Regiment Soldiers ‘Run’ Into Sprinter Usain Bolt

April 20, 2016

Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers in Jamaica got a shock when ‘running’ in to superstar sprinter Usain Bolt at their hotel.

And the record-breaking athlete stopped to talk and have pictures taken with the advance party, which is preparing for the arrival of the main body of troops this weekend.

Sergeant Major Rupert Lambert said the RBR group spotted Mr Bolt, dubbed Lightning Bolt after his stunning string of Olympic and World Championship victories, on a photo shoot at the Strawberry Hill Hotel – and later bumped into him at their own hotel.

Sgt Maj. Lambert said: “He was doing his thing at Strawberry Hill, so we didn’t want to interrupt that, but we saw him later at the hotel.

 Sgt Major Rupert Lambert with Usain Bolt

Sgt Major Rupert Lambert with Usain Bold

“I saw him in the hallway, smiled at him and stopped and asked if I could get a picture. It was unbelievable – I told him I had seen him run at the Carifta Games in Bermuda years ago.

“He was really approachable and very friendly. He stopped and posed for the picture.”

Sgt Maj. Lambert added: “You get a lot of good experiences in the Regiment – but meeting the fastest man on earth is something else.”

The main body of troops leave on Sunday for two weeks’ intensive training in Jamaica, working with the Jamaican Defence Force.

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  1. Sook says:

    Go Table Number 5….bermp bermp bermp Rupert…did u ask him for a race…

  2. I heart 441 says:

    You’re tall yourself Rupert, so that means Bolt truly is a giant!

    • Real deal says:

      wow he is tall but he looks so lean in the picture. Is he changing into a long distance runner?

  3. Hurricane says:

    Can’t wait to see this Bolt of lightning strike again in August.

  4. Pete says:

    Omg was Beyoncé there too?

  5. Silver bullet says:

    11 years late. When Bolt came to BDA Carifta. I spent a lot of time. And partied with the JA Team and a whole lot more.

  6. Sid says:

    This is the regiment; soldiers;
    What hotel and how much are you paying to end up in the same place as Usian Bolt!? Lol

  7. Lolz says:

    Is he in the middle of a call? Good of him to still have the pic with the regiment

  8. wondering says:

    hope the training is being sorted as well as the party time……

  9. JCrock says:

    Those rooms cost $350-400 a night….

    • Bermie says:

      Wow…you’re right. The website makes it look absolutely stunning…and definitely luxury. It seems a little odd that Regiment would put people up in a luxury establishment…anyone know the story behind this?

  10. Grizz says:

    OMG you people are unbelievable! How much does the room costs? Where are they staying? Are they training as opposed to partying?! CAN YOU PEOPLE GET A DAMN LIFE! The story is about the Sgt meeting the fastest man in the world! You people are hell bent on being miserable! Damn!