Govt Bursary Available For Surveying Students

April 22, 2016

The Government of Bermuda, as part of their Public Service Bursary Awards Scheme, is offering a bursary for academic year 2016-2017 for an individual wishing to study at an accredited overseas institution to become a surveyor.

The bursary, valued at $10,000 per year, can be put towards any of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors [RICS] accredited courses that studies Building Surveying, Facilities Management, Real Estate Management, Valuation or Estate Surveying.

A spokesperson said, “Surveyors measure, value, protect and enhance all the world’s physical assets – from city skyscrapers to sporting stadiums, forests to festival sites, shopping centres to the homes we live in.”

Ministry of Public Works’ Chief Surveyor Chris Farrow said, “When you mention the word ‘surveying’, images of someone huddled over a tripod in a muddy field normally comes to mind; however, there are many branches of surveying that deal with every aspect of land, property and construction.

“The Bermuda Government employs a broad group of surveyors, including land surveyors, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, valuers, estate and facility managers.  Each year we offer bursary and training opportunities for anyone with the aptitude and drive to become a surveyor.

“A number of Bermudians, both male and female, have taken advantage of the Government bursary scheme over the years to become a surveyor.  Some have stayed on in Government and moved up to senior management positions, while others have left Government to have very successful careers in the private sector both locally and abroad.

“We are looking for the next generation of Bermudian surveyors to get qualified and join our team.”

“Successful bursary applicants will be assigned a mentor who will support and guide students along the road to qualification. The Government will also provide diverse work experience during the holidays which ensures that students get a taste of each of the branches of surveying so that they can decide which branch best suits them.”

“There are a number of routes one can take to become a surveyor,” Mr. Farrow explained. “But with the bursary scheme we are looking for the student to take a course accredited by the RICS of which there are over 500 listed on their website.

“Once they receive their degree, there is a further two to three years of structured ‘on the job’ training in order to complete the assessment of professional competence to become a member of the RICS.”

The deadline for the bursary application is being extended this year until Friday, May 13th. Applications may be collected from and returned to Attn: Bursary Coordinator, Department of Human Resources, 3rd Floor Ingham & Wilkinson Bldg, 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12, Government of Bermuda.

For more information on surveying, visit the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors website.

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