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June 21, 2014

The Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club and Association [BLRMCA] hosted a Harley Davidson ride today [June 21] with members from ETA Motorcycle Cruises arriving on the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship this morning joining the local riders on a tour ride across the island.

ETA Motorcycle Cruise In Bermuda, June 21 2014-30

After fueling up their cycles at Boaz Island Shell, the contingent of large motorcycles made their way to the east end with stops along the way including Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and Horseshoe Bay Beach continuing with a ride along South Shore to St. George’s.

ETA Motorcycle Cruise In Bermuda, June 21 2014-142

They were met in the Square by Mayor Garth Rothwell before watching the dunking of the wench with some visiting members taking part in the re-enactment. The group then made their way to Gombey’s at Clearwater Beach for lunch where they were met and greeted by Tourism Development and Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell.

Minister Crockwell joined the group for lunch before trying out the comfort of a visiting trike. Members of the visiting group socialised with the local riders with many having visited the island on previous trips, while others took advantage of the location and made their way to the beach for a swim.

The group left at approximately 2pm for the ride back to Dockyard before the ship’s departure. President Of ETA Motorcycle Cruises Steve Wallach mentioned that although today’s visit marked the last for this year, plans are already in place for an increased number of visits for next year with some 7-day cruises included.

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  1. Ann Johnson says:

    Once again Bernews has done a wonderful job of capturing the excitement of the day. Photos and video are excellent! The Bermuda Long Riders Motor Cycle Club & Association appreciate the coverage you provide! Thank you!

  2. pretty good little ( tongue in cheek with BIG bikes ) Tourist stunt when you think about it (outside the box ) word will spread about people, friendliness, beauty etc. Mix a Moby, Cyrus,Zundapp in with the mix for comparison.

  3. Time Shall Tell says:

    Wow, a Suzuki Hayabusa in Bermuda. Funny to see the world’s fastest production motorcycle in a country that has one of the worlds slowest speed limits, well at least they heading towards race track.

    • sage says:

      And Bermudian adults can’t be trusted to have a real motorcycle, we can only safely handle 15hp, you have lawn mowers with more power, BMW Z4′s or Mercedes Kompressor is ok though. Allow real bikes for locals.

      • Moojun says:

        I agree completely. I have driven 1300cc motorcycles in the US and the UK for years (Bermudian) with no problems, but here I am only allowed scooters and kids bikes. why not sell full motorcycle licenses (and bikes) to anyone with a 15-year (or 10 or 20… whatever people deem acceptable) clean driving record?

  4. Amazing says:

    I love that they are able to do this. Its something different to see

  5. Indeed, somewhat comical :-) But, as “we’lot” would say at times, “if one rides like lightening then they’re liable to crash like thunder”.

    • By the way, it would be great seeing all them old bikes that were on display at the Botanical Gardens back out on our roads once a year with these larger than life motorcycle would be fantastic!

  6. Treble says:

    I would love to see Mr. Dunkley and Bean both ride with these guys next year! Dunkley bring out a Cyrus or Zundap oand Bean on his Mobylette or Peugot.

  7. nuffin but the truth says:

    Photography (and the news) is where Bernews excels from all the other Media in my opinion…Thank You.

  8. Question says:

    First, well done to Bernews for their coverage.

    Second, congrats to the Bermuda Long Riders Association – - it is wonderful to see these bikes on our roads.

    However, I do have an observation I must state:

    It is interesting that the Minister appears for the photo op (that’s not unusual) but does not take any photos with locals/Bermudians – weird, don’t you think?


  9. We should have the right to choose a harley or triumph storm if we choose…there is no difference from a 1700cc car than a 1700cc bike!Govt. Should think …ok revinue….higher license fees for privaledge to ride well on a bike that can tow a three hundred pound man up a hill…or in a head wind….i for one do not need a keeper…

  10. Gerardo Desio says:

    As president of the Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club I would also like to extend thanks for myself and the BLRMC to Bernews and Dennis Martin for the fantastic coverage and the many photos that are posted, not just from last Saturdays, June 21st, but for all the past rides that have taken place. New season will start mid April 2015. Thanks to all that participate and please keep the rides safe.

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