Video: Wayne Caines’ Cross Island Presentation

July 16, 2016

Wayne Caines — the chairman of the Cross Island Legacy Committee — was recently invited to talk to the Sandys Rotary Club about what the Committee is trying to achieve.

He took them through the role of the Committee, some of the ideas generated so far, and explained how he wanted to help create a legacy that would help the Island’s economy and which all of Bermuda could be proud of.

The Cross Island Legacy Committee are seeking input on possible long term use for nine acres of reclaimed land in Dockyard, with Cross Island to be the home to the America’s Cup event village next year.

Mr Caines refers to it as “nine acres of opportunity,” saying he believes it presents an “unheard of opportunity to create a legacy for Bermuda that will benefit the community for decades to come.”

24-minute video of Mr Caines presentation:

To provide a context for the size of the land, it is just over four times the size of Par‐la‐Ville car park or Victoria Park, as according to the City of Hamilton draft plan [PDF], Par‐la‐Ville car park is approximately 2 acres and Victoria Park is also approximately 2 acres.

The Committee previously said, “Each submission will be judged according to a set matrix and a final recommendation will be made to WEDCo. The committee wants to be in a position to make a recommendation even though there might be the possibility that Bermuda could again host the America’s Cup.

“The matrix is made up of weightings given to financial, economic, environmental, social and cultural and structural objectives.”

Some of the ideas submitted so far include a ‘city’ of shipping container businesses, housing for seniors, a sporting and cultural centre, a conference centre, and a fish farm.

You can submit your ideas via this submission form or via email The deadline for submissions is July 31.

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  1. Phyllis C says:

    Mr. a former Dockyard resident I request that whatever you decide must consider the possibility of the effect of any western hurricane hitting Dockyard. The land is low….and water level increase will affect this property.

  2. sage says:

    With our rich history of boat building and a few people here who have carried on the tradition in one way or another still around, a boat design and building academy/school, starting out with basic traditional techniques using wood (build a fitted dingy), then advanced courses in modern materials like carbon fiber and kevlar etc. The AC events village buildings might be able to be used, and they definitely have the know how and experience building cutting edge race vessels. I’m sure this has been suggested already and I am pretty sure the AC folks would be more than willing to collaborate.

  3. JA says:

    Wouldn’t this sink into the ocean like the homes the PlP built or is that a fat no because the ubpoba idiots are us party are in charge of the plantation now?

  4. takbir Sharrieff says:

    Congratulations Mr.Caines.You come from good Breeding,Good,Bermuda Parents,Good Schooling.Please stay in a Leadership Position,Stay Positive,for the People of Bermuda.Teach you family to accept the challenges that lie forward for our people.Trust me Bermuda is an Island Paradise.All Foreigners,White,Black,Philipino,Dominican,Jamaican,European,Asian,Africans,who see Bermuda want a ,,,,Piece of the Rock…..Keep the faith baby.Allah -u-Akbar.Peace.