Multiple Shots Fired In Pembroke, No One Injured

June 10, 2015

[Updated] The police can be seen in large numbers in the St Monica’s Road area this evening [June 10] attending what we understand to be reports of gunshots. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Police Bermuda, June 10 2015-2

Update 10.44pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At 10.19pm police responded to a report of gunshots being heard in the area of St Monica’s Road in Pembroke.

“Upon police arrival, it was forensically confirmed that a firearm was discharged in the area, however at this juncture it does not appear that anyone was injured. The area has been cordoned off and is presently being processed forensically by officers.”

Police Bermuda, June 10 2015-1

Update 10.51pm: Unofficial reports from area residents indicate that multiple shots were fired.

Update 11.04pm: The police said witnesses state that the suspects were two males on a dark coloured motorcycle.

Update 11.10pm: Audio of statement from Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines

Anyone with any information can contact the police on telephone number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

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  1. duh says:

    Hmm wonder if any cameras working… i doubt it

    • Lady says:

      I asked them,they claim that they are now back working.But still asking questions as if they are not. So I don’t know what to believe.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Its gonna be a HOT HOT summer.

      • Christopher Notorius says:

        It will be with the constant hot air coming from Mockingbore!

    • Watcher55 says:

      SERCO,s on the case

  2. A Photog says:

    Dam glad I didn’t go that way to get home like I ueally do at night

  3. Neutral says:

    A whole generation lost… Bermuda is too small for this ignorance. God please turn this island around….

    • Mockingjay says:

      I think its unfair to write a whole generation off, there are a few blockheads that are brain dead but ALL of them should not be considered lost.

      • Christopher Notorius says:

        Congrats on contributing a sensible post which was in no way offensive.

  4. Smh says:

    Don’t understand how you guys still have time to shoot. Try spend your time looking for a job, “black lives matter”. A quote that some of you guys should try take heed to. The shooting is honestly so meaningless now. Where is it leading you??? Life if fear, looking over your shoulder, limited travel locations, jail, death, cripple whatever the outcome is it ain’t as far success. You should stop and ask your selves are you trying to make it out the hood or stay in the hood cause only a dumb person will want live a sheltered life. No don’t forget where you come from but make where you come from a better place. “HANDSUPDONTSHOOT”

  5. Really? says:

    Here we go again….

  6. The obvious says:

    We all know it’s only going to get worst, instead of starting at home where it all begins we would rather cast the responsibility on others. Politics, economy, judicial all leading us down the road of deception.

  7. The same crap continues…Until there’s a real serious view taken at possibly removing the dollars value out of the drug trades, (as has been to an extent done in Amsterdam) Or, adopt to the “no nonsense Laws” of Singapore, whereby people are / can be sentence to death for dealing in drugs. Unfortunately, until there is changes made to the Laws we will continue with seeing the “same-shittttt-different-day” mentality here in Bermuda!

    • Farmer mon says:

      How can you relate this shooting to drugs?

      Just a simple question…..

  8. DantheMaintenanceMan says:

    Bermudians need to return to their first love…..

  9. D says:

    Seems the shootings start summer time…here we go again….

  10. Today I found out…
    Following are some extremely important issues / point made and how they were rectified in Singapore.

    “The Legendary Toilets of Singapore”
    Over the years the city of Singapore has been described by many as one of the cleanest on Earth with roads and toilets being “clean enough to eat off“, which is perhaps to be expected from a city where it’s illegal not to flush a public toilet.
    The reason why toilets in Singapore are so insanely clean can be traced back to the work of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first and arguably most popular prime minister. Kuan Yew rose to power in 1959 and continued to serve as Singapore’s leader for 31 years until he decided to step down in 1990. When Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, Kuan Yew is noted as being instrumental to the the small city-state being able to so quickly transform itself from being a “poor port from the bottom rungs of the third world” to being one of the most profitable and prosperous economies on the planet.

    Kuan Yew accomplished this through a series of reforms aimed at making the country an overall nicer place to live including:
    • Enacting legislation to make prosecuting corrupt officials easier as well as “relentlessly pursuing” corruption wherever he encountered it.
    • Paying civil servants decent wages to ensure the jobs would be tempting to Singapore’s best and brightest and giving them bonuses based on how well the Singapore’s economy does on a yearly basis.
    • Inviting foreign corporations to set up shop in his country to create reliable employment for his citizens and foster international relations.
    • Establishing the Housing and Development Board to help house residents without homes into newly built apartments. Further, unlike most nation’s public housing, Singapore’s is quite nice, places people actually want to live.
    • Drafting legislation to plant tress and clean up the cities waterways and rivers which were notably filthy. Kuan Yew was so serious about making Singapore cleaner, he famously promised that if his dream wasn’t a reality by 1986 and he was still in charge, that he’d personally hunt down whomever was responsible for the failure and shoot them. Because he wasn’t playing around.
    • Creating the Water Planning Unit, which was tasked with helping the country become less dependent on water from Malaysia, which was threatening to cut off their water supply after Singapore gained independence. This initiative, like so many others he enacted, was a resounding success, with Time magazine later calling Singapore “the global paragon of water conservation.” In fact, their system is so efficient that they even can, and do, process non-potable waste-water into high-purity drinking water.
    • Imposing stiff taxes on car ownership and enacting the Clean Air Act as well as creating the Anti-Pollution Unit, to help keep Singapore’s air pollution levels at an acceptable, healthy level.
    By far Kuan Yew’s most infamous policies though were his incredibly strict rules in regards to public cleanliness, most if not all of which carry hefty fines if you’re caught breaking them. For example, not flushing a public toilet is considered a crime in Singapore and if you’re caught flouting it, you will be given an on the spot fine of about 150 dollars, more if you’re a repeat offender. Likewise, littering carries an equally heavy fine of about 300 dollars or more, depending on the size of the item. Smaller items like candy wrappers usually incur a lesser fine, whilst things like soda cans can net you a trip to court and even a caning if you’re caught.

    Kuan Yew’s biggest bugbear, however, was chewing gum; he hated it with such a passion that since the 1990s, gum has been outright banned in the country. This was later (partially) repealed in 2004 and gum is now okay to be brought into the country in small quantities and dentists are allowed to prescribe it for certain medical conditions.

    While this may seem a tad extreme, Kuan Yew’s annoyance with gum chewing wasn’t without precedent. You see, prior to the ban in 1992, the government was spending upwards of 150,000 dollars a year to clean it up and vandals were using it to disrupt the sensors on the country’s newly built subway trains, stopping their doors from shutting and in the process causing huge delays. After the ban, cases of such gum littering plummeted and the associated costs of cleaning it up dropped to negligible levels.

    If you’re wondering how exactly Singapore enforces these dozens of laws, it’s mostly accomplished using hundreds of undercover police officers who have the power to issue on the spot fines to anyone seen flouting them. Officers are known to check toilets after they’ve been used and even install security cameras if they receive multiple complaints on a particular toilet, to catch offenders in the act.

    Perhaps our favourite Singapore cleanliness fact is that many of Singapore’s elevators have “Urine Detection Devices” which will lock the doors of an elevator and summon the police to your location to arrest you if it detects that you’re relieving yourself in one.

    All of this may seem excessive, but the results really speak for themselves; today, Singapore is largely considered one of the world’s leading economies and the city itself is one of the most industrious, safe, clean, nicest to live and richest on Earth. In fact, Singapore is currently enjoying 16 consecutive years on the top spot of the “world’s most livable cities“, and is also generally considered the world’s best city for businesses. Not bad for a place that was up until about 50 years ago or so described as a “swampy land mass“.

    • Regina says:

      RayRay – you lost me at “toilets in Singapore.” Focus.

      • @ Regina: Please read the complete article. You’ll see how, “Law and Order” (that’s enforced) has made and can make a change where need be…

    • Them that oppose the approach that has been taken by the former, (and current) leader of Singapore are in favour of crime and all that accompanies criminal behavior / mentality :-(
      I do believe there are many that respond to positive in-puts here on Bernews with ignorant replies to be no-more than young punks or old fools…Either way they’re both the same.

    • Watcher55 says:

      Lost me at today I found out

  11. wow says:

    Stop saying a whole generation lost. It’s these old people running the economy down the drain and nobody is hiring young people. Our generation is going to be the most educated generation EVER. It is not lost.

  12. wow says:

    Our generation is not lost. Sick of old people saying that. It is old greedy men and women running the island economy to crap. Our generation is going to be the most educated ever. As a matter of fact. We were born into a crappy world and we will save it.

  13. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Pontificating and posturing serve no purpose but to show how helpless you really are.B.A.N. Bermudians Against Narcotics stood in the streets and warned this country about this vile drug trade ……..before even a single shot was fired.!You and many others wanted to huld on to your spliffs…….and smoke your dope…….complaining and gave the pushers impetus.Then the gunfire began……bam….whats that….pow…..bam.bam.bam……look out…..! Now you are listening and paying attention Bermuda..Go on with your bad self…..d’ont listen to anyone else…..keep smoking your joints ……..and duck……pow pow pow….you will.. wake day….or maybe not…….Bermudians Against Narcotics….

  14. You byes do realise this is getting out of control?… long is this going to continue?…this is not being addressed properly…you do realise this don’t you?….for gosh sakes…bring in para military and squash this…this sissified approach is no deterrent…I ask you?…the people aren’t bending over…and I would prefer you not when it comes to community welfare….what you do in your own time is your business…but when you wear that uniform we have certain expectations…remember …through act or commission…action or inaction….do you need my help?…if so …move ovah rovah…step aside …let me show you how it’s done!

  15. Put that carpet back down…and put that broom away!

  16. Terry says:

    Just imagine if all the fools that type shet here went to a town hall meeting and expressed their views.

    Oh that’s right they do but say nothing but here hide behind funny trolling names.

  17. Watcher55 says:

    No one injured …more predictably…no one caught!