Taxi Drivers Withdraw Labour Until Monday

July 15, 2016

Taxi drivers are gathering outside the House of Assembly today, and said they have withdrawn their labour until Monday, with the Bermuda Taxi Owners and Operators Association saying they are seeking for the rental car bill to be “withdrawn completely from the books.”

President of the Bermuda Taxi Owners and Operators Association Leo Simmons told Bernews, “We are having an industrial sit-out, we are withdrawing our labour, all taxis will be withdrawn. They will not be for hire until Monday morning.

“From now to Monday, there is no taxis. No taxi service, the dispatching companies have shut down in support and solidarity of the taxis. Our issue is a Bill that has been proposed to the House of Assembly to allow rental vehicles on the island, rental cars.

“We are asking for the Bill — the Amendment to the Motor Car Act 2016 — to be withdrawn completely from the books,” added Mr Simmons.

When asked how many people were gathered at the House, Mr Simmons said that it was presently about 50 and “the line is continuing to grow.”

taxi drivers at house july 2016 (2)

This follows after the Motor Car Amendment [No. 2] Act 2016 was tabled in the House of Assembly, with the Bill seeking to amend the Motor Car Act 1951 to include provisions for a motor car rental scheme.

The Bill’s Explanatory Memorandum says, “This Bill seeks to amend to amend the Motor Car Act 1951 [the “principal Act”] to include provisions for a motor car livery scheme including the types of motor cars that are available as a rental, the specifications of and licence duty for those motor cars, the licence fee applicable for the operation of a motor car livery, and for connected purposes.”

The Bill was due to be debated in the House today, however following a meeting last night with taxi owners and other transportation stakeholders, the Government said they decided not to debate the Bill today and will “carry it forward to the next parliamentary session in order to consult with transportation partners further.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Will anyone notice? Taxi service is sh*t anyway.

    • David says:

      These cabbies should be driving a waaaambulance anyway :)

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Agree. They are showing their lack of smarts with this move. They are only hurting themselves. Enjoy your day off taxi drivers – you will have MANY more in the near future. Epic fail, guys. Really stupid move.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          And here’s another thought: why don’t all of the taxi drivers head on up the hill and start a HUNGER STRIKE!?

          • Luis Suarez says:

            Those with private jobs aren’t on strike, I just booked with my man.

            Just those with cars falling apart on front st then.

            Will anyone notice?

          • Hey says:

            Just the young ones though, not the 80 to 100 year olds.

    • bermy born says:

      Yes! Unless you have reliable taxi driver that you can book a ride in advance, the taxi service is pathetic and we all know most taxis are not on the roads 18 hours a day as they are supposes to be! All the more reason for rental cars to enhance the tourist product!!!

      • Family Man says:

        Time to start enforcing that 18 hour requirement.

        If the taxi is not on the road when it should be, withdraw the medallion and issue it to someone who wants to work.

        • Its me again says:

          Its actually 16 hours….

        • Say Whaat? says:

          A day, 7 days a week? You talking about slave labour?

          • Zario says:

            With multiple drivers. That’s what they agreed to when they got their medallion.

            • Legalgal says:

              O I see. It’s supposed to be a service provision.

            • dancing troll says:

              it is not called a medallion

            • Big D says:

              Yes, it is 16 hours a day, but from the legislation I have read this # of hours is not mentioned!!! Is it theoretical? I see a lot of business people having coffee after 9 am, are they working their full 8 hours/ day as described in their contracts?

              • Foot Long Divot says:

                Taxi drivres dont take coffee break? Nobody is saying they sgouldnt get a break.

          • Punch says:

            Slave labour? Give me a break. There are multiple drivers driving one cab.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Shooting themselves in the foot and more. When the cruise lines say enough is enough, we’re moving the ships to use Cuba as a destination, the taxis will have no work. Then the hotels will have their own transport system. Do the taxi drivers really think they can survive on locals using them because that’s all that will be left?

        • Nanny Pat says:

          Our hotels SHOULD have their own transport anyway. Most high end resorts in other countries offer this for a fee that most are willing to pay. For the hotel, this ensures that their clients have a peaceful trip to and from at the beginning and end of their visit. A sh*t cab ride to or from can really hang a dark cloud over their entire trip regardless of how great the hotel stay was.

          • Legalgal says:

            Southampton Princess does. At least to the airport for a reasonable $15.

          • DTG says:

            And if the hotels try and get their own transportation, oh what will the taxi drivers do then………surround the HOTEL so people can’t get in or out

    • CoffeeCoffee says:

      I’ll pay double to any taxi drivers crossing the picket line this weekend.

    • TimBuc says:

      Rental cars a no go for me in my opinion but you taxi drivers are a joke. Your service won’t fly in USA you should know because you all travel there. They are hustler there you guys pick choose and refuse. Pull your socks up and stop bitching.

      • Just the Tip says:

        Sorry where you go in the US? Cause the majority of cabs i’ve gotten into here beat the states hands down

    • J says:

      There are 300 people checking out from HP and SouthP (and other smaller hotels) who need lifts to the airport. There are cruise ships bringing in 7000 people potentially. They will all be inconvenienced.

    • Seeker says:

      Time to rally round folks. If you have a car and have space then offer residents and tourists a lift. Bring the community together in adversity. Don’t take reward or I think insurance will be invalid.
      Don’t give in to bullies.

      • Keeping it Real says:

        Hi there folks,

        Yes, to reply to @seeker, if a private car takes any money (“reward”) or payment in kind of any sort for a ride, then your insurance will be invalid. And you don’t want to end up in an accident with hurt passengers for example without insurance, when medical bill, pain and suffering and loss of wages can easily be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars which you personally would be responsible for if the accident is your fault.

        So let’s help these tourists for free and help our island retain (or even enhance!) our reputation for friendly and welcoming people. This, plus our wonderful natural beauty, are a big part of the reason people come here.

        We have an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade so let’s get cracking folks. If everyone takes an hour each, we will be doing a great service to our tourists and all the businesses that rely on them.

        But please don’t accept any funds. It really could come back to haunt you.

        Take care everyone!!

        • Putnam Ave says:

          what if they offer you a reward after they have gotten out of the car safely?? should be okay to accept a donation then, no?

    • airportgate says:

      No it’s not!! These are our front line ambassadors have some respect, you people never see it until it’s your issue this gov is out of touch every thing they do seems to be surrounded in controversy, what’s next

      • Joe smith says:


      • Nanny Pat says:

        “Front line Ambassadors” hahaha. We are really scr*wed if these grumpy drivers that refuse to turn on the aircon are our Ambassadors!

    • Cris m says:

      Nice move guys, now i can make a killing in my gypsy cab..this may be another oba f–k up but do not forget that under the doc Brown i lost my general trucking bussiness when he introduced the big trailer trucks as dumpsters for his friends..

    • Foot Long Divot says:

      Us the Hitch app. Bdas UBER

      • Hitch no says:

        Hitch is still depended on the underlying drivers as after having confirmation and the driver calling to confirm location 15 minutes later called back to say he had to cancel………..

    • Onion Juice says:

      About time people stood up to this reicarnated bad guy

    • No more taxi for me says:

      This reconfirms my decision three years ago to not utilize taxis. We are not losing much and the only ones they are hurting are themselves as this will kill tourism. To govt increase the I’ll and bring in more services and increase the ferry service

    • JT says:

      Not all of them are? It appears you’re a foreigner in this country, like any other foreigner that comes here and grumbles and complains about everything! If you’re not happy then pack your back and get out!! Point blank!

  2. Yahoo says:

    So government defers the legislation and they still go on strike? Makes no sense.

    • Frank says:

      The Taxi drivers are saying they do not want/will not debate it. Its there way or the high way to withdraw the bill completely.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      We aren’t dealing with the smartest lot here. Don’t try to make sense out of stupid.

      • islandgal says:

        Right back atcha Nanny Pat.If you have no interest in the taxi drivers involved then do not comment or make suggestions for those that do. “Sit DOWN!!!”

  3. Will says:

    Complain complain complain…allow the cars because it’s next to impossible to get a taxi anyway! And whats really annoying is when the driver wants to dictate to you how far they’re willing to go…If I need to go somerset it should be illegal for them to say this is their last job and only will go East or central..smh

    • Just the Tip says:

      Ever consider that the driver might live in St. David’s and that driving you to Somerset would not ciover the gas he would use? These are business that have to count their pennies here.

  4. Serious Though says:

    Oh snap! Senator Fay is that you again…

    • David says:

      You dumb. U think this act started yesterday, this is not Fahy’s bill.

      • mixitup says:

        Sooo if I were given the Transport Ministry, one of the first things I’d ask is for the top 3 of everything going on in my Ministry, Bills, Challenges, Initiatives, etc. My guess is that this bill was on the top 3 three somewhere.. Questions I’d ask when I see the bill..


        Permanent Secretary: NO

        Me: This bill does not move until I sit down with ALL stakeholders, schedule me a meeting with all the TAXI Companies, I want to get a feel for where their heads are on this.

        Permanent Secretary: Ok Minister Mixitup, I’ll make that happen

        Me: What else is high on the agenda?

        Sorry, I was in dreamland and forgot we are dealing with the OBA Gov’t who know nothing about engaging the ‘people’ on anything!

      • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

        Bermuda’s taxi drivers are their own worst enemy!
        The previous Government found it difficult to work with them, and the present Government will not have an easier time.

        • Just the Tip says:

          the previous government was running them into the ground

    • Its me again says:


    • frank says:

      this guy fahy needs to be gone think about it he is not even an elected minister if the premier can’t see that this guy is bad news
      than he needs to be gone also.
      can you imagine visitors coming at you on the wrong side of the road
      I think what government wants to do is set things up for a larger class car to rent for the Americas cup thus cutting out the taxi driver.
      but also remember some of those same drivers/owners
      saying that they were going to vote oba for change
      well this is your change

      • Legalgal says:

        Seriously, foreigners are quite bright and all over the world they seem quite capable of adjusting otherwise rental companies wouldn’t hire to them. It’s the local drivers cutting corners that are a danger. Let’s go rental cars. The 20th century awaits.

        • islandgal says:

          Our roads are overly congested now. Maybe we should incorporate an idea I heard awhile back and have A-M names driving Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. N-Z names driving Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. All off the road on Sundays. While letting your tourist drive all week long. Now that’ll be something to really talk about. Maybe then you’ll get a better taste of understanding for the taxi driver. I’d love to hear thought on this from car owners.

          • Preview says:

            I don’t think that our roads are overly congested. I know you disagree. Sure, they may be busier than they were, but relative to commutes elsewhere in the world they are not bad at all. We all know that. Traffic congestion happens here twice a day; it is not a chronic issue.

            East end traffic is normally quite smooth. The main issue is West end traffic. Why is that? I would speculate its largely the result of three main arteries feeding into one going into or out of town. Most of us are coming in or out of town at the same time. I know if I leave for work by 7:45am or after 9:00am that I will glide into town pretty smoothly. If I leave at 8:30 I’m going to be sitting for a while. The choice is mine as to when I leave. Its not however a choice for some.

            We all see the difference in traffic when school is out. A large mass of people are forced to drive at the same time. We also have completely avoidable issues like pedal cyclists riding up main arteries like Harbour Road during rush hour. This can back things up for miles. Someone has a minor fender bender and they feel the need to stop in the middle of the road until police arrive….I do get that though. Take some pictures (everyone seems to have a camera in their phone now a days) and then pull over to the side and let traffic through. Keep in mind that the police coming to you are caught in the same traffic. If your mirror simply got knocked off the Police are not sending CSI’s to you.

            The introduction of 4 wheeled versus 2 wheeled scooters (they are by no mean cars) is not the issue. So, allow for a limited number, say 50, of these things to come in for tourist use…and we’ll see how it goes. If its a disaster, we can then stand on the hill and lobby to have them removed. Caveat emptor to the investor.

      • contours says:

        Did you write that all by yourself?

      • DTG says:

        And if the hotels try and get their own transportation, oh what will the taxi drivers do then………surround the HOTEL so people can’t get in or out

      • Man what says:

        Did you not cringe at yourself when you re-read your comment?

  5. Reading purposes says:

    So for everyone who’s going out tonight especially if it’s their birthday or something special on those lines, you telling me that it’s best we ride or drive under the influence get in an accident and die or get badly hurt? Because of this bill? It’s other ways of dealing with stuff like this then to put people who depend on taxis lives at risk… Bad look for Bermuda really bad look

    • sage says:

      Maybe try not drinking? Taxis are responsible for drunks now? Y’all should walk honestly.

      • Come Correct says:

        You drive high? No difference in the respect that you are under the influence of a mind altering drug. I smoke so calm your tots.

      • Mhm right says:

        Taxis have always been promoted as a safe way to get around after a night of drinking. Responsible drinkers provide the taxi community with a large amount of salea so it is certainly in their best interest to accommodate those who have been drinking.

    • islandgal says:

      If you’re going out knowing there is no taxi to take you home. Then it’s on you if you get drunk then get behind the wheel. You can’t blame that on the taxi drivers. What happened to friends being designated driver’s? Are taxi drivers responsible for our drunken state now? They are responsible for making sure that their industry is secure, the reason for withdrawing labor not a alcohol consuming Earthday Bash.

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Thanks a lot taxis! There are other ways of showing solidarity, likewise if someone gets into an accident up to monday, especially drunk driving, its sadly on your hands!

    • Andrew says:

      Drinking is not mandatory.

    • Misunderstood says:

      It’s my birthday today n I was lookin to catch a taxi home after tonight’s events so now I’m screwed either ringer in a car wit ppl who r gonna be drinkin or stay home. These drivers needa grow up

      • Whimsical says:

        Not all drivers have withdrawn their labour. There are quite a few that are still working. They’ve been in and out of here all day doing departures and arrivals here at the hotel so all is not lost.There will be drivers out tonight……

      • Good news says:

        Hitch is still working!

        • Family Man says:

          Are they accepting new sign-ups? I couldn’t get it to work ….

      • drunken ursula says:

        oh please stop ya bs,you kidding yourself

    • WOW says:

      What is more saddening is the fact that YOU ALL that want to go out Partying know before you leave,that there wont be any taxis on the road YET you are still going to be irresponsible and DRINK AND DRIVE and then want the fault to lie with the Taxi drivers!! WTF AM I READING?? Why not designate a driver like we are supposed to do when using personal transportation? Please don’t tell me that everytime you go out drinking you use the Taxi service!! If you really did you would understand their livelihood is at stake.I have no affiliation to the Taxi industry other than a loyal customer that will definitely be affected by this MORE than most of you who only use the service to go out DRINKING….if you even use it for that!? But I understand! I support their stance!

      • Come Correct says:

        Why? How is it at stake? Rental bike carries 2 people.. proposed cars carry 2 people…I don’t get it. I am tied to that industry and these lot are only hurting themselves while the rest a doubling up.

        • Lualaba says:

          Exactly… Just an excuse to complain about nothing!!!

          • Nanny Pat says:

            Let them complain – it will give them something to do while they ARE OUT OF A JOB!

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        How TF is their livelihood at stake? When the minibuses came their livelihood was far more affected than 50 or more of these small *** cars. Their livelihood is at stake when tourists rent bikes instead of taxis. What’s wrong with taking a taxi every time you go out drinking, ISN’T THAT WE GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! I can tell your a taxi driver or in the industry. One of my friends is a taxi driver don’t just assume, etc. And sometimes people can’t find a designated driver, etc so what then?! The WORST PART about this is the 8,000 tourists that will be f****** stuck up Dockyard this weekend because they won’t get their way even though they tabled the bill. GROW THE F*** UP TAXIS! I’m all for rights but you give the taxis far more pull than they should get. Guess what the tourists will be saying….

      • Smarter441 says:

        WOW you are missing the point! What about the people that don’t know about the strike?? What about the people that do rely on a taxi every time they go out?? What about the people that don’t have cars for someone to be a DD? Don’t make people that like to enjoy their summer by partying it up out to be the bad guys. Most of us are responsible and would like to take a taxi home after a night out. Taxis taking drunk people home are apart of a social contract between the public,taxis, and the police. A contract the the taxis are braking.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          You make it sound like this is the end of the world. If this is the biggest issue you have to deal with then you are quite pathetic. Sad.

      • Mhm right says:

        Your comment actually justifies that their livelihood is not at stake. People cannot (should not) drive drunk and resort to taxis to do so. This service cannot be replaced with two seater rental cars.

      • Preview says:

        I too am a regular taxi user. I too support taxi drivers in their goal to be treated fairly and to be able to earn a decent living. I view their service as essential. However I do not support this action. I do not support a flat out NO and a walk out!! This form response is becoming all too common and is to the detriment of the community as a whole.

        Its simple progress and the evolution of an industry. We successfully moved on from horse and buggy and sail. We can certainly move forward from two wheels to four. Really…is that what we are talking about here…two wheels versus four!! If there are some hidden clauses in the proposed legislation that allows for something greater, then I agree…this should be “discussed”. “Discussed” however and refined. A walk out at this juncture strikes me as reactionary and premature.

        Am I missing something?

  7. Smarter441 says:

    This is one big government conspiracy. Make it look like the taxi’s on strike over the weekend and have the boys in blue waiting to give out DUIs. DUI’s are around $1000.

    • sage says:


    • DS says:

      Easy solution. Don’t get drunk.

      • Smarter441 says:

        Oh I’m sorry that I like to go out and do something that is completely legal. How silly of me.

        • Hope says:

          DUI is illegal.

          • Just wondering says:

            thats why he wanted/planned to take a taxi genius!!!

        • sage says:

          That’s ok, just learn from your mistakes.You fell for the lies, legal doesn’t mean good, sensible, safe or right.

      • Catherine Dalziel says:

        That’s not good enough for not driving. Don’t drink at all.

  8. MJ says:

    Bunch of absolute babies. Where have the protests been over rental scooters?! Get over it. Even more reason to have rental cars! Privatize the lot of ‘em.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They are privatized………..

    • Allium Cepa says:

      There’s issues in this bill.

      They probably waited until they could secure all the necessary contracts required before they presented this legislation to be passed in the house of assembly.

      Once it passes watch how all their friends will profit from it.

      • MJ says:

        Sounds familiar. I remember similar happening between 1998 and 2012. That said, I couldn’t care less who profits from these rental cars. For starters, there aren’t going to be thousands of them, probably not even hundreds. They can seat TWO people, so are really only for individuals or couples visiting the island – families won’t be able to rent them. They can only be rented from a livery, meaning tourists will still need to take taxis to/from the airport. They are a damn sight safer than rental scooters, granted cars aren’t accident-proof, but injuries are typically less severe. The “damage” these will do to the taxi industry will be minimal, at best. Once again this is just selfish, baseless, b*tching and moaning. The damage something like this greedy withdrawal of labour will do to our island’s reputation, if only for a weekend, clearly doesn’t register with these people. 5,000+ tourists bad-mouthing the island to all their friends and family. Good on ya, taxi industry!

      • Preview says:

        Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories…those are the best kind!! Can’t wait to hear more.

        Admittedly, I haven’t read the bill…assuming you did and you know something I, and apparently many others, don’t. Please share specifics if you can and help bring clarity to this debate. Facts are so much more useful than fiction.

    • I heart 441 says:

      MJ thanks for your concern, but this is similar to UBER in your country of where you are from.

    • WOW says:

      The same rental scooters that have uniquely been a part of Bermudas selling point for many many decades?? Wow Obviously your not from Bermuda! LAUGHABLE!! We need to rid this island of people like you! You don’t even know if they are privatized lmao WOW!!

      • MJ says:

        Care to explain to me how rental cars can’t be a selling point too? Perhaps to tourists too afraid to rent scooters? Or how renting a two-seater car is any different or any more damaging to the taxi industry than a scooter that holds two people?

        As for me “not being from Bermuda” or needing to “rid this island of people like me” I’ll bite my tongue. You have a lovely weekend.

      • cylinders says:

        Rental scooters – unique to Bermuda. WOW. I did not know that.

      • Come Correct says:

        Could you please tell this to families of dead tourists. That it’s part of the Bermudian nastalgia that their family member is dead because they lost control of one of these iconic rental cycles. I’m sure it will make them feel better. Thanks in advance.

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ Wow,

        No, we need to rid Bermuda of xenophobes like you if that’s the best you can come up with. MJ has given a sensible opinion to the debate but what do we get? Infantile rubbish from another entitled, accidental Bermudian. LOL

        ‘I disagree with you so you’ve gotta be a non Bermudian’ Bermuda and you wouldn’t be much without foreigners. Maybe we should tell all foreigners to leave and take their money & businesses with them, I’m sure we’ll do just fine with you and your type creating employment etc… here. Laughs.

    • Say Whaat? says:

      Only non-Bermudians don’t know that they are already private businesses.

    • Punch says:

      Go with Hitch.. I live in St. Davids and can never rely on a taxi. Will give Hitch a try in the future…..gave up on taxis a while back.

    • Punch says:

      Absolutely. Get over it. Bunch of whiners and complainers. As a St. Davids resident, I have never been able to rely on a taxi being avaiable. Crap service.

  9. hadenough says:

    what a bunch of idiots really trying to destroy Bermuda’s tourist industry. Have to get my car out this weekend and make some money and don’t anyone try and stop me.

  10. Contours says:

    Great news. Now I know I’m getting the bus home later, instead of waiting around for a taxi which may or may not ever arrive.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      So again I say, taxi drivers striking this weekend will not be noticed. Only notice will be in the drivers’ paychecks. Idiots.

      • Bob says:

        Nan – Get the feeling that they considered a reduction in their pay prior to making this decision.

        Lost in this argument, as usual, is the rather dubious manner in which this has been handled by the overreaching and less than transparent OBA. This bunch are both highlanded and inartful, hence the many forced reversals and recent admittance by a few of their MP’s that this is in reality the UBP in costume.

  11. Rhonnie Oliver says:

    I don’t like the bill but I think this is a mistake on the drivers part.

  12. LiarLiar says:

    Demanding it to be withdrawn completely is not negotiating. It is demanding.

    Taxi drivers have no right to restrict options for our tourists.

    And by not showing up when the ship is in tomorrow highlights the need for more options for our tourists to get around while also highlighting the fact that taxi drivers aren’t as hard off as they claim especially since they can take a day off with nor worries.

    Locals complain that the public transportation is packed with tourists while the tourists complain that there aren’t enough taxis to service the ships and hotels.

    Rental bikes nor minibuses killed the taxi business (as evidenced by the 600 taxis on the road still) and nor will these quadracycle things.

    Are we in the tourism business or what? And you wander why our so called ’2nd economic pillar’ is in the doldrums.

    Well look no further to the selfish action of these taxi drivers. Those 5,000 ship passengers that you gloat about being left stranded this weekend, will go back home and have nothing good to say about Bermuda because of this action will only hurt our reputation and prospects of a tourism recovery.

    I didn’t agree with Dr. Brown on much, but I sure did support his attempts to modernize the poor taxi service in this island.

    • Kevin says:

      what do you think would happen if the ships agents fore warned the ship that there may be no taxi’s or minibuses and they decide to stay at sea …bet that would make a whole lot of folks happy
      as for the Bill if it can only hold 2 people and no luggage please tell is this no different than a side by side enclosed cycle ..ya guess your right screw them they should ride and get wet hell we dont want them here anyway

  13. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    So 3 and half years ago, Bermuda voted for change. Now everybody wants to down and stop everything everytime they try and change things that weren’t working. Do we want to change so we can fix what isn’t working, or do we want to keep going the same road of slow degrading stagnation?
    I realize these cars may impact the Taxi industry, but I see it making barely a dent. It sure won’t impact the mini bus much. This new innovation will appeal to those who would otherwise be dishing out for scooters, would be willing to dole out more for a safer, more comfortable ride. Availability is going to be limited as well, just by the limited nature of storage for the inventory at liveries. Further more, our visitors want this option… do we actually want to be in the tourism industry? Are they saying we shouldn’t be listening to our customers and responding by providing them with what they want?? How much of an impact is it going to be to the Taxi industry when visitors don’t think it is worth it to plan return visits?
    Frankly the Greater issue is the cost for a taxi license and the fact that even if they don’t decrease the liscense for the taxi’s, they ought to increase it for the mini buses and for the car rental licensing.

  14. hadenough says:

    for goodnes sake those silly little cars only hold two people you will still have plenty of work. stop beign selfish there is enough for all. And maybe if you all paid more attention to locals and not tourists all the time you would be busy all year round. It’s almost impossible to get a taxi nowdays if you’re local.

    • DS says:

      They’re a safety issue as well. It’s not just about money.

      • Come Correct says:

        There are safety issues with tourists renting bikes, something most of them have never been on. You’re argument is invalid. Ask the dead tourists.

    • WOW says:

      What about a family of four? They will just rent 2 cars and so on… this will affect the taxi industry greatly,whom are also competing with buses,ferries and mini bus service!!

      • David says:

        Like they do now 2 shaky 2 wheel scooters going on a tour, whats the difference except safer.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Those who rent these are actually looking for a way to go out and explore the island on their own, and would otherwise be doing just that on scooters, so you can’t take away customers you wouldn’t have. Those that take the taxis are looking to go some place and maybe back later, so it would be economical to take a taxi rather than rent a car, or even a scooter for that matter. It doesn’t make sense to rent a scooter or car for a whole day to go from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ when a taxi ride would be cheaper. But there are also those who want to go out a see Bermuda, but can’t afford to taxi it and are sure about themselves on a bike, so this gives them the ability to do that. Do we really want to not give our guests as much choice as possible to see our island and risk them going back with a bad taste in their mouths and not planning a future trip back.

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ WOW,

        So tourists who have been able to rent two two wheeled scooters for their family for decades will now damage the taxi industry by renting two four wheeled vehicles instead….????????. WTH?

        Thanks for the laugh this weekend. I’ll look out for more gems from you in the future, tears rolling down my face now lololol.

  15. Beam me up Sparky says:

    Nearly 7,000 cruise ship passengers coming in at the weekend plus all the other tourists here peak season. This is going to do wonders for tourism and all over a bill that isn’t even going to be debated for months ! Morons !

    • Ringmaster says:

      Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    • Bob says:

      This is not uncommon in Europe and the U.K. The recent / once every 4 years football tournament in France was significantly impacted by numerous strikes ..

      When you blame taxi drivers for their withdrawal spare a thought for the sizeable cost associated with taxi permits / fuel / cost of the car and upkeep and then factor in the sloppy and possibly devious handling of this matter by the OBA.

  16. John E. Thorne says:

    I therefore withdraw my patronage of using taxis for the rest of my life. I will walk before I ever use a taxi again.

    • DS says:

      Stop being dramatic. You’ll forget all about that the first time you need a taxi.

      • serengeti says:

        They can forget getting a tip.

      • John E. Thorne says:

        NO I WON’T!

        • Nanny Pat says:

          I won’t either. No need to use them. How do you like that, taxi drivers?

        • Bob says:

          Why do I have the feeling that you seldom, if ever, used them prior to this dust up ?

      • Just wondering says:

        Dramatic??? trying saying that when visitors can’t get to you business to take tours etc – goal to me about dramatic when in the winter there are not suffienct funds to keep staff on – you fool

    • drunken ursula says:

      good you can finally lose those 20lbs

  17. Blind sheep says:

    Funny! I still see a bunch of them working.

    • DS says:

      Of course. They aren’t united enough for this to work.

    • bermy born says:

      There are some sensible taxi owners still that are still driving today!

    • Fluffy says:

      Cause they are the smart ones!!
      Nothing is written in stone! The drivers involved in this stand are their own worst enemies!! Now work for 3 days…no money for 3 days. And who’s s at fault???

  18. Flash says:

    Shame on these taxi drivers….. Their actions only make me agree 100% with rental cars being approved for the island. Besides, these rental car things would be much safer for the tourists than rental bikes.

    • Beam me up Sparky says:

      And you don’t have to worry if your taxi is going to arrive on time or arrive at all !!

  19. Andrew says:

    Very short-sighted response. A rising tide floats all boats and gov/bta needs to make meaningful change to the tourism product to compete. Without significant change, the industry will continue to decline. A healthy tourism economy benefits the taxi drivers. By harming the product with a labor withdrawal, they hurt themselves.

    I’d like to see the taxi licenses of those who refuse to drive be suspended or cancelled as a response. Let someone who wants to work take the license instead.

  20. hmmm says:

    Those who do not show up are damaging the Island, they are damaging themselves and all those who rely on taxis to deliver people.

    Those who do not show up will damage our reputation with Tourists, with Cruise Ship operators and with Air Travel operators.

    To those who DO show up, you are true Bermudian, proud of your country, proud to help and proud to show what Bermudian is to the world stage.

  21. LostinFlatts says:

    Two thoughts:

    1. If you see stranded tourists and you have room, give em a ride.
    2. Can’t imagine where the taxi union got the idea that wildcat, unannounced strikes are the best means of civic discourse. No idea whatsoever.

    This is the new opposition opus moderandi: if you don’t like it, threaten to walk out or just plain walk out. There can be no compromise, or even discussion. Combative, petty politics at its worst. And until someone in the PLP start calling out these tactics for what they are, nothing will change.

  22. warlord says:

    Bring on Uber,***** the taxi drivers

    • Legalgal says:

      Yes, surely with a good app system an uber could be achievable?

  23. Gypsi cab says:

    So will Gypsi cabs be allowed this weekend? I could use some extra cash.

    • bermy born says:

      Go for it!

    • new taxi says:

      Of course, all you have to do is:-

      1- Drive somebody wherever they want to go for no charge, then;
      2- Sell them something 2nd hand like a postcard or some other inexpensive item for an amount equal to the average taxi fare that you just carried out.

      Nothing illegal about that, they get a ride somewhere and a little souvenir included ;)

  24. steve says:

    Fahey is very committed and not easily discouraged(lots are trying) in his attempt to improve Bermuda. We just keep yelling NO NO NO. I will never blame Fahey if the country hits a new low.Lets look at his policies in dept(like he does) and stop acting like a bunch of air heads that need to be instantly gratified. Its now become stylish to protest on the hill whenever he attempts to make change. I guess thats the fallout when your party over-uses appeasement and conciliation…you get nothing accomplished. We failed the OBA not so much the reverse. Bring on the PLP to create bad policy and jam it down our throats!

  25. Zaob Yob says:

    When asked how many people were gathered at the House, Mr Simmons said that it was presently about 50 and “the line is continuing to grow.”

    Leo – what absolute garbage, 20 at max and they weren’t all taxi drivers. Meanwhile the taxi’s are carrying on with their day’s work and are ignoring the stupidity of this action.

    • Just wondering says:

      well then can’t some representative from the taxi industry make some sort of statement -

  26. Alternatives says:

    Seems as if Hitch is up and running with plenty of willing taxi drivers driving around!

  27. Colibm says:

    I just came home in a taxi from front street. Wasn’t aware this was going on.

  28. Unbelievable says:

    Unbelievable. The country is held to ransom by the taxi industry. This is why this country is stuck in the past and will never progress.

  29. T. says:

    Well now…… Taxi strike. What a novel idea. The only way an operator/driver makes money is to drive/operate the taxi. This would will be interesting.

  30. Taxi Driver says:

    I wish you all would just shut up and try driving a taxi for a week. You complain about the buses,ferries and all means of transportation. If you are cheap catch a bus because we have to support families just like you and pay taxes.

    When Fahy brings in Avis and Budget which comes after he tries to push this bill then you will see just how many tourist you will have to scrap out of a car on the wrong side of the road.

    The BTA survey showed that 57% of tourist do not want rental cars…half cant even cross the road without getting killed.

    Rather than complain yeah give a visitor a ride this weekend or catch the bus!!

    • Awake says:

      Another IDIOT who hasn’t read the the proposed legislation! I hope to God you aren’t one of those taxi drivers who isn’t working for three days…I mean show your family just how supportive you aren’t, why don’t you!!!

      • Taxi Driver says:

        Fool…I read it and all the Minister plans to do is open the door to bigger car rentals with his “negative resolution procedure” clauses giving him the right to do whatever he pleased…shut the hezzy up!

        • Ringmaster says:

          You’re the idiot. When the likes of you have driven away tourists – there are plenty of places in the world to vacation and tourists owe Bermuda nothing – you will not survive on local demand. No tourists, no hotel workers, no restaurant workers, no workers, no pay for taxis. Why didn’t you rise up when Dr Brown brought in mini buses? Of course, because it was Dr Brown and the PLP. No way would you show your anger to the PLP. Make the most of what is left because you are destroying your own livelihood, and that of many Bermudians in the tourist industry.

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ Taxi,

          The only fool in this conversation is you. More cabs on the road then when tourism was at it’s peak in the early 80′s and the service is abysmal. I guess that’s why mini buses were introduced! Please give your taxi number so I can avoid your cab in the future.

          • Just the Tip says:

            The mini buses were introduced to supplement the buses but when there was found to be no money in that the good DR BROWN who allowed the mini buses in the first place allowed them to then go all over the island. Now the OBA lets them at the docks and the airport which is eating the taxi business alive, but hey not business slowly being destroyed so why worry.

    • Legalgal says:

      What plNet do you live on….”if you are cheap …use a bus”. Taxis are unaffordable for most Bermudians. There is no shame in using public transport in the form of a bus.

      And let’s offer tourists free transport this week. They deserve it.

    • Yawn says:

      Haha…try driving taxi for a week…like its hard..Haha sure I’d love to…I would actually do the work and hussle hard to make the money and please the people so they’d call me again…reliable unlike some of you.

      Haven’t we all rented cars when we were in the US or Canada (and these aren’t even cars they are like a scooter with training wheels ffs)… Imagine how smart we must be if we can do it and tourists that come here can’t…hell according to you they can’t even cross the street without being killed…good grief…what an idiot!

    • Just wondering says:

      good point – i will be giving a tourist a ride this weekend – clearly the taxi drivers aren’t interested in the income or the inconvenience it causes – selfish swine

      • Positivity says:

        I don’t get it. Some drivers are complaining about a threat to their income yet can afford to not make money for 3 days.

    • wondering says:

      what nonsense – show me the droves of bermudians taken off the wrong side of the street renting a car in the USA

  31. Gustav says:

    BDA Taxis arme mainly Dirty, drivers Are often unfriendly and not at all reliable .
    On the other side of the Token , they are expensive……….
    Now stopping the service is a proof of their understanding of an service industry……..

  32. Preview says:

    I suspect this weekend will be like NYE for any driver smart enough to hussle. $$!! I also suspect that those drivers with plush corporate accounts won’t be shooting themselves in the foot by not driving their clients.

    I’m confused by the withdrawl of labour. Perhaps I missed a headline and something else happened today that I’m not aware of. Government proposes legislation to accomodate tourist rental cars, which at a minimum really does merit discussion. Taxi drivers are upset because they were not consulted. Government agrees to defer legislation to accomodate discussions with taxi drivers. Taxi drivers then withdraw labour?

    Why bother deferring the legislation then. Just pass if that’s how it’s going to work. Any discussion will be pointless anyway. What next…a ban on bank machines because bank tellers are worried about their jobs. Outlaw email in order to save the post office. Close the airport because the planes are too loud.

    There never seems to be compromise on this island…just…my way or the highway. Yet tomorrow we will again complain about unemployment and rising prices and in the same breath blame government for not doing their job.

  33. serengeti says:

    Where was the consultation by the taxi drivers prior to taking this action?

    • Taxi Driver says:

      There was no consultation and there is always a hidden agenda. You get blindsided by SSM, Immigration, Referendum etc

      • Um got to much brains says:

        Oh grow up child , I will be out in my private car picking up anyone who wants a ride for free .

      • Mike Hind says:

        There’s no hidden agenda with SSM.
        They’ve made their agenda really clear. They want 15c removed so they can get married. That’s it.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Why should the taxi drivers be consulted? We don’t have to have public consultation with each new bill.

  34. Legalgal says:

    It must be tourist season. No worries – the tourists and international business will go away. They are clearly not welcome.

  35. Fantasea says:

    Cudos to those taxi drivers still out there working. U know where your bread is buttered. U will be making a killing this weekend.

    • Legalgal says:

      But please be ethical and don’t privateer.

      • Just wondering says:

        do you think what the taxis are doing is ethical?? do you think a tourist on holiday here gives a dam??

        • Just the Tip says:

          the buses do it but hey we just swallow that cause the unions back them up

  36. Divine says:

    What if Uber drivers is introduced to Bermuda? You’re talking instant employment for ordinary Bermudians (No qualification required just a clean drivers license) and transportation for the tourist and Americas Cup visitors.

  37. Sage says:

    Bet you fake hunger striker could get a Taxi this weekend!

  38. be realistic says:

    This is so pathetic. Talk about toys being thrown out of the pram. My 4 year old is more responsible and behaves better. Just because they don’t get their way they strike?? What about having a conversation and negotiating? If I went on strike each time something happened that I didn’t agree with then I would spend a lot of time off work. Grown up and get on with life.

  39. Politricks says:

    Sorry, but this is just silly.

    When the decision to allow bigger cars (limousines) and minibuses was implemented in the last Government (PLP) did it do any harm to the taxi industry?

    Not from what I can tell as there is still 600 taxis on the road apparently.

    That’s a high number and that is despite of the aforementioned modes of available transportation along with rental bikes, which have been around for eons, as well as the buses and ferries.

    I doubt very much that a these quadracycle thingies will somehow be the death knell of the taxi industry.

    Progress needs to be made in the tourism sector to make it a viable economic pillar. Let’s work together for once instead of destroying what progress is being made right now.

  40. Whimsical says:

    There are Taxi Drivers out and about…….Only a handful have withdrawn their labour….

    • Legalgal says:

      Let’s have their names so we know who not to hire going forward.

  41. Rada Gast says:

    By withdrawing their labor, marooning tourists at the airport as they arrive or making it impossible for people to get to the airport to catch outgoing flights, the taxi industry is providing ample evidence about why there needs to be an alternate to taxis for transport.

    • Legalgal says:

      Own goal!

    • BermudaRat says:

      Exactly Rada Gast….
      Flight from London arriving this evening, followed by one from Miami and another from New York and airport officials seemingly not knowing about the strike. Tomorrow 5,000 visitors arrive in Dockyard. What a disaster right in the swing of the tourism season.

  42. Banana says:

    Good, now I won’t have to deal with them racing up and down my street. They have too much perceived power and are outrageously expensive. Introduce the rental cars, cab fares will hopefully come down, and the transportation market will hopefully become more affordable.

  43. Unbelievable says:

    Even the PLP and BIU must be like “Jesus, this is really getting out of hand now”.

  44. Legalgal says:

    Yes but what will they extract from the poor tourists for a rental car?! Just paid £19 a day (unlimited) for a Fiat 500 in London. Places like Guernsey are even cheaper.

  45. Terry says:

    Don’t even have to read the comments.

    These guys own their vehicles.
    They make enough in a day when they want.

    Not like the old days when you had to drive 14/18 hours a day to support a family.


    Buses will be next.

  46. Jack says:

    This is an absolute joke. This will have a significant short and long term negative economical impact on Bermuda. There will be 100′s of people who leave here after their vacation cursing the taxi’s and will never return.

    I also hope these jokers realize boycotting works both ways.

    I WILL NEVER TAKE A TAXI AGAIN if they carry this out. I probably spend $2,000 a year on taxi’s to and from the Airport. Next time I will pay the parking fee’s.

    Good Luck Fellas!

    • mixitup says:

      Must be an expat… Thumbs up fella if you can afford $2,000 per year on cabs! Not to mention airplane tickets… I wanna be an expat when I grow up.

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ mixitup,

        Don’t worry, If we continue derailing every thing that is proposed to improve the economy Bermudians your children and grand kids will probably have to be expats one day. My Grandparents generation and prior saw many family members working overseas. Some on merchant ships and some working in the states returning home once a year or two.

        Problem is with modern transport and an abundance of educated people throughout the world it will be even harder for many here to become expats, including you.

  47. Bermuda Visitor says:

    I visit every few years and would most likely visit more often and explore more of the island if a rental vehicle was available.
    More exploring equals more money spent!

  48. moonbeam says:

    Taxi drivers are their own worst enemies. Where is their common sense ?

  49. sadday says:

    Everything is so unfair. Let’s protest everything. Anything that anyone tries to do to improve this country, let’s strike and walk away from our work to prove a point. Give me a break, I’m so sick of this country. I used to take taxis home a few times a week… I’ll be finding an alternate way. I won’t support these guys, sorry. Put on your big boy pants and stop throwing a tantrum. Great, next the guy who makes those ridiculous whining signs and posts them on his wall on North Shore in Devonshire will have a big rant about this too. Sick of it all!

  50. O.M.G says:

    Are you joking me get your a$$ back to work is wont be debated until November. You all complain you can’t make money you have lots of tourists on this island that need you. I don’t think we need the rental cars but I do think not going to work is a really stupid idea. And please don’t sit up there and starve yourself lol.

  51. Just wondering says:

    you total and utter selfish (insert word here) – I run a tourism business – i employ bermudians – and you idiots are striking and affecting the lives of fellow Bermudians – you don’t seem to care about those of us who have the summer to make a living – so come the winter if/when i have to lay staff off i will be blaming it on you – if you want to consult with the minister etc then DO SO – way to ruin the season for your own selfish reasons!!

  52. Bermuda Is a sad little joke says:

    I don’t believe we deserve to be in the tourism industry.

    What a gaggle of clowns!!!

  53. moonbeam says:

    I am totally blown by the unintelligence of the taxi industry ! Where on earth is their common sense? Don’t they realize they are ‘biting off their noses to spite their faces’ ? Come on guys, get with it and realize where your ‘bread is buttered’ !

  54. I am sailing says:

    Didn’t even notice

  55. steve says:

    When Taxi drivers use tourists as leverage, it hurts every single one of us. Its been done before and hurts us,problem is we are unable to measure the thousands of pissed off visitors from the last 20 years that dont come back and vacation elswhere as well as tell their friends over coffee.

  56. archy says:

    at least the roads will be safer

    • Bill says:


      You obviously do not travel on the roads too much,

      A lot more local idiots than tourists on the road.

      I ran into two examples tonight.

  57. pig out says:

    most are the worst drivers anyway so go off. I will kick in with FREE rids to any tourist and a free tour along the way

  58. Barbara says:

    The last time we were on the hill we wanted the same thing the Taxi Drivers are asking take it off the table.

    But “oh no” we did not have the balls to stay until it was off the table, go figure.

    “I Salute the Ambassadors of my nation.”

  59. Tom Cooke says:

    He who or groups stir the ” you know what”should be forced to lick the spoon….

  60. Peter says:

    Ever order a taxi to catch the early flight and it never comes? gets my goat up every time ,you have to recall them to remind them and tell them the colour of your house again when u finally get one he has either the radio turned down low or off ??? I mean WTF most are so old u feel sorry for them and get your own bags out of the taxi def needs fresh blood .

  61. DTG says:

    Tourists are already complaining that there are not enough taxi’s on the road, the busing system is also slow, as there are not enough bus’s, so what will happen next year when America cup is here and there are more people in Bermuda for it….

    These taxis are going to bite off the hand that feeds them, This country has to learn there are other ways to protest and get things changed then hurting themselves financially and hurt people who use their services….

    Time to stop striking for everything… and start trying to listen learn and talk… and work things out like GROWN adults

  62. Bill says:

    This crap has to stop. I remember the photograph in the 1970′s of a family walking across the causeway carrying their luggage and their children, trying to make their flight.

    I remember my father saying ” That picture shows you the end of tourism as we know it”

    Here we go again.The tourist comes in second.The taxis keep this up , and they will not have to worry about leaving their cabs in the yard.

    There will be no tourists to pick up!

  63. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ??


    he started this – again !

    what next

  64. Triangle Drifter says:

    Where are the friends & families of taxi drivers who work in the hospitality industry? Speak up. These drivers are jeopardizing your livelyhood.

  65. Centipede ouch says:

    Taxi drivers, your hissy fit is juvenile. Tourists and locals will still use your services. At first, I had reservations due to parking concerns. Not now. This makes a huge difference to formerly repeat visiting bike rental who no longer come.
    Seems if you really wanted fares would service other than central parishes more often. Think of the things as safe bikes, more tourists. Win win. Am looking forward to seeing little vehicles giving visitors freedom. Would you visit a place if had to depend on taxis? IMHO taxi drivers boast on places visited. How did you get around?

  66. Elise Cooper says:

    Used to live in Bermuda. Although I do agree that from time to time it would have been nice for my guests with young children to be able to rent a car, at the same time, driving in Bermuda gets used to and it can be tricky…

    That being said, my experiences with taxi drivers has been bad in most cases. Taxis aren’t up to code and when you know the roads, you realize they are always taking the long way home.

    Maybe what Bermuda needs is UBER. Yes, Bermudians who want to make a little extra cash on the side and who know the island could pick up passengers where ever they are.

  67. Ed Case says:

    Whether folks agree with the car rentals or not, this latest stunt by taxi drivers is further proof that we need an alternative. The taxi business is probably the worst in the entire world. I would not rely on a taxi if my life depended on it. They deserve everything they get, and they are doomed. Car rentals or not, we will come up with something at some point. They are sealing their own fate with their inefficiency, and bad behavior.

  68. Northshore says:

    The Taxi industry in Bermuda stinks, to many bad drivers (attitudes) and not enough good ones! Who wants to get in a taxi and hear negative BS? Not me, I will walk first !!!

  69. Onionjuice says:

    Taxi drivers, every business in this world ( including Bermuda ), face competition daily, I know you feels is ok when competition benefits you, but now that you may get it.. PROBLEM, Get over it. You just have to fight harder for business. change your business plan.. Shops have to compete. Airlines have to compete. JUST COMPETE.

    • Just the Tip says:

      But do the shops and airlines have the odds stacked against them?

      It cost more to to get a taxi license, your forced to buy a gps, your wages are controlled by the government, you have to compete with other taxis, minibuses and regular buses, the cruise ships don’t push your service ect

  70. Terry says:

    The amount they charge they can work half a day and use a quarter (if that) tank of gas and still work 5 days a week.

    Another nail in the coffin.


  71. karen says:


    • Just the Tip says:

      first why you shouting?

      second i doubt this story as a fare to Hamilton from HP especially when you’re at HP is a very good fare for a driver.

      Third yes drives dis like the grotto bay trips because if you’ve managed to wait and get to the front of the line at the airport and get that and take it then you come back and have to wait in line again and miss getting another job depending on how many people are on the flight.

      Fourth of course they want the big fares, it’s a freaking business. It’s the reason why airlines mark the tickets up around holidays, its why store mark their goods up, its why restaurants mark the food up when its “Organic”. So of course they are trying to make money which is hard when the government has the deck stacked against you.

      • dream says:

        why then, doesn’t the Taxi Union/Industries suggest to govt that Grotto Bay be allowed its own airport run? Grotto Bay know when and how many of their customers are arriving on which flights. So if the Taxis were REALLY interested in Bda tourism product they would say to Grotto Bay – we won’t fight you if you apply to govt to have your own airport shuttle bus. Could be a fleet of those ones that other airport hotels use in other jurisdictions.

  72. hotcrossbuns says:

    The taxi drivers have lost more money in the last 24 hours by this labor action then they will be in the next ten years by the deployment of 25 Tizzy’s (luxury motorbikes) which eventually may be on island.

  73. Seriously says:

    The taxi service need a real marketing agent to help them with their sucky attitudes! It’s bad enough they complain about tourists having sand or not wanting to get their cars scratched, or locals not going far enough or too far when they are knocking off-seriously…they (or too many of them) are need their attitudes adjusted. You are not entitled to a monopoly. Be friendly, play some smooth jazz in your cars, be willing to offer some water….stop being entitled!!!

    • Terry says:

      They just need to get out and work like most laborers do.|
      Work for a living instead on sitting on your a$$ and pressing a button to make money.


    • Just the Tip says:

      It’s not a monopoly for crying out loud

  74. Y-Gurl says:

    More congestion as we all try to drive to and from work…stupid stupid idea

    • Preview says:

      How does it create more conjestion if they are on bikes or in cabs anyway? Please help me connect the dots? I am not being sarcastic and am sincerely interested in understanding what I am missing.

    • Zevon says:

      Yes, because all a tourist wants to do is get up and sit in traffic from 8,00 to 9.00 am going into Hamilton. Of course.

  75. Ex-Pat Who Has Little Respect for Cabbies Already says:

    These cabbies have no idea that they are digging their own grave. By not working, they’re making it an even easier decision for tourists to want to rent cars. The cabbies’ product is outdated and they provide a crappy service. Healthy competition is beneficial to consumers, because it makes businesses either increase the quality of their product or get weeded out.

    • Just the Tip says:

      How do they imoprove their product??

  76. There is no parking now…are you intending clamping those vehicles?
    You must think this through.
    Seriously…. We got hell to park now!
    Public parking is diminishing now as we speak…appointments are tentative at best in Hamilton…and they charge you money for it.Am I to understand hotels ,airport and guest houses will rent them?
    Businesses and reinsurance too?
    Well…if you do you have to provide separate sole purpose parking in Hamilton.
    Don’t ignored it…

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