Bermuda Sends Letter Of Support To France

November 16, 2015

Following Friday’s attacks in Paris which left over 120 people dead, the Cabinet Office advised that Premier Michael Dunkley has written to President Francois Hollande on behalf of Bermuda, to formally express condolences.

The letter said, “The people of Bermuda share the distress, the sadness and the horror experienced by the people of France following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

“We live far apart but share the values of freedom, democracy and brotherhood that France has championed throughout its modern history. When they are attacked, as they were on Friday in the capital, then you can depend on us to stand with you.

“Our Flags fly at half-mast in solidarity, our prayers are with the victims and the families, and our support for your efforts to defend the French people and our civilization is total.”

Premier Michael Dunkley speaking on the attacks in Paris earlier today:

Speaking at today’s Throne Speech press conference, the Premier said, “We have a very strong French community in Bermuda. We’ve got a French Consul that’s does good work on behalf of the people of France.

“We have tragedy all over the world on a regular occasion, but when it strikes close, or closer to home with areas you have direct links, we have Bermudians studying and living in Paris. We’ve got colleagues who have been over there.

The Premier continued, “This is a direct attack on humanity, on the goodness, the compassion of people. The free world will not allow that to continue.

“We need to stand up and support our leaders and support those people in the community, today, tomorrow and in to next month and into the holiday season that is coming soon.

“We live in an instantaneous gratification world. Those people will live with the scar of that memory for the rest of their lives, of losing family and friends.

“We have a heavy heart today as we go about our proceedings. But for the grace of God, it could have been anybody at any point in the free world,” added the Premier.

The letter follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Terry says:

    The premier also sent a memo to Cabinet and the opposition stating that all is well and we will we work together and support all MP’s regardless of party affiliation.
    We live far apart.


    • Wilson says:

      I’m surprise Premier Michael Dunkley didn’t send a picture attached with all his photo opps.

  2. conscientious objector says:

    Where is the letter to Nigeria?

  3. the truth will set you free says:

    Where is the letter to the Lebanese people where there was a bombing 24 hours before the bombing in France. The corporate owned cable media in AmeriKKKA, which are CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS & MSNBC are mouth pieces for the government that uses the media to programme and indoctrinate the masses to have sympathy for those of European descent, with the exception of the people that were on the flight to Russia that had a bomb placed on it, where are the prayers and letter for them, and the 24 hour coverage that has been taking place since Friday’s bombing. Oh that’s right Putin does not bow down to the USA therefore their lives do not matter. When French, British or U.S. citizens die in terror attacks, the victims are humanized. However, when the West slaughters people of color, the victims are anonymous. Where is the outrage regarding the USA’s bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan ,that human rights organizations say is a war crime. Hypocrisy and deception is in full force in the age of information technology and if people are deceived is because they choose to be.