Ministry: Bus Cancellations For Friday March 17

March 17, 2017

A number of bus routes have been cancelled today [March 17], the Ministry said, with the list below being sent out by the Ministry who said, “Please see attached bus cancellations [2 attachments] for this morning Friday March 17, 2017, noting the specific routes affected.” Some of the routes listed do not have specific times included, and Bernews has asked for clarification about the cancellations, and will update as able.


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  1. JAYBIRD says:


  2. just wondering says:

    why all these cancellations?? is it because two buses are out due to the maintenance issues?? Can we be told why we are being taxed more an yet the “service” provided by the Civil “Service” seems to get progressively worse – whether it be trash collection, road maintenance, mail delivery etc etc
    Perhaps more importantly if we cant even manage buses in the off season for us residents how on earth are we going to cope during America’s Cup??

    • JJ says:

      There are way more than two buses out due to issues. Most of the ones that are still on the road need to be put “out of service”. One of the issues is that money is being put in the wrong places. Tourism recently got another boost, normally, there wouldn’t be a problem with that. When you are getting an influx of people and not enough transportation to handle the load, you end up the the best way of advertising, word of mouth.
      I’m not saying I disagree with the money going into tourism, my point is that where the money needs to go, it isn’t going.
      The first thing people do when the drivers go on strike is beat them down into the ground. For the most part, it’s the people who don’t catch the bus. They don’t understand the condition the buses are in. I don’t agree with them striking, at all, however, I understand where they are coming from. When it’s for the correct reason.
      Last summer there were some elderly tourist on an older bus. The a/c didn’t work and the shocks… well, we all felt every single bump in the road. It was a hot day, very hot day. Now, if it’s an 82 degree day and you’re sitting on a bus filled with people, no a/c, no clouds in the sky, sun blazing, 100% humidity; how hot is it on that bus? It’s at least 90 degrees and if you are toward the back of the bus, it’s even worse because you have even more heat coming from the engine. Back to the tourist, they had to get off because they couldn’t take the heat and this is after they paid to get on. Imagine a pregnant lady in the same position… The question I pose is, who do you think people will listen to more? The commercials or word of mouth?
      We are about to be on a very large stage with the America’s Cup, has anyone in tourism along with transportation, taken into consideration that it’s going to be time for the cruise ships as well? The entire problem with the passengers loading up the buses in dockyard has not been solved yet! There are hotels and guest houses along the way,before you get to Barnes Corner. I don’t need to hear you have buses that leave from Barnes Corner.
      We as an entire island need to support one another and stop finger pointing about who’s at fault. We need a solution, not a band aid… At the end of the day, we all know that word of mouth is a better deal and it’s free.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    What’s wrong now??

  4. Stinky D. says:

    I find it strange that They never cancel the Warwick Academy or Sommersfield School buses

    • PBanks says:

      It’s been suspected that the buses used on the school runs are the ones experiencing the mechanical issues – just like the one that caught fire the other day.

      • serengeti says:

        The one that had Warwick kids in it.

        It was a stinky theory anyway.

    • NEMO says:

      That is a shared bus Stinky D. it’s 1 bus that only runs 1 trip straight to school No home run maybe that’s why.

    • Toleratate says:

      Can’t speak for Sommersfield; but Warwick Academy (coming from the East and returning afternoons) is serviced by a bus that also services Francis Pattern, Whitney, Warwick Secondary, and Bermuda Institute.
      Do they now have their own bus?

  5. know your history says:

    why don’t they just privatize some routes already, I mean that where it looks like its going! I guess the schools would be first and TNTatem was just a sample the other day.

  6. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Tax payer dollars going where EXACTLY?
    Shameful. We really really need to pull our socks up folks!

  7. Sandra C says:

    That’s a long list there. What I don’t understand, why are the school buses canceled? Why education is always the first to be effected on this island? Perhaps the bus company should be privatized if who ever is running it now can’t get it together!
    Just saying…

    • Keen Observer says:

      That is the problem with other Gov’t departments to. The management stinks on some jobs. Some of these bosses only get their positions because of someone they know, not because of proper skills to manage people and bring out the best working qualities of each individual employee. Many times the employees know more about the day-to-day work than their bosses because the bosses get away with doing as they please and are out of touch with their employees. Who deals with the bosses?
      And yes , their is plenty of dishonesty in gov,t. Take it from someone who has seen it for years.There is no proper discipline in Gov’t jobs . The employees are following the poor example of the percentage of bad bosses in Gov’t who are no good , and study tricks. (Not saying every boss is this way)This is what sullies departments and causes INEFFICIENTSY.
      I am not happy with the busses either, I ride them every week and much could be improved. So, is management here the problem to? Very possible. This is the wrong time for this bus situation to be happening with all the activities planned in 2017 on the Island. We Need to PROGRESS , not Digress.

  8. Hmm says:

    If you want to get the general public to buy into the concept of privatization, the first step is to DEFUND a service so that it appears to be inefficient. Got it?

    • Toleratate says:

      Or it could be that the front line of the Union, i.e. first to strike even when the drivers do not agree and did not vote for it (hey, it has happened) are being used again to promote….. oh neither mind.

  9. Terry says:

    Something is in the air and it’s smell will become stronger very soon………

  10. tired of this crap says:

    Did any students show up at Cedarbridge? smdh. My child doesn’t even attend that school but I’m still irritated!

  11. Pepper Spray says:

    With the America’s Cup just around the corner, this is a very bad sign! How many buses could the 1m plus we spent on the Commission of Inquiry bought us? I wonder!!!

    • Ra's al Ghul says:

      How many buses could the $20M of overspend on the Port Royal golf course bought us?

  12. ImJustSayin says:

    We are our worst enemy. It never ends.