Photo Slideshow: Big Bikes Cruise Into Bermuda

April 14, 2012

Massive Harley Davidson motorbikes with satellite radios, TVs, and airbags aren’t exactly common in Bermuda – except for today – when dozens on them could be seen on Bermuda’s roads.

The group arrived in Bermuda aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas at 8am this morning [Apr.14], toured Bermuda heading all the way to the east end, and arrived back in Dockyard in time to make the ship’s departure at 5pm.

The group is part of the ETA Motorcycle Cruising Club, which offers cruises all through the Caribbean for motorcycle enthusiasts, and have been visiting Bermuda for a number of years.

- Photos by John Manderson

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  1. Curious says:

    I love when they come its such a treat! See you again soon

  2. knowPublic says:

    I remember seeing the, once before,years ago. Cool to see! Welcome to Bermuda and thanks for coming!

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good going. Nice to see special events like this. Many years ago there was a group of pre 1910 cars brought in for a week staying at Coral Beach & Horizons.

    • Looking Down says:

      It was thrilling and awesome to meet you all this morning in St. George. Please come back again, and again, that is a very good idea of travelling the islands with your babies. I got some very good shots, although, BerNews has good ones also. Must admit, I met some very proud, happy, laid back tourist!

  4. Nonsense says:

    They have a few more trips the end of this month so keep a look out!

  5. outkasted says:

    Awesome display of images Mr. John Manderson. Well Done!!

  6. PFoggo says:

    Did they have BDA drivers licenses

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Of course not but most of these type of bikers take their riding very seriously. They are far better, far safer, than 90% of Bermuda bike riders. They are not members of drug dealing motorcycling gangs. They are professionals, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, CFOs, owners of succesful business i.e. the type of people Bermuda needs visiting.

      No, I am not a biker but I do appreciate what people like these can do for Bermuda.

      There is a surprisingly large group of Bermudians who own bikes like these. For years they tried to organise bringing their bikes into Bermuda on a temporary basis for things like the Bermuda Day parade, controlled rides, rides with those such as the group here now. They were met with nothing but red tape from Government. Everything from Customs wanting duty paid on the bikes, even though they were to be re exported, to wanting police escorts whenever they rode.

      When dealing with the civil service the first option for them is always “NO” rather than “Lets see how we can make this happen”.

    • jumpup says:

      what tourists do?

    • Walla Walla says:

      Try to think positive and see the pig picture PFoggo. Of course they dont have one but Im sure a special waiver was issued to accomodate these visitors. Are you asked to take a driving test whenever you rent a car in the US, Canada or UK. NO! You are smply requested to show that you have a valid drivers licence? I’m sure and trust that the TCD, Governement were all notified!

    • GERARDO DESIO says:

      PFoggo, I know it’s been sometime since you wrote this comment, I can give some info on the subject, if you get this message please call me.

      335 9132 cell/day
      236 7927 home/after 4 pm

  7. Shari-Lynn says:

    THANK YOU BERNEWS for giving some attention to this unique tourist excursion. They will have a overnight on their next visit meaning their ride can be longer and less rushed AND I hope you’ll mark your calendar for the late May visit when (rumour has it) there’ll be a wedding ;-)

    @PFoggo — what type of question is that? Why would they need a Bermuda Drivers license especially for an escorted affair? And …what type of license would they be given considering none of these bikes are legal on our roads if ridden independently? Get from underneath the box.

    • terry says:

      Always one Shari.

      Great advert for Bermuda.

      It needs it.

  8. Owner4Comment says:

    Tupac once said “How can the devil take my brother if he’s close to me” the togetherness that these bikers exert reminded me of that line and I wish that the people of Bermuda would exert the same because together is better!!! Together we can smile, Together we would cry and together we would see each other through all things good and bad if we were to learn from the model portrayed by the bikers and their unity amongst themselves. #WellDoneBikerBoyz&Galz

  9. Bermudian@heart.. says:

    beautiful pictures a a very nice event..just wich we bermudians had our own bike club like these guys have ….WELCOME BIKERS..ride safe…