PLP Call For Investigation Into Pepper Spray Use

December 2, 2016

“We call for an investigation into why members of the Bermuda Police Service dosed pepper spray indiscriminately into a crowd,” Opposition Leader David Burt said this evening, adding that people “experienced an egregiously violent response to their right to assembly.”

riot police at protest dec 2 2016 (14)

Mr Burt said, “The pepper spraying of senior citizens and others who have assembled in peaceful protest has no place in Bermuda. The images and videos from today cast a stain on our society that will not easily be removed.

“I admire the restraint of the Bermudians who, when faced with hostility, remained non-violent and restrained while their fellow citizens were subject to such actions that many believed were left in Bermuda’s distant past.

“The PLP caucus met this afternoon and we want to express our concern for those who were subjected to heavy handed tactics and required medical attention.

riot police at protest dec 2 2016 (2)

“We strongly condemn violence in all its forms, by all persons. Today, our people were not violent; they experienced an egregiously violent response to their right to assembly.

“Myself and colleagues have already spoken with both the Acting Governor and the Commissioner of Police to express our profound dismay at what took place today.

“We call for an investigation into why members of the Bermuda Police Service dosed pepper spray indiscriminately into a crowd.

“We sincerely hope that the Commissioner of Police will not put at risk the good relations that the BPS has built with members of the community by excusing actions which callously crossed the line.

“The people of this country peacefully assembled in a call for transparency and they should never again be subject to the trauma they experienced today.”

You can see our live updates here, and all our coverage of today’s protest here.

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  1. O'Brien says:

    Simple question for you, Mr Burt: do you condone the unlawful blockading of Parliament by your supporters? Yes or no.

    • Ben says:

      Simple question for you, Mr. O’Brien: Do you condone a police officer pepper-spraying indiscriminately into a crowd with no justifiable provocation? Yes or no.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Little hard to say it was indiscriminately without an investigation, it is also wrong of Mr. Burt to say his supporters were “restraint of the Bermudians who, when faced with hostility, remained non-violent and restrained” when the videos show several of them trying to club the police officers, while they were trying to clear those who were unlawfully blocking access to the house. It is also a mark against Mr. Burt for encouraging just this action with his constant emotional whipping up of his supporters against this issue with what is now clear and in some cases fabricated misrepresentations, one only needs read all available documentation (including the emails) with an open mind and a grasp at just where and what we are facing to see that this is probably the best deal we will find for our problem.

        Or you could go on believing the Burt mathematics of lost billions of revenue and that PLP have a secret miracle solution to this issue that won’t burden us in deeper debt than what they left us with… while he tries to distract from his own senior party members alleged misrepresentation and dodging of self-incrimination in other matter before this society.

      • almost says:

        Were they breaking the law after requests to move? Yes.

        • Hmmm says:

          The police were right to take the actions they did…Burt, you started this nonsense playing games. Your games if continued will likely result in someone getting seriously hurt. Blood on your hands will destroy your political career.

          • Nikki says:

            @Hmmm….Are you serious?!Please correct me if i’m wrong, was it “right” for our Police Officers (who are dutified to protect & serve)to assault our seniors?!HELL NO!!
            ” Burt, you started this nonsense playing games.” What type of nonsense are you typing! Let me ask you this Hmmm, did Mr. Burt assault anyone? NO! So please explain to me how he started this & will have blood on his hands?!

            • 32n64w says:

              The police provided guidance well in advance recommending protestors not prevent free movement or access to the House. Their advice was willfully ignored. You can’t blame them for the ensuing action. Only the PLP leadership should shoulder than burden.

            • Party Whip? says:

              Look at every war or battle in history and you will find that the ones that give the orders are never on the frontline. Does that mean they were bot responsible?

            • Skytrain says:

              Watch the whole video you will see the ring leaders setting up the “front line”, of seniors at the gate minutes before the main police line approached. The leaders backed the seniors against the gate so they had nowhere to go. Then the other men pushed the police from the sides and rear causing a very dangerous crush at the gate. This was a tactic all day long and was orchestrated by the ring leaders. The police had no choice but to disperse the crowd. More serious injury would have resulted.

            • Action /words have a way of stirring people up . When asked to move on by a police officer, you must move. When you disobey , you commit an offence. Additionally , acts of civil disobedience are allowed under the law . But when you resist arrest, you like wise commit an offence . The Governor/ Police must state clearly before Friday what they expect to happen . What rules they will put in place around parliament and what will be consequences if the law is broken . That’s it. The debate must take place in Parliament, not on the street.

        • the truth will set you free says:

          Almost: Because there is a law in place that does not make the law moral or just. Slavery, Apartheid and Segregation was lawful but they were unjust, immoral and inhumane.

      • O'Brien says:

        If you are told repeatedly that you are unlawfully obstructing access to a public place (Parliament, no less), asked several times to move and given every chance to do so, told that you may be forcibly moved if you don’t, and then remain on the scene even as riot police arrive…it’s completely foreseeable that you might be harmed in the inevitable scuffle. I’m having difficulty mustering sympathy.

      • Izzypop says:

        Yes because they were asked to move. And they didn’t.
        And remember some if those protestors had their own arms. So they came prepared for a fight. It’s to bad it came to this really sad. It they did it to themselves. And the demonstrators probley put the elder in the front thinking the police would stand down.

        • Marge says:

          Why on Gods green earth every time there is a call to come out and show support the P.L.P. these real old timers come out ? where the hell is the young folks ?
          People be aware of the likes of Burt and the deputy premier…

      • O.M.G says:

        You all should have not broken the law get away from the gate. Very sad that you have a brand new leader and he wants people to just walk off there jobs. And you want to run this country god help us but ya they don’t protest again there own. The airport needs to be built so just get over it. You all built that monstrosity of an hospital and no protesting why because we needed it.

        • Nikki says:

          You’re also talking nonsense! Mr. Burt along with our Unions DIDN’T advise us to walk off our jobs. Those that decided to “PEACFULLY PROTEST” done so without direction!

          • hmmm says:

            So how did you hear about it, how did they here about it, who ultimately started it…because it is right there in the press.

          • 32n64w says:

            You must be one of only a handful of Bermudians who weren’t aware the PLP issued a press release calling for this act of civil disobedience. Why is that? You clearly have access to social media and Bernews, both of which widely reported his call to arms.

          • Party Whip? says:

            You mean you didn’t get the email sent to many by Mr. Burt? I didn’t but a co-worker of mine did.

          • Jay M says:

            Blocking the democratically elected government from meeting, isnt a peaceful protest. A government cant have mobs of people thinking they can do this whenever they want.

    • Its me again says:

      Yeah im all for democracy and I think the protesters may have overstepped this time however pepper spraying old people isnt the answer and it surely didnt help the cause today.

      That was someones grandmother aunt or mother, If she was my relative the BPS would have found themselves in some serious hot water

      • 32n64w says:

        Perhaps the PLP elites shouldn’t have pushed these same persons to the front lines and instead manned the perimeter themselves? Or maybe this just proves their cowardice and rampant acts of selfishness purely for political gain?

    • I can't believe it. says:

      They don’t care. I guarantee you that if it were white seniors involved, they would never have pepper sprayed them. I think the OBA have sealed their faith though. They would never gain Government again.

    • Truth Teller says:

      O’Brien do you not concede that peaceful civil disobedience does form part of our democratic culture and constitutional framework…

    • ken says:

      Under Section 18 of the Trade Union Act 1965, registered trade unions must submit an annual return to the Registrar General by June 1 every year. That includes an audited statement of receipts, funds and effects of the trade union, and a completed Form P, which provides the names of the union’s officers and trustees.

      “Of the remaining trade unions, two have only their 2012 annual returns outstanding, four have outstanding annual returns for 2011 and 2012, and one has not submitted an annual return since 1997 due to technical and organisational challenges.”

  2. jt says:

    I agree with looking into the use of the spray.
    What does Mr. Burt have to say about statements/threats by Burgess?

  3. What you think says:

    There is no justification for pepper spraying these people, none whatsoever. This surely will not be forgotten. The OBA has demonstrated blatantly that they have no regard for Bermudians, ESPECIALLY if they would instruct the police to act in such a nasty & disheartening manner towards our people.
    Totally unacceptable.

    • Zevon says:

      It’s frikkin pepper spray. Not bullets. It’s a nonlethal way of making mobs disperse. The people were all better after a few hours.

      • sage says:

        Well, every action causes an equal and opposite reaction, and this was unnecessary escalation. The protesters were breaking the law but sending the little”riot squad” in like that was not the best way to deal with these people (sending them to charge and disperse a wall would have made more sense, the wall wouldn’t push them backwards and hit’em with an umbrella). Seems the gold commander and others thought everyone would run away screaming in fear, fall right back in line and immediately begin supporting the airport contract. Hoping cooler heads prevail.

      • Nikki says:

        You’re an @%$*!!

    • Ride says:

      The OBA cannot instruct the Police Service to use pepper spray. There are established protocols on when and how to use it. Previous protest have not crossed the line into the protocols that required its use. This one did.

    • Really? says:

      What does this have anything to do with the OBA? When you can’t distinguish between different branches of governance within Bermuda, there’s not much point having a political debate…

    • JohnBoy says:

      Mr What Do You Think – what did any of that have to do with the OBA? I didn’t get pepper sprayed – oh wait, I wasn’t blocking an entrance to a public building where laws are debated.

    • Misleading information says:

      Before saying he or the OBA ordered it. Get the real facts first. If you don’t understand how the government works then I suggest you keep your comments to yourself.

    • Hmmm says:

      @what you think. You clearly didn’t watch and listen to the police report. Go do so, to educate yourself on why and how things happen. it has nothing to to with the OBA.

    • Spectator says:

      The OBA can’t instruct the police what do to, especially pepper spray the people you idiot! If anything blame the police and yes they should have ARRESTED first and then SPRAYED if need be. Shameful that you think the OBA would actually tell the police what to do (which THEY CAN’T) but you just take any information as truth, and I was there for the whole thing.

    • 32n64w says:

      The OBA, or any Government of the day for that matter, don’t control the BPS despite the former PLP Government trying to do so. Stop spreading lies, disinformation and innuendo.

    • ken says:


    • Jay M says:

      You do realise that there isnt an OBA minister standing there commanding the cops to spray people right?

      You know that the cops have no political allegience and deal with situations in accordance with their training.

      If there’s an unruly mob halting the democratically elected government from meeting, what do you think is going to happen? No country anywhere in in the world allows this to happen, but people are so surprised that they cant just indefinitely suspend the business of the goverment who won the election?

  4. King Jammys says:

    If we can stop the new airport then we kill the 2000 new jobs election promise. WHAT DO WE WANT? POVERTY! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!

    • Think About It says:

      You mean the 2000 new jobs for guest workers?

      • Jay says:

        Yes of course. Theyre gonna hire 2000 immigrant workers and no Bermudians will benefit. That would be insane. If you believe that then youll believe the moon is made of cheese.

    • Portia says:

      The airport will not create anywhere near 2000 jobs. Aecon has not promised that. (And if it did, it still isn’t worth pepper spraying people over). Read Larry Burchall’s last article. You are laboring under false perceptions, friend.

    • You mean de 2000 jobs that are 4 years late, must be over 3000 now. And some fools will fall for it again.

    • ken says:


      Under Section 18 of the Trade Union Act 1965, registered trade unions must submit an annual return to the Registrar General by June 1 every year. That includes an audited statement of receipts, funds and effects of the trade union, and a completed Form P, which provides the names of the union’s officers and trustees.

      “Of the remaining trade unions, two have only their 2012 annual returns outstanding, four have outstanding annual returns for 2011 and 2012, and one has not submitted an annual return since 1997 due to technical and organisational challenges.”

  5. Bill says:

    Jingle bells Jingle Bells Jingle All de way. woops wrong article

  6. Unbelievable says:

    First of all, pepper spray was introduced under the PLP. Second, the protestors were asked before 9 am to not block the gate to the House of Assembly. It’s on record. The police had a duty to open a way for people to enter the House and the crowd pushed back. It is illegal to prevent people from the freedom of movement. That is EXACTLY what the protestors were doing.

    We all know no police provoked the crowd. We all know this so please let’s all stop frontin’. It will be interesting to see the body cams as to who actually provoked who.

    • Think About It says:

      They had freedom of movement; the freedom to walk away and go back to their offices. They could have easily reconvened at a later date. Also, obstructing freedom of movement and right to enter are not the same thing. Please don’t forget (as most do) that governments are elected to serve the people and their interests and not the other way around.

      • No Longer A Memeber says:

        What is the law? Did they break the law? what are the consequences for breaking the law? Think about it!!!!

    • Destroyer says:

      If the PLP is incessent on demonizing the police, and maintaining its stance that the crowd remained peaceful, I’d like to know if they have seen the tapes … police swung at with an umbrella, an obvious crowd swell and advancing towards police rather than remaining in place and holding ground …

      • Happy says:

        I saw the umbrella swing too and then it passed back through the crowd.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Let’s also investigate the guy in the white hat who hit the police office in the head with his umbrella. I thought Burt and others said this was a non-violent/peaceful protest?

    • trump supporter says:

      They have blinders on with select vision. See and hear what they want.

      • OnionBird says:

        Those with there cell phones out videoing only selected pieces that tell the story they want to tell, which isn’t the truth. Sadly, the majority of protesters were far from peaceful. The PLP/PC are not exactly being honest & they are doing everything thing “to cast doubt” they are Bermuda’s version of Trump’s campaign.

        The thing is it would cost more for the Bermuda Government to borrow, than to have someone build it for us as whatever revenue would go to the loan, maintenance, wages, etc. and Bermuda would have to hand over the Deeds to the Airport properties (buildings & runways). More than likely there will be slumps in travel over the next few decades (look what 911 & the recession, plus hurricanes have done to us!), where would the revenue come from then to pay for the loan??? Do we want to lose our major gateway (runway), if we can’t pay the loan on time? Also we are bottomed out for borrowing, the only good deal would be if EVERY BERMUDIAN has $4,000,000.00 or more in their bank accounts to invest in it &, sadly, WE do not! As a reminder of defaulting on a loan . . . Look what happened to the Corporation of Hamilton with that loan using Par-la-Ville car park as CH are not out of the woods yet, while the $18,000,00.00 is still missing.

    • Think About It says:

      Let’s not forget that there are two sides to every story. You don’t know if the man was provoked by the officer. Looking at the video, with the amount of people around them, you can’t clearly see what happened, other than he hit the officer.

      • Spectator says:

        Regardless of whether he was provoked by the police IT’S ILLEGAL TO ATTACK/HIT THE POLICE ya dummy!

        • Think About It says:

          …..No… it’s not. You have the right to protect yourself from anyone, Police or not. So if a police officer attacks you, you’ll sit there and take it? Dummy?

  8. Jus' Askin' says:

    The officer(s) should be dismissed without their pension(s)

    They endangered the lives of the other officers as well as members of the public.

    This is an Opportunity for the OBA to fix this situation and get rid of that Bad Element(s). Bermuda does not need this sort of actions from the BPS. Police and Public relations was making Positive strides forward.

    Who Gave the Order for the Riot Police?
    They too should be dismissed!!!

    Where Was/Is the Minister?


    • Pequat1609 says:

      Sadly the bad elements were all in the mob that assembled while everyone has the freedom to assemble you must still follow the rule of law The police advised the organizers and demonstrators not to block the entrances yet they did so anyway after being aske d to move on a number of times the riot squad moved in The protesters had already lost any moral argument by not moving the police were attacked by a number of people including a woman and someone with an umbrella THEN pepper spray was introduced. Had the mob followed the orders given we would not have had the violent confrontation that ensued. We are a country of laws and you can’t cherry pick democracy it doesn’t work like that. Worst still you are being used by one shrewd man to stave off what is inevitable and I hope and pray he gets his just reward and winds up in Her Majesties prison

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        If You really look, BPS initially blocked the gates and Denied the Citizens their Freedom to Assemble on PUBLIC Grounds

        I am not ‘cherry picking’, I am jus’ askin’ why is it that the law was broken to enforce the law?

    • hmmm says:

      Nothing to do with the OBA…watch the full police press conference.

      the fact that you are so uninformed, misinformed leads me to believe you probably have not read all the documentation on the airport, but rather got your insight from heresay.

      Stop being lazy and educate yourself in the real truth…not the truth the PLP want you to believe.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Did You even read my post?

        I am calling on the OBA to look into the Pepper Spray incident and Get rid of those that sprayed the people, from behind I might add.

        No where in My post did I mention the airport but as YOU always prove, facts don’t matter to YOU

  9. Vote for Me says:

    A dangerous narrative that is developing from comments attributed to the Deputy Governor, Premier and Police Commissioner is that the protestors caused the escalation. I hope that does not form the basis of their preparation for next Friday!

    To paraphrase MP Crockwell, today’s events should have been foreseen and therefore prevented.

    It is clear from any objective review of the various recordings of today’s events that the deployment of the riot police caused the escalation. To his credit, Chris Furbert firmly rebukes any protestors that ‘act out’ at protests.

    Let me hasten to add that there was a natural conflict with the protest because Speaker Horton, and by extension Premier Dunkley, has a duty to ensure that the weekly sitting of the House proceeds as scheduled. In that context, an agreed one week recess might have helped to calm the situation and provide more time for constructive discussion with MP Burt.

    In the words of Larry Burchall at the conclusion of the Thursday forum, in times of need, Leaders Lead! Bermuda needs the Premier to demonstrate more appropriate leadership at this pivotal moment for Bermuda. Ironically, former Premier Cannonier might be a good resource for the current Premier.

    A lesson from today is that relevant Officers need to rethink their crowd control strategies. To start, the call for a demonstration was obvious after Thursday’s town hall meeting. A basic preparation would have allowed for at least one ‘safe passage’ into the House grounds, using barricades and manned officers. This would have then been a secure access for politicians and any necessary staff.

    Given the likely racial makeup of the demonstrators, more thought can also be given to the officers assigned to secure the grounds, especially the senior officers. Familiar faces tend to be more successful is resolving disputes.

    We have 7 days to learn from today’s events!

    The ‘authorities’ cannot take the easy way out and blame the protestors for the escalation. Instead, they have a duty of care to the protestors, attending officers, MPs and Bermuda at large to be better prepared.

    Assuming that there will be a similar protest with potentially double the numbers next week, is the answer to deploy the Regiment in addition to the riot squad? CLEARLY NOT!!

    • Marge says:

      What happened to Larry Burchall ? I have always had the utmost respect for this guy….. but after his recent comments on a certain talk show that is so biased, I and others have lost all respect for him…. I thought Sir John, and Larry were on the same page in regards to politics in bda…. what happened ?

  10. John says:

    Mr.Burt and Co are paid politicians and they work in parliament he incites people to March and barricade against the democratic process and stop the elected government doing the people’s work

    • Hmmm says:

      Burt had the power to call the protest, Burt had the power to ask people to move once the police gave their final warning after hours of discussion. Burt chose not to protect people, but to put them in harms way. Burt is responsible for this. Hold him accountable people.

  11. Just saying says:

    The use of pepper spray is not the fault of the OBA, it is the bad decision of certain members of the BPS. I put the blame on the COP and the lack of training to deal with these type of situations full stop. I would be looking for answers from the COP, falling that, the Acting Governor to deal with them on the consequences of not understanding there Job.

    • sage says:

      Well the COP already shifted blame to the “gold commander” and the protesters. Watching that little riot squadron led by a 5 foot tall woman run into the crowd and get pushed backwards and forced to retreat was great material for police fails videos on you tube. The OBA have told the police what Dunkley repeated in his stern faced speech, that this can’t become the norm (accepts no blame), so they are ramping it up. Smart cops would have de-escalated the situation. Watching that cop in black, spray seniors with pepper spray rather than just locking the gate was pathetic.

      • serengeti says:

        Maybe the thugs shouldn’t have brought their grannies to the riot.

  12. Mercy says:

    The PLP are one horrendously paranoid bunch huh

  13. Realist says:

    David Burt is motivated purely by power. Unfortunately, he is not a leader. He’s the cause of the escalated situation. I’m glad pepper spray was used. Not get the airport done so there few trouble makers can get over it!

  14. Serious says:

    Where’s the public outcry when another on your “sons” have been MURDERED….you know, with a GUN?!

    I’m sorry for this island that things have escalated, but they were asked to move multipul times and they didn’t. So what did everyone think was going to happen?

    • mike says:

      “Where’s the public outcry when another on your “sons” have been MURDERED….you know, with a GUN?!”

      Your comment is sad! It doesn’t matter to you because its not your son getting murdered right? You would never show your support for our murdered sons because it doesn’t affect you does it?

      • Serious says:

        My point was that there are more important things going on then someone getting something in their eyes thats temporary verse someone being murdered which is permanent!

        And ps….the lastest murder was a friend of mine so don’t ever assume it doesn’t effect me.


    • TSOL says:

      There is no political advantage to be gained by the PLP when it’s a guy shooting another guy. That’s why there is no political outrage by them.

  15. Somuchhate says:

    It was prepped spray!!! It is considered a NON LETHAL WEAPON. Effects of which last up to an hour.
    The police actually showed a lot of restraint. These ‘innocent people’ were yelling at, spitting on, kicking and punching the police. In one video you can see one of them get hit by an umbrella, and another got attacked with a stick. All the while these people are breaking the law. Unbelievable

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets have a Royal Comission into the use of pepper spray. Lets spend hundreds of thousands talking, talking, talking over a straight forward justified use of pepper spray.

    A crowd formed. The crowd was repeatedly told not to block the access to the HOA. The crowd failed to comply with police commands. The crowd got sprayed.

    There you go. The whole thing in two lines.

    • Misleading information says:

      What has made this situation worse is all the misleading and false information that people are spreading around. It is right there on camera. The police asked them to move many times and he was cut off by their chanting. They didn’t even let him speak! What they did expect? That they would be immune to the law??

  17. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Orchestrated deflection by those unseen to the sheeple masses! This was planned. Wake up Bermuda!! Leaders are also followers to the unseen Antagonist.

  18. hmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    also call an inquiry into how an MP can threaten police on record and not be dealt with. first and foremost that should be the first case in court on Monday.

  19. No laughing matter says:

    You were instructed by the police to move and not block the entrance to the house. You refused police orders, now face the consequences. Don’t come crying foul on the police. You know darn-skippy well that when the police instructs you to do something, you comply. Same as in traffic. If the police instructs you to stop your vehicle, do you stop or do you keep on driving? There was no difference here. An order is an order. You were given an instruction by the police to move from the entrance because you were breaking the law by obstructing the democratic process and by denying other people their right to perform their duties. I saw the videos, so stop with the peaceful protest excuses. Stop with the selective amnesia. There were some clear instigators in that crowd who are nothing but trouble, yet the PLP and BIU have the nerve to ask the police to exercise restraint. How about the PLP and BIU make the instigators stand down and get cracking? Leave it to the genuine protesters with no hidden agenda to carry on with their right of free speech in a LAWFUL manner.

    The best thing from now on is police officers standing guard at the entrance of the house (the gate and pathway to the house) 24/7 until things calm down. Also barricades must be setup so protesters can stand a short distance AWAY from the entrance to the house.

  20. aceboy says:

    How do I get rid of the airport deal propaganda/full of bs video that keeps showing up when I try and play a YouTube video? Getting sick of hitting “Skip”. Can the OBA please release one refuting the idiocy contained in the PLP production?

  21. Glenda R. says:

    Clearly a division in BERMUDA!

  22. Terry says:

    A well planned and executed course of event by the PLP/BIU.

    On the anniversary of the 1977 riots the buses stop running, a march on Parliament is called (many bus drivers in attendance ) and the rent a elder crew is there as protection level.

    A member of the PLP an MP running his mouth about ammunition and a Union boss running his mouth and another union boss inciting.

    They put the old grannies who have relatives (jingus, never thought of that) on the front lines as defence and a few or many start acting up and the spray comes out because no one wants to obey the law which they are breaking and they know it.

    Well planned and executed as I stated and they can use the pepper spraying as an excuse about how the Police did this to old ladies and men.

    All but design from the tweets and emails of the BIU/PLP cabinet.

    By any means necessary.

    Glad I won’t be using the buses and airport.

    Shalom Bermuda.

  23. mike says:

    All you COWARDS on Bernews support the government decision but none of you showed up to support them yesterday but would prefer to hide behind a keyboard and comment! lol a bunch of coward cockroaches you are! the whole lot of you!!! lmao

    • Serious says:

      Some of us can’t just don’t walk off our jobs because we’d be fired. Not all if us are protected by unions!!

      • the truth will set you free says:

        Serious: You do not know if the majority of people there walked off from their jobs. It is obvious you want to stick to one narrative but people do have lunch breaks.

  24. No Longer A Memeber says:

    The question is who provoked this needs to be asked? What is the real agenda with Mr Burt and this protest? Is there a law for inciting crowds with provoking saying of hate on talk shows? Is there a law of provoking saying of gun violets by MP’s? Where will Bermuda be in a few years time as the island will not be able to afford it’s public services due to no confidence in investing in loans to Bermuda? Does any one see a future with radicle leaders that have already proven they have created debt this island? Where will the union leaders get there big pay checks when there aren’t many working due to no money to pay them? Where are we to go when there is no foreign finances for the purchase of common groceries? Sad day Bermuda, but there are sadder days to come for a very long time, maybe eternally!!!

  25. John says:

    They should investigate why all the PLP party present at the protest hid behind old men and women ? Maybe they knew if they did the were acting unlawfully ? Hmmm

  26. John says:

    Also I did not know as a visitor or non work permit holder one can protest in Bermuda hmmm strange ?,?,.,

  27. Cedar Stump says:

    In less than a month as leader of the PLP, David Burt has orchestrated a near riot with HIS people being pepper sprayed! Remember, David Burt called this demonstration. Along with the Burgess and Furbert to stir the pot, what do you expect ? Bermuda is in for some fun times. Dr. Evil Brown says “Get power back by any means”

  28. Y-Gurl says:

    I don’t call for an investigation, I call for the resignation of the top cop, he is solely accountable for what goes on, can really blame the PC layer, they are just puppets and do what they are told, we all know this kind of behavior from the BPS was completely unjustified and despite what DeSilva says there were no assaults BEFORE the police took the in called for measures, time for change at the top..that’s what we should be protesting for!!

    • Watcher says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion gurl but you are factually wrong when you say no officer was assaulted before the came down to the house in their helmets. I watched an officer about 10 in the morning getting wailed on by one of our people with a big cedar walking staff he was beating the officer in the legs and it was completely unprovoked. So just saying facts are facts and right is right some of our people were way in the wrong too

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Not true….I was there and this is the only defense the cops can offer for their deplorable behavior

  29. god1st says:

    Rebel rousers Got a taste of their own medicine

  30. Common Sense says:

    This scene was not pretty. No doubt the PLP are well pleased with the result. It was what they planned would happen. Any thinking person can see this. It was a cynical action that was well choreographed– Block the entrance; refuse to move when asked to by the police; provoke and assault the police until they react, and then try to blame the OBA.
    How much damage are the PLP prepared to do to the Island in their lust for power. We are shooting ourselves in the foot: can’t we see it?

  31. ImJustSayin says:

    Wear goggles or shatter-resistant glasses if you plan to be up front. If you plan to be on the front lines in front of a counter-protest or the police, you need something to protect your eyes in case things get ugly, preferably something with a seal around the eyes. Sure, you don’t want pepper spray in your eyes, but you don’t want spit from someone shouting at you in your eyes either.A dry bandana over your hair and another soaked with vinegar or cider vinegar. Keep the soaked bandana in a sealed plastic bag until it’s needed. If your group winds up being tear gassed, the soaked bandana can provide some relief until you can leave the area safely and calmly, without getting trampled. Most tear gas isn’t actually “gas,” but a chemical suspended in fine smoke, so you don’t need to show up in a full gas mask, but if you can get one from a surplus store, it might help to have stashed in your backpack. Instructables has several methods to make one as well.

  32. ImJustSayin says:

    Stuff a backpack with towels or a second set of clothes in a sealed plastic bag. The padding on your front will give you a little protection if the police jab you back with a baton (and give you a chance to comply and move back without falling down in pain) and gives you another place to store items you want quick access to, like an ID card, permit to gather, or something else you may need to present to the police when asked

  33. ImJustSayin says:

    I blame the Speaker of the House who should have closed the host Ford the day. The Police for making a poor decision to try and bum rush the crowd. A very stupid thing to do. Yes they were breaking the law simple take pictures of the offenders send out court summons later.

  34. ROGER says: