Meeting To Be Held On Future Of Cross Island

May 12, 2016

More people are to get a chance to have their say over the future use of the America’s Cup village once the event is over, as the West End Development Corporation [WEDCo] has already held one public meeting into the future of Cross Island at the Royal Naval Dockyard and it is set to hold another public meeting in Hamilton.

Andrew Dias, the General Manager of WEDCo, said: “For Bermuda, this is a large area of land and we want to ensure that we get as much input and as many ideas as we can before we decide which option we feel is the best.

“We stated at the last public meeting that all options are on the table and that is still very much the case. We also said that the intent was for any new use to be long-term, and to be financially viable, and that also remains the same.”

Aerial footage of the infill at Cross Island early in the construction phase

The original plan for the use of Cross Island after next year’s America’s Cup, which included a marine college, the relocation of Marine and Ports, the relocation of West End Yachts Ltd and a yacht marina, had to be reconsidered due to the Minister’s decision to overturn the approved use.

As a result, WEDCo set up a sub-committee to examine new options for the site and as part of the process and also launched a consultation process to get feedback from the public.

WEDCo, which is investing millions of dollars into other projects at The Royal Naval Dockyard this year, is also spending $39m on the creation of the nine-acre area and the debt has to be serviced so any new development will have to generate considerable revenue.

‘We are trying our best to ensure as many people as possible, and not just those in the West End, have a say on the use of this incredibly important piece of land and we hope people will turn out for the meeting and add constructive comments,” added Mr Dias.

The meeting takes place on Monday, May 16, at the Chamber of Commerce building in Hamilton at 7pm. In addition people can contact the sub-committee by email on to propose ideas or to ask for any further information.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Terry says:

    Best of luck.

    Turn it into a new Marine nd Ports area and the only debt service you will get is guys sitting around. Don’t let it go to waste.


  2. voltage says:

    It would be helpful to understand the details of the finances of WEDCo as this appears as a unique arrangement from the start between WEDCo, ACBDA, and the Bermuda Government that did not involve any public consultation – until now.

    This team rejected the Morgan’s Point location and decided to create this very expensive new land that would potentially generate a revenue stream from Government in perpetuity to WEDCo by offering the tenancy of the land after Americas Cup to Works and Engineering and other tenants. They offered this deal way ahead of an existing EIA, outside of public policy and with no public consultation or engagement. Why?

    We don’t know why Morgan’s Point was rejected and there has been no indication of the business case for this new land creation versus leasing Morgan’s Point for Americas Cup. Did Morgan’s Point want more than the $39 million we are spending on Cross Island? WEDCo and ACBDA, please release your figures on Morgan’s Point Monday evening.

    WEDCo is creating some of the most expensive land ever in Bermuda and we the tax payers are not only on the hook for it, we are being asked to come up with a revenue model that benefits WEDCo. Who does the land belong to Bermuda and her people or WEDCo?

    WEDCo, please publish your current financials, and all projected scenarios generated with the creation of Cross Island. In addition, what are your terms of reference and metrics with respect to your public consultation process?

    • Terry says:

      I understand all your point AC/DC (jest).
      Was thinking same.
      Gets very confusing.
      One would think Government would own or have rights to the AC reclamation et al.

      Morgans Point is just a bunch of millionares and backers and “People at the Trough” who will benefit for years and they offspring.


      Follow it.

    • archy says:

      why don’t you attend the public meeting and ask?

    • jiggs bda says:

      The Americas Cup Chose Dockyard for its historical significance, not the other way around. Also the WEDCO had been planning this development before AC 35 became an option


      • archy says:

        that is true. this infill was on the cards years ago

    • SMH! says:

      Morgans Point do not have the infrastructure. There is no electricity, no potable water and no sewage treatment.
      The Government would have had to put that all in and it probably would have cost the same or more perhaps.

  3. wahoo says:

    I wonder if it would be worth keeping it as an event destination and encouraging other sport and entertainment promotors to use it. Who knows perhaps the AC crowd would want to come back once in a while.

    • Terry says:

      Very true Wahoo.
      In the intrim who will be fileting wahoo………

    • archy says:

      go to the meeting and put your suggestion forward!

  4. I am sailing says:

    If team oracle wins the AC next year they have the choice to have it in Bda again. So maybe if we are lucky they can use it for another year.