Dominique Mayho Wins Road Race In Belgium

May 7, 2016

Bermudian Dominique Mayho — who has been training in Belgium for the past few weeks — won his first cycling road race in Belgium on Friday [May 6], racing to victory in the Moerbeke 102.7km road race in a time of 2:21.54.

The international field included cyclists from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, England, Finland and the United States, with Tom Timmermans of Belgium placing second, while his fellow Belgian Wouter Persoon rounded out the top three.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Um.... says:

    102.7km in that time. Wow! Talk about elite. At a global level. Well done, Dom!

  2. Hmmmm.... says:

    Dominique is a boss at sprinting!

    Must have been a pretty international field. 28 of the first 30 finishers were Belgians…

    and Mayho beat them all.

  3. Tulani O. Bulford says:

    Congratulations! Bermuda is proud of you.

  4. Frank Arnold says:

    Congratulations Dominique!

  5. Cyclist for life says:

    Take nothing away from his victory the fact that being in belgium is awesome in it’s self.Having experience training and racing there myself, many races take place almost daily, so we don’t know the caliber of the race but he will be good to watch from now on congrats Dom.

  6. Kim Simmons says:

    I’m very proud of this young man. I wish him the best in his nenR future

  7. steve says:

    great job.I am happy for you!

  8. my view says:

    Well done young man. You have done Bermuda and ur self proud. Keep up the good work . To the support given in all areas for this to be possible, I OFFER THANKS and hope it can continue. It takes team work.

  9. Sandys Kitty says:

    This young man is destined for greatness – proud of him and love to watch him race. Take it all the way to the top, Dominique

  10. andre says:

    Made my morning even better reading this!