Woman Assaulted With Bat In Stable Condition

January 10, 2016

The 18-year-old woman injured when two female suspects attended her residence and assaulted her with a baseball bat is recovering in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital, the police said this evening.

A police spokesperson said, “At last check the 18-year-old woman injured around 2:45am Friday, January 8th in the Curving Avenue Pembroke area after two female suspects apparently attended the victim’s residence and assaulted her with a baseball bat, was recovering in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital.

“Two women were arrested in connection with this incident and court appearances are anticipated in due course.

“The investigation continues and anyone who may have information should call 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

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  1. Calvin Blankendal says:

    When women start to attack each other with bladed weapons and bats, it signals that we have lost full control of our society. Without strong women (mother’s, sisters and teachers) in our communities, we are doomed to raise a generation of uneducated and violent children. As men we need to play our part but women have always been the nurturers in our society. Pay attention to this new phenomenon…..

    • Women have been the nurturers in our society since the Post-Slave Era, which no one wants to address.
      Our men have been systematically degraded from fierce worriors to social impotents, through murder, hangings, systematic incarciration and denied opportunities for centuries.
      When the head of the house has been broken by the social system of economic and mental oppression, then the strain falls on the woman.
      So we’ve had centuries of disfunctional problems in our culture and we try to heal it with social acceptance without dealing with the ROOT of the problem.

      • Betty Boop says:

        Stop blaming everyone else for their demise. It’s up to you to take the lead and move forward with a positive attitude, this “woe is me” attitude is getting very tiring. There are many positive men and women out there, just ask them how they did it. I bet it was hard work and a good attitude, one thing some Bermudians do not seem to have. I would also suggest that Anger Management classes be used.

        • Yessa boss, I’ll be a good boy boss.

          • @Betty Boop, so I guess you oppose the treatment for the War Vets with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • yess says:

              Are you comparing PTSD from violent middle eastern countries where literally children are trying to kill you – to – stupid girls fighting over some guy (presumably)??????

              Have you lost the plot????

              • Widget says:

                @Onion Juice. I honestly don’t get your reasoning for why these two young ladies did what they did. WHEN will you move forward and stop involving the past. I don’t want you to forget the past. But what does this story have to do with slavery??????????. Honestly!!!!!!! these were two young ladies that are angry and immature.

    • Star says:

      I can personally speak for one of the young ladies involved in this incident. She comes from a good home, has positive female and male role models in her life as well as constant positive reinforcement. As a family we constantly stress that self worth and pride are attributes all young woman should have. But sometimes if children don’t hear they have to feel, you can talk until you’re blue in the face, all while they are hearing you but not actually listening. It’s not until something drastic happens that they finally understand that all of the advice that you was trying to instill in them was actually worth listening too. I hope and pray that she takes this incident as a lesson learned and is able to move forward making better choices.

      • Speachless says:

        Sounds like one was with another’s boyfriend….respect yourselves ladies. You’ll be much happier!!!

  2. Voter (original) says:

    Maybe we need strong men in these women’s lives, rather than just leaving it to the baby mamma to raise them……

    • Women raising children by themselves is nothing new.

      • Star says:

        Why are you assuming that these young women come from single parent homes? Actually it’s quite the opposite.

  3. Don says:

    That is very true!! Sad!!!!

  4. Baby mama …rudimental…regressive…fines should be levied and licenses issued to prospective new parents…if you can’t afford to raise the child properly…you should not have one….children with absentee parents should be taken from those parents and raised by the state!

    • Speechless says:

      The product (or child) of people’s inability to have responsible sex should not forced on the government (who has no money to support anyone)!

      Use condoms!! issue free birth control!!

    • Boo boo snugglepuff says:

      And whose going to pay for that?

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    RATCHETS walk among us!