Road Collision Statistics: ER Treats Four A Day

February 22, 2017

More than four people a day were treated in the emergency department as a result of road collisions in 2016, figures from the Bermuda Hospitals Board reveal.

Road collision statistics for last year show that 1,557 people required treatment at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“This is a shocking statistic and it should really make people think about how they drive,” said a spokesperson for the Bermuda Road Safety Council.

“Unfortunately, people will read this and continue to behave appallingly on the roads.

Graphic provided by the Bermuda Road Safety Council:

RSC road stats Bermuda Feb 22 2017

“The Road Safety Council will continue to do everything we can to advise people to think about the consequences of their actions when using the roads.

“People need to think about how the decisions they take when riding and driving can impact themselves, their loved ones and other road users who could be harmed for the rest of their lives, if they survive.”

“Last year’s collisions resulted in one hundred and sixty-seven people receiving treatment in the acute care wing and 34 had to be treated in ICU. Eight of the people treated were under the age of 18.”

The spokesperson added that according to Bermuda Police Service figures: “Between 2007 and last year, Bermuda lost 114 people to road collisions, of which 104 were men and ten were women.

“Recognizing the magnitude of the problem with motorcycle collisions, the Minister of Transport, Sen. Michael M. Fahy has directed the BRSC to develop a comprehensive Graduated Licensing Programme which will include on road training for new riders, and has also pledged to introduce speed cameras, both of which will assist in improving the road safety issue.”

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  1. sage says:

    Not even a mention of drunk driving, very telling. We need stats on alcohols’ role in “accidents” and other drugs involvement, separately itemized, in order to enact meaningful laws. Does anyone agree?

  2. AD says:

    I think there is a pretty simple two step solution here.

    1) Impose a mandatory 6mths off the road if you are caught doing over 65kph. If you need to drive for work (truck driver, etc) then you can still drive that specific business vehicle during business hours, otherwise its mandatory off the road for all vehicles. Oh and if you get caught driving a vehicle during those 6mths – you do two nights in jail, and the 6 mth ban starts all over again.

    2) Aggressive and sustained speed traps

  3. PBanks says:

    Publishing the stats is a good step up. 1500 people going to the Emergency Room? Push that out there.

    This still has to go hand in hand with a dedicated campaign to get drivers to think more, and get bad drivers off the road, but this is the info we ought to have on flyers and signage.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    The numbers really say something about our standard of driving when you consider that our speed limit is not much faster than your average golf cart.

  5. How long do they wait?
    What is the charge on adverage?
    Funny thing triage….four actual doctors charge out, and they get the forth to do a deed.One peeks in…one reads your chart…the third engages in conversation…and the fourth treats you.

  6. Really says:

    Stop allowing the hospital to be used as a doctors office, when caught drunk driving triple your car insurance, what happened to the one good thing the PLP did do, they set those machines up that if you drove by it with an uninsured vehicle you were charged every day! Remember those things you had to have put on your car along with the registration. I agree release the statics of how many of these hospital visits are drunk related. Can we just do something here anything here without consulting with every possible department you can think of!

  7. Nuts says:

    I am not shocked at all by these numbers. I ride to and from town every day from St. George’s on my scooter and am appalled by the way other bike drivers go flat out past me passing buses, container trucks anything that is in their way even on blind corners. Totally selfish behaviour – not only will they devastate their friends and family but also the innocent bystander drivers that have to witness them mashed up and bloody all over the road.