Photos: Shelly Bay Beach House Renovations

February 4, 2017 | 16 Comments

Renovations are ongoing at the Shelly Bay Beach House in Hamilton Parish with a new restaurant, an ice cream counter, a beach rental shop and expansion to the existing eastern parking area being among the items listed by the Planning Department.

A Ministry of Public Works spokesperson said, “The lease was awarded to Shelly Bay Beach House Ltd. who are presently carrying out major renovations to the building.

“The finished building will provide a new restaurant facility. It is anticipated that the works will be complete in time for this tourist season. The operators [Shelly Bay Beach House Ltd] will be providing beach equipment and amenities during the upcoming season.”

According to the Planning Department an application by Shelly Bay Beach House Ltd was received in August 2016 and a permit was issued in November.

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-1

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-2

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-3

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-4

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-5

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-6

Shelly Bay Beach House Bermuda, January 2017-7

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  1. Widget says:

    I dive by this project every day, despite the rain your making good progress.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the finished project.

    All the very best

  2. #saveourplayground

    • Show Me says:

      I don’t believe the approved plans included any disruption or change to the playground.

    • Onion says:


      You know that people park right next to that playground all the time even though there isn’t a car park. I hope you’re down there every nice weekend and public holiday demanding that they move.

    • Widget says:

      @Onion Juice

      That playground should be moved the the upper level, fully rebuild and expnded with newer safer equipment.

  3. James H says:

    At least the campers will still be able to go there cup match weekend. The other 360 days will be unused but that’s what protests are all about!

  4. Ellen M Carlson says:

    My goodness! I lived at Shelley Bay Beach House in the 60′s when it was a private home. It was wonderful living there with my parents and siblings. We were blessed to be able to live there when we did. I graduated from Kindley High School. I have many fond memories of the years I lived in Bermuda. Some day, soon, I hope, I will be able to visit Bermuda again with my husband, and Shelley Bay Beach House will certainly be on our agenda.

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