Promoters “Disappointed By The Comments”

July 30, 2015

The promoters of last night’s concert said they were “extremely disappointed” by the comments made on social media by one of the performers, adding that “Bermuda has shared their sentiments very clearly in regard to this matter and the disparaging remarks made towards the country we love.”

This follow after Major Lazer’s Jillionaire caused an outcry on social media by saying Bermuda “smells like a dead whale,” claiming his taxi driver “kidnapped” him and saying he “can’t wait to get out of this place.”

His social media update last night said, “Bermuda has been one of the worst travel experiences of the year – the kids at the airport got mad at me cuz I wasn’t @walshyfire, the whole city smells like a dead whale and my cab driver [yes the promoter put me in a taxi] kidnapped me for an hour instead of taking me straight to the hotel.”

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He also posted another comment saying, “Bermuda Triangle is real! Can’t wait to get out of this place”, with his comments prompting a huge backlash from Bermudians on social media, with numerous posts objecting to his remarks.

Jillionaire seems to be backtracking; he deleted his original post on Instagram, deleted one from Facebook, and ‘hid’ another post from his main Facebook feed.

The remaining members of the three-person Major Lazer group were complimentary about the island, with Walshyfire posting: “Bermuda thanks so much for the love and support. Always an honor to perform for my island massive,” while Diplo posted “I love Bermuda.”

One of his bandmates subsequently acknowledged he “made a mistake,” with Diplo posting a message saying, “My Bermudians! If u don’t know Chris, he is a very sarcastic a****** and he made a mistake.

“Please forgive because we all gave it 100 last night! My first time in Bermuda and it was lit. We love u guys this is no lie. But what I really want to know is St George’s or Somerset? I’m heading to Cup Match now.”

A quick look at the concert last night

In a statement following the show, the promoters said, “The organisers of Cup Match SummerSplash would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the people of Bermuda.

“We were extremely disappointed by the comments released on social media by one of the performers early yesterday. There are two sides to a story and the truth. We do not wish to enter into a back and forth on a day as important as Emancipation Day.

“We believe that Bermuda has shared their sentiments very clearly in regard to this matter and the disparaging remarks made towards the country we love. We are supportive of all Bermudians. Especially, our hard working taxi drivers who are ambassadors for our island paradise.

“As promoters, we are always striving to improve. We aim to produce an event of international standard. Without the support of the public, this would not be possible.

“There are very few who truly understand the complexity of musical production and the layers of choreography involved to have a successful event. It is much more complicated than just depositing an artist having them show up to a large audience.

“On Saturday, July 25th over 1800 patrons had the experience of a lifetime, in the rain, at the One Love, One Life Concert featuring international reggae icons Morgan Heritage and Barrington Levy. Since the events culmination we have been inundated with messages from attendees who describe it as a night they will always remember.

“Last night, close to 4000 patrons were exposed to a musical expo. Local act YGS with DJ Scoobay started the proceedings and warmed up the growing crowd. They were followed by Taranchyla from Poison Dart who delivered in typical high energy fashion.

“He played a variety of reggae classics spanning many years. International act Skratch Bastid began his set with Bermuda is Another World in typical Bastid fashion. He crossed numerous genres and displayed his world famous mixing skills at a level never seen before by such a large crowd here at home.

“The evening reached a peak when Major Lazer hit the stage. The evening was hosted by Bermuda’s own, Daniel Frith aka Uzimon. Choppa Dunks, a Bermudian creating waves in the international music scene, closed the evening with an uptempo selection. A good time was had by all!

“In closing, we wish all Bermudians a safe and productive Cup Match Holiday.”


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  1. lovely n fresh says:

    Just and idea,

    Maybe you can put in your contract that if any derogatory comments made you as the promoter may withold 10% penalty. Also note that this reflect on you as the promoter and people may not support you and your shows. Just something for you to think about.

  2. swing voter says:

    that guy is a joker…island pride and rivalry is common to the south. I know what his country is like, he better just learn to humble himself. no island is perfect but he was jus plain nasty with his untrue and exaggerated comments.

    • frank says:

      You all shoudo have demanded your money back from the promoter and in the future don’t support
      His shows

      • John says:

        What does it have to do with the promoters? Or did you mean don’t support Major Lazer?

      • wilco says:

        what an ignorant comment. The promoter and artists are different people. Can’t blame a promoter for what happened here. In this case, the promoter is amongst the best of bermuda

  3. Team Reggae says:

    You will never hear a Reggae Artist diss the island like that . Keep the Mellow Conscious Reggae Artists coming to Bermuda ! We don’t need performers like Major Lazer. Bigg Up Wild Apache Promotions. Veterans In Action , and 441 Productions for putting in that Work to keep music Lovers entertained ! #TeamReggae

  4. Cant wait says:

    Dude is from Trinidad!!! Trinidad is no better than Bermuda….. Bermuda dead whales? Where? Taxi must’ve taken you on Palmetto Rd and parked by the dump were he should’ve left you fool. Man you just offended an hole nation. The crowd were nice enough to come out and support you and you talk that crap…. Idiot boy…. No need to come back. Querellenaire

  5. MissT says:

    Diplo is a clown to defend him. He wasn’t being sarcastic. His rant continued on someone else’s IG. She said she loved the view from her hotel and this idiot says its just garbage and this was all after the deletion on his FB and IG. So whatever to Diplo in defending this clown. He was just plain disrespectful and distasteful. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • mdb says:

      He actually was being sarcastic. The Insta page where he said your view looks like garbage was actually the dancer for Major lazer. If you don’t know that Chris ” Jillionaire” is sarcastic then you don’t really follow Major Lazer Group. They all loved it here.

  6. Just sayin says:

    I am sure he’s smiling all the way to the bank

    • smh says:

      get lost Justsaying n take jillionaire with you.

  7. Golden says:

    As spending many years in the field of event manegment , concert promoting , etc this isn’t the first time an foreign entertainer has made disatifiying remarks about this island
    We all need to remember that some people will
    Never appreciate this beautiful island shooks we have even many locals that don’t love our bda home
    This sad representation of an entertainer has presented himself with a first and last time performance on our shores I think he is very lucky that most of the patrons to the concert that night did not know of his comments
    Bermudians are crazy people he problely would have received a foot appointment yes a nice foot appointment right up his a****s I feel for the rest of the lazor crew must be very difficult to be around this disfucntional unappreciative human anyway to you the promoter job well done keep your head up I’ve been down this road many times before

  8. Dhameer says:

    (My)Forgiveness is free…(as we’re all capable of mistakes.) Take & enjoy same; then be gone…permanently!

  9. me says:

    There are two sides to a story and the truth. We do not wish to enter into a back and forth on a day as important as Emancipation Day. Sorry that comment is so out of line. We as bermudian don’t need that nobody back. The truth is he came here and had the nerve to diss us. That is the only truth I see.

  10. $$$$$$$$$ says:

    Buy chip, get chip…..just saying

  11. Christopher Notorius says:

    Bermuda needs to move on and get over this. So he didn’t like it here. So what.

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      Sure so I guess it’s alright to crown to your house and disrespect you. Well not everyone is willing to let people disrespect them in the way this person did.

      • Ed says:

        He should have been respectful instead he was an a**. But people need to get over it. Move the eff on.

  12. just an expat says:

    he was a guest and while entertaining he should have been a bit more respectful indeed but I agree,, Bda needs to move one… more pressing matters to
    deal with

  13. Are you ship’n me?

  14. Honestly I do not mind criticism…it could be symptomatic response of menopause…a condition of reaction being chemically imballenced…poor little buggah!….I personally feel that if a person has an opinion he should have it…however expressing it as a guest is contemptuous…which is rude…and to that I say…please…”Don’t let the door hit you…where the Good Lord splitchew!”

  15. KTS says:

    This is exactly why I haven’t supported a reggae show as much as I did since the promotors such as Culture Shock or Dread and Baha. The original and best promotors of this country hands down (guareented a show with a chart topping line up well worth every dollar spent) . It is so sad that nothing was made easy for them, not as much commercial sponsorship such as retailers, BTA, or venue availability such as today. In those day it was more complaints and time curfews. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the reason why one of them took there promotions to another country. Big up to the original trend setters of this industry in this country because what we have today is a joke in regards to worth and quality. Those were best the days of live concerts. #keepingitreal

  16. Paulette says:

    Not a big deal that he didnt like Bermuda. Not everyone is supposed to like it here. He spoke the truth as he saw it. The big deal is that he expressed it. He should have kept it to himself, and once he had performed leave and never to return. He was disrespectful and thats what is the big deal.

    • Paul says:

      He didn’t speak the truth as he saw it? Do you really think he was kidnapped? If he was call the Police. Does the whole smell like a dead whale? No.

      Who is this wannabe joker anyway? His surname is Leacock, which is fitting since he is a real prick!

  17. Major Disrespect says:

    in this case the promoter should have offered refunds. I definitely would want the refund. but it’s all about the money with these people. They don’t Carr about anyone but the money. Total disregard for the people.

    I will tell you this. Going forward I will not buy an advanced ticket to any show unless it’s peoplewho have been here on numerous occasions and have total respect for this island.

    That major lazor CD that I own is not at tunes bay incinerator.Not do I wish to own or listen to any of their music. These promoters need to also be held accountable. And we need to set some sort of laws thatb people shall be refunded on certain criteria.

    • bd,Paul says:

      you cant have respect if you don’t know respect

  18. Second says:

    Enough!, he is not worth all the time and exposure we are giving him. Bye to trash and don’t come back!

  19. well says:

    from reading his comment it looks like he was being truthful. maybe we should fix the issues. starting with what ever he ment by dead whale.
    my COH did not pick up the trash from some where or something. I cant hate him for the comment though. if we dont do anything when we are label tax haven by the people in the uk we should not be mad at this guy.

  20. Ross says:

    Any publicly is good publicity! How many people even knew who he was before all this? And how many of you have checked out his website since? No manners, no class,just an ignorant wannabe – at this rate he may not get to be a millionaire let alone a jillionaire. Good luck to the other two.

  21. Jay says:

    Even egotistical artists like Kanye are smart enough to know that the fans are their bread and butter, and know not to disresect them.

    Hi star power ain’t nearly big enough to make diva comments like this. In a few years he will be begging even an actual place that smells like whales to hire as an artist him so that he doesn’t have to pack grocery bags.

  22. alafiyah says:

    We all have something to say when employers bring in foreigners and Bermudians don’t get a chance to work, we march the streets protesting our rights, yet, there is no outcry about all the musicians that come into Bermuda and leave with our hard earned cash. This is a classic example of bringing in foreign musicians to work in our country while our own reggae and other musicians don’t get the billboard publicity as they should, hell, they don’t even get to perform. People like Marca T and others whose original music is all over the local stations are not even invited to perform! Whomever is putting these events in our island should think about who you bringing here to disrespect OUR people and OUR country. This goes for the organizers for the WORLD CUP too. We could not go to their country and say such derogatory things about its people. Where is out Pride? We’d never get entry into that country ever again. SMH…..yea, everyone apologizes when they are called out for their ‘nasty’ remarks!

  23. fred says:

    Typical low life trash that has made it big in life and now looks down on everyone. Our dump is probably better smelling than his original back yard. Go home.

  24. Marie says:

    What a hater! Could it be that Bermuda doesn’t resemble a Third World country and is a beautiful paradise where no one gets kidnapped for ransom like wealthy kids in Trinadad. Pure envy but he took our money huh!! Don’t bother returning and don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!

  25. drunken ursula says:

    why can’t people express their thoughts…you people are so closed minded…get a life!

  26. Newton says:

    I feel that the comments he made were uncalled for however the way Bermudians responded was outright disgusting. Everyone and their mama was commenting and leaving very derogatory comments and even death threats on his pages. Not everyones experience is going to be the same and instead of wasting time being negative, everyone should have had the mentality to say well hey! we have someone who’s new to the island let’s show him a good time, Let’s show him what Bermuda is truly like, That’s the TRUE Bermudian spirit. By leaving comments like that we as an island only added to his negative experience. Next time represent our beautiful home by showing the great hospitality we’re known for not quick, witty responses on instagram/facebook etc. ! This bullying mentality needs to stop!