Short Term Use: Cross Island To Host Events

February 16, 2018

The facilities are Bermuda assets which should not sit vacant while a decision is made, so in the short term, the Cross Island area in the west end will be available for events that do not require any permanent structures, with WEDCO entering into an agreement with Savvy Entertainment to manage the site in the short term.

In addition, Moresby House and Star of India buildings and the former BAR Base – are now home to Savvy Entertainment Bermuda.

This was announced by Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch at a press briefing yesterday[Feb 15], Minister Burch said, “Let me begin by introducing – to my immediate left, the Chairman of Wedco Mr. Charlton Dill, next the General Manager of Wedco, Mr. Andrew Dias and next to him Dame Jennifer Smith and to my right Ms. Danilee Trott, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Anthony Blakey – Chief Executive Officer, Savvy Entertainment Bermuda Limited and Mr. Tim Blakey – President of the Savvy Foundation.

“I am delighted to report that the West End Development Corporation [WEDCO] Board has met regularly since their appointment and have made good progress on advancing a host of exciting new initiatives.

The 17-minute live video replay is below:

“I am here today to inform you of two of those initiatives. The first concerns the short and long term use of Cross Island; and the second concerns the use of Moresby House and the Star of India Building.

“The previous Wedco Board had commissioned a sub-committee to deal with this issue, and the Committee engaged the public for input. The executive summary has been provided to the new Board and is still being reviewed.

“While this is not a decision that should be rushed into; we must also keep in mind that these facilities are Bermuda assets which should not continue to sit vacant while a decision is made.

“I am pleased to advise you today, that the Board has decided in the short term, to make this area available for events that do not require any permanent structures.

“WEDCO has entered into an agreement with Savvy Entertainment Bermuda Limited to manage the site in the short term. Savvy Entertainment is a global entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Hamilton, Bermuda.

Minister David Burch press conference Feb 15 2018 (2)

“We are mindful of the $39 million dollar cost for the construction of this site and therefore use of it for events will have a pre-negotiated fee. Revenue raised from events on the island will be passed on to Government to assist with deferring construction costs.

“WEDCO will be releasing further detailed information on their website and other social media on the procedures and contact for booking the island.

“I must note that Savvy Entertainment presented an extensive proposed list of events for this year, while WEDCO has had several enquiries from entities looking to use the island – those details will be passed onto to Savvy.

“An application has been made to the Department of Planning and we expect to see activity on Cross Island in the very near future.

“Secondly, I am also pleased to announce that the Moresby House and Star of India buildings and the former BAR Base – are now home to Savvy Entertainment Bermuda.

“Our country is filled with artistic talent covering all genres of entertainment and culture. Savvy Entertainment is a local company looking to use their expertise and worldwide contacts to help develop local talent.

Minister David Burch press conference Feb 15 2018 (3)

“Savvy Entertainment has most recently held an entertainment showcase and an industry professional networking opportunity at the Earl Cameron Theatre in City Hall featuring local artists Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Seymour, the Simons brothers, Brittany Cox and Sheila Smith; who performed before a panel of international industry professionals including Keri Hilson, Anthony Hamilton, Shanti Das, Anthony Blakey, and Blac Elvis; who also supplied industry advice on how to advance their careers.

“Savvy has relationships with Studios in LA, Atlanta, New York, and London. And looks forward to offering international artists an opportunity to record in a picturesque setting like no other in the world.

“The Savvy Foundation is a USA non-profit organisation that serves youth and young adults with a focus on music, arts, creative entrepreneurship, health and wellness.

Minister David Burch press conference Feb 15 2018 (4)

“The Savvy Foundation Bermuda has applied for charity status in Bermuda but in the interim has already hosted a Jump-2B-Fit event for the Bermuda Heart Foundation and sponsored Impact Mentoring Academy.

“The Foundation’s mission is to educate, inspire, and challenge individuals to reach for their maximum potential while encouraging an attitude of service, compassion and generosity.

“Dame Jennifer Smith, who is here today, has been invited to join the Board of the International Foundation and to serve as the resident Director in Bermuda.”

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  1. Dready says:

    40 million dollars , what a waste. How about the Moresby house, rented yet? Another few million wasted.

    • Clare says:

      Oh, Dready, do you dread reading so much that you missed the second half of the article which explains in detail the new tenant of Moresby House?

      • Put a massive greenhouse.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Great idea. Plants just love salt air & salt spray.

          • wahoo says:

            What do you expect from the pleeple that brought you such things as the Grand Atlantic and rusty thruster walls. OJ and company gave us enough “good ideas” to last 100 years now a green house on the most exposed place we got….?

          • I guess the word HOUSE went over ya head, the purpose for it is to regulate climate control and protect from exterior elements. There are materials that can withstand rust etc.
            What do you expect from people who thought neglecting our infrastructure (schools, seniors, garbage trucks and buses, to pay out of our @$$€$ for a sailboat race for Billionaires.

            • Zevon says:

              Burt was boasting about the numbers created by that sailboat race. Taking full credit for what the last government did. Before he scews it all up.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              And building a greenhouse 20′ away from the ocean in hurricane territory went right over ya head !

      • wahoo says:

        They omitted the detail about rent….how much are they paying?

    • Spanner breath says:

      You talking about wasted money, how about those apartment on south shore, that list is endless papa.

  2. puzzled says:

    I think we need a PLP survey to find out if this area will be stable in 2 years.

    DeSilva Construction et al should be able to help.
    4 million survey needed