Use “Extreme Caution” With New Speed Bumps

May 27, 2015

[Updated with photos/video] The City of Hamilton is today [May 27] advising the public of two new speed bumps and asks that motorists take “extreme caution” saying the “design of the new speed bumps is not yet conducive to road traffic and will be adjusted this evening after peak traffic.”

A spokesperson from the City of Hamilton said, “The two areas are Par-la-Ville Rd, outside of the Royal Gazette building and North Street, outside of Tools and Equipment building.

“The design of the new speed bumps is not yet conducive to road traffic and will be adjusted this evening after peak traffic. Meanwhile the City has marked both areas with traffic cones, lights and signs and advises motorists to approach very slowly, to avoid damage or incident.

“The City of Hamilton apologizes for any inconvenience.”

Update 6.56pm: Photos of the work underway this evening added below

speed bump may 27 2015 (8)

speed bump may 27 2015 (7)

speed bump may 27 2015 (3)

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  1. Concerned says:

    who designs these things they are so high and all Speed Bumps should have warning signs posted and reflectors on them which can be seen some distance away at night the supposedly reflecting paint is a complete waste Imagine a senior or child walking across and they fall – can Corp of Hamilton be held accountable for their injuries just asking as people trip on Nelly’s walk as well

    • X Factor says:

      I nearly broke my neck going over it today and that was going as slow as possible! It was like a freaking roller coaster ride!

      • Karla says:

        I thought I was going up Billy Goat Hill…smh

      • Whistling Frog says:

        I’d hate for someone to loose their balance and fall off.

  2. hmmm says:

    Why not build them correctly the first time !

    It’s a speed bump, not rocket science.

    Really !

    • inna says:

      Those things are not speed bumps, more like speed humps. A small kia picanto could surely fit entirely on top of one of those!

    • I totally agree with just about everyone who has complained about the “hill”. It would make far-more sense to me if it had been lower but yet spread further; this would allow certain cars with “scoops” to manoeuvre it without causing any damage to their front ends scoop or low body.(Due to it’s low tires / wheel height.)

  3. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Not kidding! Drove over the one on PLV and thought I was not going to make it! The surface has already been pitted with marks from cars – why couldn’t they get it right the first time?

  4. Paul Revere says:

    Canadian engineers

    • umum says:

      …because there are no Bermudian engineers

      • Paul Revere says:

        There are plenty of Bermudian engineers, but we all know that we have to shop abroad, take advice from abroad and even import from abroad.
        We adapt everything from Countries that no longer use them
        Didn’t we get our education system from the Canadians?

        • umum says:

          ” but we all know that we have to shop abroad, ”

          At least you can admit that it’s your own fault

  5. Seascape says:

    Our car got scraped underneath from these new speed bumps. Why have them so high? Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the crossing further down where there are more offices instead of having it outside of the RG? Wonder who makes these decisions…needs to rethink them – SMH!

    • Varied says:

      There’s already a raised crossing at where the real estate company is. This other one is replacing the crossing at the roundabout (which was shown to be dangerous). If the appropriate signage etc is present, no reason why this crossing won’t be safer for all involved, once the gradient is made less steep.

    • Seascape says:

      I drove over the “adjusted” speed bump today on Par-La-Ville Road. The car got scraped again!! These are too high!!! Please fix!!

  6. Ed Case says:

    It is a shame that they have just created yet another dangerous hazard. My car bottomed out on the new bump at lunch – I hope there is no damage but don’t know yet. It will annoy absolutely everyone, except bikers who will race over it and get air. Speed bumps are tremendous fun for bikers.

    Speed bumps are dangerous, and cause more accidents than they prevent.

    Idiocy at its worst. Its like racing home to avoid an accident.

  7. Vote for Me says:

    The quote below indicates an admission of liability for COH. Why not correct the design specifications before placing the speed bumps? Just imagine the problems that will be caused during rush hour traffic.

    “The design of the new speed bumps is not yet conducive to road traffic and will be adjusted this evening after peak traffic. Meanwhile the City has marked both areas with traffic cones, lights and signs and advises motorists to approach very slowly, to avoid damage or incident.

  8. Artimus Healer says:

    i had 4 elementary students lie down next to speed bump, was able to jump over them with my Oleander rental cycle.

    • Tolerate says:

      Ten Dislikes??? Thought it was funny? After all he didn’t say he landed on any of the students. “Oleander rental cycle”, hilarious.
      Must be the ten people responsible for the screw-up.

  9. RIDICULOUS says:

    I watched a car go over the speed bump today and she scraped the whole bottom of her car, and no she was not speeding before anyone says it, she couldn’t possibly have been going slower! This is ridiculous, why does it take 2 attempts to build a speed bump correctly for crying out loud!!!

  10. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    what’s the company’s name which did this type of work…it’s got to be an overseas company…or was it a bermudian co.? some one didn’t consult the blueprints for this project…or were the blueprints faulty..? i bet you that the Project Manager didn’t communicate with the Site Superintendent to ensure that the Foreman kept two eyes on the Labor Supervisor blah blah blah…at the end of the day this is a prime example of your Local workforce in action.

    then u wonder why deals are struck in private.

  11. ImJustSayin says:

    City Of Hamilton and W&E please read the following:


    Approximately 6′ wide speed cushions cause the following damage: 

    They break car road springs. 

    They damage the inside shoulders of car tyres, where the damage cannot easily be seen, sometimes leading to blowouts on high speed roads and multiple death crashes later in the vehicle’s journey. 

    They damage car suspension and steering, sometimes leading to high speed crashes later in the vehicle’s journey. 

    They cause 50% more pollution and fuel consumed due to vehicles slwoing down for them then re-accellerating. 

    They destabilise motorcycles and bicycles, sometimes throwing the rider into the path of another vehicle. 

    They are particularly lethal to motorcyclists and cyclists when covered with leaves, and in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain. 

    They increase noise levels from vehicles slowing down then re-accelerating. 

    They damage vehicle sumps, wrecking engines and casing dangerous oil spillages. 

  12. Ringmaster says:

    Looking at the pictures you couldn’t build a worse “speed bump” than that. It is the inside wheelbase length of pretty much most cars/SUVs. Once the front wheels go over and down the other side the bottom will hit. As others have said, all these do is provide the bike riders with another opportunity to show their skills at jumping. Must have been someone working outside the terms of their work permit who designed and built them. Couldn’t have been a Bermudian, could it?

  13. Charlly X says:

    I’ve complained about these crazy bumps to W/E already and road safety council !
    There are no standard procedure for putting them in place ! ie size and proper signage !
    There Needs to be a standard implemented for everyone safety !!!
    Rumble strips at least 20yards in front of them as you approach with a sign !
    At the moment there is no proper distinction between a regular pedestrian crossing and one that is humped up !! Rocket SCIENCE I guess ?

  14. Kangoocar says:

    Before I start, I just want it known I think these speed bumps are rediculous!!! But, has anyone ever considered the fact that, if everyone drove responsible, we not even need these speed bumps in the first place??? I am now in my 37 th year of driving and have never hit another vehicle, or had any accident whatsoever, which means I have never once personally claimed of my autoinsurance policies, but my employees sure have????

    • PBanks says:

      Truth. If people didn’t drive dangerously coming off the roundabout where Serpentine and Par-la-ville meet, and there weren’t as many collisions and near-misses involving vehicles and or pedestrians, it wouldn’t have come to this.

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Now people have a good reason to buy a SUV.

  16. Mr. Meoff says:

    COH only now correct the goof they made after they recieved complaints all day yesterday from road users. I was one of the first to call MR. Ian Hines the City Engineer to voice my disbelief. They award these contracts to a sub contractor and never follow up on the work thats done before the POO hits the fan. This all could have been avoided if the City Engineer had done his job correctly the first time around.

  17. Seek says:

    The COH really is one big screw up

  18. This is not a bump but rather an obstacle the likes of which can be envisaged on that ninja com0etition on tv.

  19. PBanks says:

    Well, schools let out and the Berkeley and Cedarbridge kids flew over the new crossing like nothing, so it looks like Ringmaster’s correct in the effectiveness of this tool.

    Still, hopefully the number of collisions in the area will decline.