Police Investigating Assault Shown On Video

March 22, 2017

The Police said they are aware of a video circulating via social media showing an assault on Court Street and said efforts are “underway to identify the victim and the suspects,” with the police saying that the “public are advised not to further circulate the video, as such actions may compromise any potential court proceedings.”

A police spokesperson said, “Police are aware of a video circulating via social media showing a recent assault on Court Street.

“Currently efforts are underway to identify the victim and the suspects involved.

“Inquiries continue and members of the public are advised not to further circulate the video, as such actions may compromise any potential court proceedings.

“Anyone with relevant information regarding this matter should contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744.”

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  1. SMH says:

    Wow this took long enough to catch lol

  2. pissedbermudian!!! says:

    the police are full of $hit. they know who the hell those boys are out there. i guess they are just gonna choose to not do nothing. its like the police are scared of these fools. the video is clear as day. arrest them and charge them no witness or nothing is needed.

  3. know your history says:

    Police prosecute them to the fullest extent! People should be able to be safe without such hooligans acting the fool!

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      This is a joke. The police will do their part and place these thugs before the court. For what? All the court will do is give them a slap on the wrist. Seems to me that the gov need to ensure that proper no nonsense Magistrates and judges are hired to adjudicate matters and not be afraid to hand out proper sentences. Instead they are giving conditional and absolute discharges for offenses of violence. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

  4. Bermudian girl says:

    How is the police station on the corner of Court Street and those lazy police still don’t see anything. I was so disgusted by that video I couldn’t even watch half

    • Say Whaat? says:

      So your assumption is that they sit with binoculars in the offices spying out the land through every window? Wake up from your dream chick!

    • Trolling says:

      You are a noob Bermudian girl! Go troll elsewhere

  5. sweet black says:

    Firstly I would like to commend the victim in this for not going back at these guys for assaulting u. Let the police handle this case. Next I am disgusted by these young men who think that they can just put hands on anyone and think they can get away with it. Bermuda Police this is clearly a case of assault. This young man was just simply doing his job and to be attacked like that without reason is disturbing. Punish these little boys and show the community that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

  6. gcode4lyfe says:

    the police aint gonna do nothing at all. they scared of the gang.

  7. Say Whaat? says:

    FYI police. There are two videos.

  8. Just saying... says:

    See…a black Bermudian man….trying to work a honest days work…..only to be attacked by someones fool of a son for no reason at all. It sounded like the victim was saying “I don’t even know you.”

  9. bermudians says:

    you old people don’t know nothing about whats going on in todays generation!!!!!!! you guys just assume and speak on what you hear… until you know the real spill, then its best to say nothing

  10. jim says:

    put theses type guys to sleep

  11. Bet says:

    Okay well maybe if these boys wasn’t gang affiliated then none of this BS would be going on!!!they all put it on their selfs.. It’s past situations that have happen that escalated to this altercation that broke out