Daniel Woods Given Kitson Group Scholarship

January 30, 2017

The Kitson Group of Companies has named Daniel Woods as the recipient of a company scholarship, receiving funds to aid with his studies in the United Kingdom.

Jane Burt, Manager of the Residential Real Estate Department at Kitson Group of Companies, said, “The Kitson Group is committed to moving young Bermudians with a dedicated work ethic towards a career path for their own development and the future benefit of Bermuda; this forms an important part of the group’s ongoing philanthropic efforts within the local community.

“Daniel Woods is the third young Bermudian to receive sponsorship from the Company over the past 10 years. Studying at Kingston University in London UK, Daniel started a 3 year RICS degree in Property Appraisal & Management in September.

“Daniel had already completed his undergraduate studies but wanted to further his education with a focus on obtaining qualification for a specific career path. He has completed his first semester and will benefit from employment within the company while in Bermuda during his vacations and will also have the opportunity to work with Kitson Real Estate upon completion of his degree.

“Two other young Bermudians received post secondary scholarships and are actively working in Bermuda today. Teko Harvey, was working as a kitchen porter at Rosedon Hotel and had completed 2 years of undergraduate coursework at the Bermuda College while working full time.

“Consequently, when he approached the Kitson Group executive for financial assistance to complete his undergraduate studies, he had already gained recognition for his work ethic, positive attitude and dedication to advancing himself.

“Teko was awarded a scholarship by the Kitson Group in 2010 to complete an undergraduate degree at the University of Tampa in Florida, USA with studies in accounting and business. Upon graduation, Teko worked for two years as a clerk in the Kitson Group finance department followed by two years at Kitson Insurance Services, Ltd. as a claims inspector.

“Teko currently works in the Kitson Commercial Real Estate division with a focus on project and property management.

“Jelani Lightbourne obtained a summer internship in 2007 with the Kitson Group of Companies while attending secondary school in Bermuda. Jelani proved himself as someone eager to learn and grow and earned the respect of his senior managers in the insurance division.

“As a direct result of his positive attitude and the promise that he showed, he received full sponsorship to complete an undergraduate degree in business administration at St. Mary’s University in Canada. Jelani worked at Kitson Insurance Services Ltd. during his vacations and upon graduating commenced a full-time position while continuing his education with studies at the Bermuda Insurance Institute.

“Jelani ultimately moved on to work with an exempt company in the international insurance business.

“The Kitson Group of Companies is proud to be one of the the oldest local family businesses in Bermuda and is celebrating 70 years in business this year; they continue to be dedicated to instilling and furthering integrity and an ethical approach to business and life within the local community.

“The scholarship opportunities highlighted above form an integral part of their ongoing commitment to supporting positive opportunities for Bermudians and giving back to the local community.

“Their contributions to the local community stretch back over many decades and their ongoing philanthropic efforts have included scholarships and contributions to local charities and philanthropic organisations in excess of $1 million over the past 10 years.”

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