want to marry go somewhere that its legal.

    • Peace says:

      So public opinion is not subject to change over time? If no-one made a fuss about rights issues, where do you think the world would be right now?

  31. Me says:

    Adam And eve went up my sleeve and didn’t come down till Christmas Eve

  32. Coffee says:

    Craig has two daddies ! Beatrice has two mommies !

  33. Desert Eagle says:

    Why are you all in a rush to legalise this nastiness?

    • Billy Boy says:

      Because election time is coming fast

    • Blankman says:

      Why is it “nasty”?

      For the record, homosexuality is legal – this is purely about legalizing same-sex marriage.

    • Peace says:

      If you want to go along that line: if you are a man you would think being attracted to another man nastiness. Therefore you would consider women being attracted to men nastiness, because men are icky. But then you will say that women are different from me.

      In reality everyone is different from you in different ways. Some people are attracted to the same sex, and to them it is not nastiness. All they want is equality under the law, also not nastiness.

  34. Bible Thumper Bob says:

    The 5th Commandment: Honor thy mother and thy father….not…thy father and thy father…nor thy mother and thy mother. See also Leviticus 20:13.

    • Mike Hind says:

      And. That’s YOUR personal choice of religions.

      Should everyone be forced to follow your personal choice of religions?

      If the answer is no, what does this post have to do with marriage equality?

  35. Sandgrownan says:

    Well, those have to be some of the most idiotc, hate filled posts I’ve ever read. Bible thumping morons. Utter scum.

  36. 1 minute says:

    Dear OBA,
    Please legalise Same Sex Marriage. Some narrow minded people will be upset with you, but with normal Bermudian behaviour, in about a week they will forget and the right thing will have been done.

  37. Cottereaux says:

    it was not noted that at least 40% or more of the 2,000 so called signatures on the petition, were not Bermudians, and not even island residents.

    all one had to do was look at the petition web page and see where the people lived who electronically signed the petition.

    • Mike Hind says:

      God forbid that people support from overseas.

      • mj says:

        @Mike Hinds—Now your telling God who to forbid and calling everyone else religious and bigots but yet you wanna tell HIm, to forbid that people vote from overseas smdh.

        • Mike Hind says:

          first off, how hard is it to spell someone’s name correctly? Seriously.
          Secondly, this post of yours? It’s gibberish. “God forbid…” Is a very common phrase. I’m not telling God anything, nor am I… You know what? Explaining is too much work. Suffice it to say: you’re writing nonsense here.

        • umum says:

          “@Mike Hinds—Now your telling God who to forbid and calling everyone else religious and bigots but yet you wanna tell HIm, to forbid that people vote from overseas smdh.”

          mjs, does the acronym “smdh” mean shaking my damn head? Surely a learned religious bigot, such as yourself, would never use the word damn, as it means to be condemned by god and suffer eternal punishment in hell….Perhaps you’re actually admitting that that’s where you’ll end up…after spewing your hatred all over gods green earth?

          • mj says:

            umum–keep stuttering you have no idea what hatred is!!!!! smdh….again idiots!! the world is run by them!

            • Mike Hind says:

              Odd that you never respond to my posts, only attack others with… whatever this is.

              Is your position SO weak that you can’t debate it? Can’t defend it?
              I mean, I get that your level of arrogant hate is completely indefensible, but I didn’t think you realized it.

              • umum says:

                Mike, mj doesn’t have the intelligence to debate anything…it’s fun watching him “speak in tongues” though.

            • umum says:

              You exemplify hatred, mj.
              Still swearing at your god, I see…you’ll burn in hell for that, munchkin ;)

  38. Tony Brannon says:

    GREAT NEWS regarding IRELAND….

  39. Oh hell…go for de gusto…request gay bigamist marraige …me myself…i want inter planetary marraige….as they offer so much more … Once you go inter planetary …you don’t nevah go back….well…that is not necessarily true…but…you know what i mean anyway….