Fourteen Bus Routes Cancelled This Morning

June 9, 2016

The Department of Public Transportation advised of a number of bus cancellations again this morning [June 9], providing a list of 14 routes that have been cancelled.

Yesterday the Department said the “recent maintenance issues may continue to hinder the public bus service” adding that “six more buses were taken out of service last week because of specific maintenance issues identified at that time. This brought to 39 out of an entire fleet of 105, the number of buses that are sidelined with mechanical issues.”

The list of cancelled routes this morning:

10Fort LangtonFlatts7.1
8Watford BridgeHamilton7.25
1Grotto BayBarnes Corner7.37
7Barnes CornerCedarbridge7.39
8Barnes CornerCedarbridge7.44
3Grotto BayCedarbridge7.45
5HamiltonPond Hill7.47
10Grotto BayCedarbridge7.5
8HamiltonBarnes Corner8.2
8HamiltonBarnes Corner8.3
7Barnes CornerHamilton9.04

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  1. Vamos says:

    They don’t even look like they are ever washed! Terrible state.

    • Hey says:

      I was behind a bus today that was absolutely black, so what does that tell you about the management of the Buses.

    • But says:

      Can someone tell the public how all of those students Island wide are supposed to get to school with a bus breakdown of this magnitude? Busing hundreds of students every day from all over the Island to two centrally located high schools Cedar Bridge and Berkeley has got to be putting a major and unnecessary strain on Bermuda’s bus fleet. We need to to go back to having kids attend high school in their own areas? Guess that makes to much common sense.

      • PhD. says:

        No, what makes more common sense is to service buses after hours. Ever heard of SHIFT WORK?

  2. San George says:

    Let’um walk! Nice and hot too!

    • Hey says:

      For you to say this implies that you must have a car/bike to get to your destination. When your vehicle breaks down on you one day let’s see if you’ll be saying the same thing then!

    • PBanks says:

      I trust you’re being facetious here? This affects schoolchildren, seniors, those who cannot afford private transportation…

  3. hmmm says:

    Privatize this mess.

    There should be no reason to cancel if only 39 out of 105 are out of service.

    How many buses are on the road at one time.

    • Hey says:

      No Authority
      No accountability
      No productivity
      Broken Buses

  4. Family Man says:

    The bus drivers still get paid right?

    I should get a government job.

    • Its me again says:

      Is it their fault that the buses arent running?

  5. Nabba jabba ding dong baby daddy says:

    With proper maintenance this would not occur , I feel scheduled regular maintenance…each bus have a regular time and during this time thorough checklist maintenance be done …he who is in charge obviously is off his game…or has no idea…”no idea!
    Like Bambi in the forest …at midnight…with dark shades…eyes closed…lookin the other way….remedial work is for amateurs…get rid of the wasted money…or privatise!

  6. Concerned says:

    Bernews, Please, if you can obtain bus routes cancelled for late this afternoon and evening and publish, we would appreciate it.

    We post the cancellations 5 mins after we get them, they always send them last minute, nothing we can do! Sorry!

  7. Nabba jabba ding dong baby daddy says:

    This is the exact reason express mail has overtaken post office…

    Don’t apply yourself and do without…

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Tighten those wheel nuts bie!

  9. Meh. says:

    Not sure what I’m most concerned about:

    1) we have 105 buses on this tiny island with not that many bus routes
    2) 39 of those buses (37%) are off the road

    • Its me again says:

      So i guess you majored in transport logistics than….

  10. Seriously? says:

    THIS….. this is also why we NEED a new airport!! The airport maintenance is on par of that of the buses! I agree with privatize some buses, maybe for the tourist industry, and run Govt buses for locals and schools???

    • Say Whaat? says:

      No, there’s no connection here. Stop fishing!

    • Meh. says:

      we don’t need a new airport or new buses. We need new people to run them.

  11. aceGirl says:

    Reactivate the student fare, you miss your school bus you pay! =EXTRA money for repairs! Middle class citizens stuck with ALL the COSTS! …smh

  12. Say Whaat? says:

    Why do they always cancel morning buses but not middle of the day buses, when there is less riders? It’s like the minister WANT to disrupt school and workers. Makes no sense.

  13. Charlly X says:

    Yup loL !! They can find money 4 erything else , but to pay 4 Labour !! Smh !!