Photos: New Year’s Celebrations On Court Street

January 1, 2016

Crowds of people made their way to Court Street last night to join in the New Year’s Eve celebrations as the ‘Uptown New Year’s Eve Party’ was held with a theme of “unity in the community world vibe, fighting with peace and not for it.”

The Emperial Group of Companies previously said that this “event will serve as the launch of a collaborative effort to build the preconditions for sustained economic stimulus, community engagement and infrastructure development in North Hamilton.”


Photos by Glenn Tucker, click to enlarge:

click here banner New Year's Eve

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  1. Widget says:

    Looks like a good time had by all.

  2. Nice Vibe.
    Ghetto Fabulous.

  3. There was nice music available for all. It was a treat to get away from St. George and Front Street New Year’s Eve activities.
    Lots and lots of people attended and that alone made for healthy interaction and positive bonding!! Wonder if that will become a yearly event!!

  4. Leanne says:

    Although it seemed like a good gesture to hold this event I have a few bones to pick. Here are my views. From the outside looking in, this appears to be a last minute, thrown together event. Advertising for this event was done roughly a few days before this event. Why would you have a grey goose backdrop with kids taking pictures on it??? This could have been a well put together family friendly event for the community and it could have been held on Union St or a street adjacent to court street, so that families wouldn’t have to be in such close proximity to the bars and could still support the event. Since Court St was blocked off earlier it prevented shop owners from making sales late in the day. The entertainment could have been presented in a professional manner with a variety of line-ups and shows. This looks low budget as a person who supports the businesses in North Hamilton, I feel insulted. Was there some sort of political agenda behind all of this? Votes for the next election? With all the unsolved crimes, gun violence and our unemployed population, we just don’t need another party on court street, we need culture, unity and a chance to really impact the community in a positive light. My suggestion: next time survey the business owners, residents and those who usually attend front st events as to the kinds of amenities, culture, entertainment etc they would like to see take place in North Hamilton. I’d also like to encourage the funders of this event, to make it their priority to plan events all throughout the year in North Hamilton, the same way they do so in the city of Hamilton and Front St.

  5. The Messenger of Truth! says:

    Well said Leanne. There is much that I can add. However, it would take up too much time and space, plus it is my bedtime.

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