2016 Cup Match Teams Selected & Announced

July 24, 2016

Cup Match champions Somerset Cricket Club and challengers St. George’s Cricket Club have announced their teams for the upcoming 114th Annual Cup Match Classic.

Cup Match 2016 Player list 02a

Somerset Cricket Club will be led by captain Jordan DeSilva with Malachi Jones as his vice captain while St. George’s Cricket Club will be led by captain Oliver Pitcher Jr with Macai Simmons as his vice captain. St. George’s have named one colt in Sinclair Smith as wicket keeper.

Somerset Cricket Club Team:

  • Jordan DeSilva – Captain
  • Malachi Jones – Vice Captain
  • Chris Douglas
  • Terryn Fray
  • Tre Manders
  • Janeiro Tucker
  • Jacobi Robinson
  • Greg Maybury
  • Derrick Brangman
  • Jekon Edness
  • Stephen Outerbridge


  • Justin Corday
  • Justin Donawa
  • Regino Smith

St. George’s Cricket Club Team:

  • Oliver Pitcher Jr – Captain
  • Macai Simmons – Vice Captain
  • Oronde Bascome
  • Treadwell Gibbons
  • Rodney Trott
  • Allan Douglas Jr
  • Justin Pitcher
  • Sinclair Smith – Wicket keeper – Colt
  • George O’Brien Jr
  • Stefan Kelly
  • Lionel Cann


  • Ankoma Cannonier
  • Okera Bascome
  • Nzari Paynter
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  1. Biggadon says:

    and the cup is headed back to the EAST……LETS GO ST GEO !

    • Somerset says:

      The only way the cup will be headed east is is in the Somerset motorcade and that’s only if the bridges in St. Georges are working!!! Somerset!!!!!!


    Oh well St,Georges looks like your getting your arse handed to youagain this year…
    Hope its a good game with a winner..

  3. St. Georges boys, St. George’s boys, St. George’s boys foreveeeeeer, oh the cup may go or the cup may stay but St. George’s boys are foreveeeeer!

  4. somerset says:

    Are you serious St. George’s? Isn’t that the team that lost the Cup?

  5. Big B@lls says:

    Please Somerset please. Give me a very good hammering. Teach these frixxing selectors in St G a lesson. Oronde????? Are u serious???? When has he EVER performed??? EVER????

    • Foot Long Divot says:

      You call yourself Big B@lls?! However, for someone that is pointing fingers at another man and doesnt have the B@lls himself to use his name when doing so…I think you sgould considrr renaming to Big Pri€k.

  6. ST Geo says:

    Tomiko Wilson is in good form Lionel Can is not why cant St geo pick persons on form that can win the cup whats lionel highestvscore this year in bottom divison at that not that two divisions in Bermuda really make a diff

    • RBYC member says:

      You should consider hiring a tutor to help you prepare for 101 English Writing before Cup Match. It will do wonders for you next time you type a sentences on Bernews.

      • Its me again says:

        Type a sentences ?

      • Wayne N says:

        That also applies to YOU RBYC member!!

        “It will do wonders for you next time you type a sentences on Bernews”

        Try this..”It will do wonders for you THE next time you type a SENTENCE on Bernews”!!

      • DeDe says:


      • DeDe says:

        Just read carefully before submitting; that’s all.

    • Big B@lls says:

      Tick is my boy and all, he even admitted he just started training and not used to the sun. So my question is why pick him. I mean he is 50 yrs old ffs. Oronde??? Ffswas, I was going but won’t go watch that massacre. We need foreign selectors that have no clue who these chumps are, because this team reminds me of the night Neil was voted back as president. Family and friends special galore. St G will never change.

    • Ball Beater says:

      Lets be honest and not be blinded by hate. Whether you like the guy or not personally, he has come up trumps for St Georges on a few occasions….Statistics tells all! He may not be having one of his best seasons but he is proven himself to be a BIG DAY man! If you want to talk about performances then Orande should be included in your comments as he averages less than 10 runs in cupmatch! I am rooting for Orande to come up big in this years classic…he is overdue.

      • Gym Leader says:

        Why don’t you learn to spell a person’s name before you use it.

  7. smh says:

    #somerset #champions

  8. Islander says:

    What the heck had Orande done this season thus far. What has st Georges done this year, wNt the cup back perhaps you choose more Champions you will.. Paaah

    • Carla Bascome says:

      Smh!!!!! All the best Oronde and good luck to St. George’s.

  9. Ball Beater says:

    Tomiko Wilson should have been included in the selection. He is one of the most inform batsmen in the league. I hope he doesn’t get discouraged and decides to go west next year. That may come back to haunt St Georges as he can destroy any bowler when he gets going.I don’t know what criteria teams are selected on as its obvious that its not based on past performances or league statistics.St Georges continue to shoot themselves in the foot and expect positive results when clearly they select their team based on who knows who and who is connected to whom. I would have thought that Tamiko would have been an easy selection as St Georges don’t have the cup and depending on who wins the toss, they will need someone to come out blazing and post a respectable total in reasonable time.Remember St Georges has to bowl out Somerset twice on a wicket we all know will produce runs.Never the less, good luck to both teams but I’m hoping the cup will return to the east!

  10. Such a shame says:

    The cricket board is a joke. How can St.geo select 2 players that should be banned from Cup Match for their disgusting behavior in previous years? I wouldn’t be surprised to see more fireworks this year.

  11. cod fish and potatos says:

    As long as Bascombe/Paynter & co are at st.georges cricket club you will have selectors making piss poor selections based on who you are and not your quality as a player.

  12. Thinker says:

    Oronde’ – keep your head up son!!!!
    Neil – continue the good job!!!!
    Tit – give us your BEST!!!

    HATERS have a Swizzle and relax!!!

  13. Hotgog says:

    Go St Georges, St George Boys Forever.

  14. BPSU Member says:

    Wilson should have been included in the selection. St Georges will never will as they don’t pick talent, they pick friends and family.

  15. I LOVE MY LIFE !!! says:

    ITS a wicked act that Malachi Jones isn’t the captain of the Somerset Cup Match team this year! Scenario: If I’m the vice captain of ANY team and the captain has to step down for whatever reason or can’t fulfill his/her obligation or duty, IMMIDIATELY and AUTOMATICALLY I become the captain! No IF ANDS OR BUTS!!!! TOTALLY UNFAIR!!! Malachai this would ONLY happen in Bermuda!! Its sad!!

  16. GO, ST, GEORGES, GO!!!
    GO, ST GEORGE!!!!

  17. Warrior says:

    I’m a St. Georges fan, but I’m so tired of this friends and family pick….. Somerset you picked a winning team. Congrats on your win.

  18. Slave owners were paid money in order to release their slaves . We the children of these former slaves, are still paying that bill. While Cup Match is a day of fun and games for us, it is the biggest MONEY MAKER FOR OTHERS. WHY IS THAT ? We eat more chicken and drink more alcohol than anyone, BUT WE CONTROL NONE OF IT. WHY? The clubs are happy to just play games, when they could be bringing in all this food and produce in order to control the Game. Front Street is still controlling Cup Match, while we are left playing games. The Black Community needs LEADERSHIP.” Don’t hurt my head, I want to see the GAME . When will we grow up ??”

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