Photos/Video: Cycle Cruises Celebrate 10 Years

May 6, 2016

The roar of motorcycle engines crossed the island this week as a group of visiting riders on their Harley Davidsons and other supersized motorcycles were joined by members of the Bermuda Longriders on a ride across the island.

The group is part of ETA Motorcycle Cruises, which offers cruises all through the Caribbean and Bermuda for motorcycle enthusiasts, with this year marking their tenth anniversary visiting the island.

The group arrived in Bermuda aboard the Celebrity Summit for a two day visit on Wednesday. After fueling up their cycles at Boaz Island Shell, the contingent of large motorcycles made their way to the east end with stops along the way including Gibbs Hill Lighthouse continuing on to St. George’s.

After meeting dignitaries in the Town Square, the group witnessed the ducking stool re-enactment led by St. George’s Town Crier David Frith and saw OBA Member of Parliament Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser strapped into the ducking stool and plunged into the water for the “crime” of “nagging her husband” following a brief “trial”.


The group then headed to Gombeys Restaurant at Clearwater Beach for a prepared lunch and to spend time socializing. On Thursday, the group made their way to City Hall in Hamilton and spent a few hours shopping in the city.

President Of ETA Motorcycle Cruises Steve Wallach was surprised by the visiting group as they socialized at Gombeys with a group rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ as the retired cruise director will be celebrating his birthday on Friday.

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Comments (19)

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  1. sage says:

    Why are Bermudians not allowed to own/ride Harleys, or any large bike, if people with no experience (first timers) can safely ride down Harbour Road whilst filming with one hand? End the Nanny State!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      No matter how many times I read this suggestion the shock value never diminishes .
      What have you got for brains ? Just because you like something or think others can operate whatever it is that you’re dreaming of we should allow them here , and because we don’t we’re a nanny state ? ?
      Have you forgotten that we’re only a 20.8 sq mile island with 15′ wide carriageways and over 700 registered vehicles per mile of road ?

      Can you remember the ban on over 100cc bikes in the 70′s and why it was enacted ?
      Well , now we’re back to 125-150s available again and the same mentality and behavior that warranted the ban flourishes more than ever .

      Do you enjoy going into town looking for a bike parking spot for your little old 80cc bike and seeing brain dead riders of massive 150cc scooters taking up two and a half spaces ?

      We should have learned a lesson with the import of all these oversized SUVs that can’t stay on their of the road and you want Harleys etc here ?

      The worst part of your stupid suggestion is that there’s a lot of others who think the same way .

      Did you ever learn when you were little that there’s a reason why you often can’t have everything you want ?

      • sage says:

        What is stupid is your predictable subservient response, just because you and others may be incapable of operating a motorcycle or car with any measurable level of skill at all doesn’t mean everyone needs to be limited to 15hp learner bikes, the ban of 125cc 2 strokes in the 70′s certainly didn’t end fatalities, we allow people to drink and drive up to 0.8 blood alcohol levels, no one ever suggests banning the cause of the majority of fatalities and major injuries. Tell Corporation to stop building sidewalks over parking spaces in front of every bar/restaurant, 5000 people gone and you still can’t find a bike spot. Why do Police need 1300cc?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          If you want to make assumptions about the types of vehicles I can legally operate and my ability to operate them then I can make the assumption that you started smoking your beloved herb at 4 years old and the results are now obvious .

          • sage says:

            3 actually, thanks, glad you noticed. I made a counter assumption to your ” Just because you like something or think others can operate whatever it is that you’re dreaming of we should allow them here, and because we don’t we’re a nanny state ? ?” Try keeping up.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              You repeatedly demonstrate that there’s no reasoning with someone who really thinks it’s a good idea to allow 500 , 800 , 1200cc bikes into Bermuda.

              • sage says:

                Do you realize a 16 yr old can legally buy and operate a 1498cc supercharged and intercooled 300+hp jet ski and operate it with no training, no license and no insurance? Why then, is suggesting adults with expanded relevant training/testing, a valid license and insurance can safely own an operate a full size motorcycle not “reasoning”? By the way several people here own Harleys (yes,real ones) and old Police bikes, and ride them, unescorted, on TCD issued 1 day permits, never had a problem. You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrists office.

                • Kal says:

                  I would normally agree that some of Bermuda’s traffic laws are outdated and not necessary, but to argue that bike with those engine sizes should be aloud here makes no sense at all. It has nothing to do with one’s ability to safely operate them on our tiny roads but more as to do with the fact that those bikes were not designed to putt-putt around at 20-30 mph at all. They are cruisers meant to be cruising along the wide open roads

                  • sage says:

                    So we are second class citizens then, or inherently inferior, since it’s ok for some? Any motorcycle is designed to operate at any speed from 0 up, as are the Premiers’ and Governors’ 7 series V8 BMW, Kompressor Benz cars, Stretch Limos, Jeep Rubicon, Dodge Ram or BMW M2s here. No vehicle built is really designed to putt putt at 20-30mph except maybe golf carts and mobility scooters. As I said guys have real Harleys here already too. Stop living in fear.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Rolling Thunder. Don’t suppose any of them could come close to passing a TCD noise test.

    Well done organizers. For years Government fought against letting anything like this happen.

  3. Bermuda Long Rider says:

    Responding to Sage, our young kids are killing themselves on 150cc bikes now, can you imagine what will happen if they their hands on one of these bikes, they range from 800cc to 2300cc and starting weight for these bikes is just over 600lbs. As for filming along Harbor Rd, or any other Roads, the operators do not do any filming, their passengers do. If you would like to ride with us and these bikes, you are welcomed to ride with us next Wednesday and Thursday all we ask of all riders, and all are welcomed, is to stay inline and no overtaking and abide by all road rules.

    • sage says:

      Young kids ride 50cc’s, there is no real training other than the very basic project ride to get a license, and nobody is saying give a 16 yr old a Harley or a Hayabusa, I saw a guy filming across the Harbour on his i phone, so they do and it wasn’t unsafe. Thank you for the invite, can I borrow a Hawg? I’m embarrassed to ride my bike or a local Hardly Ableson.

  4. I heart 441 says:

    One of these clowns shouted to me, “Pull to the side and wait until we have all passed”, lol, what a joker. I kept my composure and Bermudian friendliness and shouted back ” Good Afternoon” then swiftly overtook him.

    The audacity to shout to me, in my country on roads my tax money pays for. arrogant and disrespectful!

    • MERC says:

      I bet if your car was hit you would be saying something else when you know you give way on the right side of a round about fool should have let the police given you ticket

      • MERC says:

        O and by the way I am a Marshall of the BLMC.and Local Bermudian Peace and safe ride

      • I heart 441 says:

        I was actually on a bike.

  5. boston baked bean says:

    Oh typical snarky comment. Someone “shouted” at you in “your country” and you have the audacity to call them arrogant and disrespectful? Pot calling the kettle black?

  6. boston baked bean says:

    ………….sounds like you’re the “clown”. Take your “good afternoon” and stuff it.

    • I heart 441 says:

      You sound like to need to keep your attitude in Boston. Us here in Bermuda shake our head at unpolite people like you.

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