Photos: Cup Match Summer Splash Concert

July 30, 2015

The Cup Match Summer Splash concert was held last night [July 29],featuring a number of musical artists, including the group Major Lazer, who had one of their members cause a social media outcry by posting unflattering comments about Bermuda.

Major Lazer’s Jillionaire posted on social media that Bermuda “smells like a dead whale” and also claimed that the taxi driver “kidnapped him,” resulting in strong reaction from Bermudians, who took to his social media profiles to express their displeasure.

The comments were made just a few hours before the show, and it appeared many people present were not aware of his comments, and the show went off quite smoothly.

You can follow the Cup Match action on our live blog, which will be updated throughout the entire holiday. For strictly cricket updates, you can also follow our dedicated sports Twitter account @BernewsSports where we will be live tweeting the match on Thursday and Friday, and you can see all our Cup Match coverage here.


Photos by Glenn Tucker, click to enlarge:


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