Company Thanks BFRS, BPS, Clients, Supporters

July 21, 2016

Queen Management Services Ltd. — the owner of Bermuda Executive Services, Atlantic Caregiving and Island Bargains of Bermuda — said they “would like to thank all first responders, clients, staff and supporters for their support following today’s devastating fire at its 77 Front Street offices.”

“The most important thing is that all of our employees are safe and we are grateful to the Bermuda Fire Service and the Police for their efforts to contain the fire,” said Queen Management Services owner Dawn Zuill.

“Our team has rallied together in temporary accommodation and is operating normally, and delivering all of our services to our customers and we hope to have more permanent accommodation in the coming days.”

A slideshow showing the fire this morning


“With regard to Island Bargains, we would ask all our members to delay any purchases until further notice, please refer to the Island Bargains Facebook page for further updates. If you have a package scheduled to arrive with island Bargains, please contact us immediately.

“In the meantime, we have established the following temporary communications so that our clients and staff can contact us as follows.

  • Bermuda Executive Services Ltd: Phone -296-5627
  • Atlantic Caregiving Ltd: Phone- 292-9690
  • Island Bargains Ltd: Phone-295-7477 Or 295-7470

The company said the marketing team will respond to all social media queries and questions, and please “feel free to access all our social media sites and feel free to communicate through all social media messenger services.”

“On behalf of all our management and staff, we extend our sincerest appreciation for all the support offered by the business community this morning, the offers of assistance have been truly extraordinary and appreciated by the entire company,” the company added.

You can view our ongoing updates of the fire here and all our coverage here.

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