Bermuda College Graduates Of 2017

May 19, 2017 | 1 Comment

Proud family and friends made their way to Bermuda College yesterday [May 18] as the 2017 Commencement Ceremony took place, with 137 students receiving Bermuda College associate degrees, certificates and diploma, in addition to six Mount Saint Vincent University Bachelor’s degree graduates, and seven Miami University Master’s degree graduates participating.

The Bermuda College graduate numbers represent a 27% increase over the previous year, and dual enrollment graduates increased 150% from four in 2016 to 10 this year.


Division Of Arts & Science

Associate of Arts [Art & Design]

  • Michelle O Cymbron with Merit
  • Jessica D Drummond
  • Jasmine A Furbert with Merit
  • Asha M Galloway with Merit
  • Sckye-Kaelyn Grant-Dickinson with Merit
  • Bria C Harrison-Mendes
  • Kori A Jackman
  • Zoe I Lopes with Distinction
  • Sidney E Mello
  • Mikaela E Musson-Sheeheed with Merit
  • Eshe’ C Rayner*
  • Joshua Simoes
  • Jabari A Smith*
  • Leon N Weekes
  • Aric G Wilson

Associate of Arts

  • Beatriz V Aguiar with Distinction
  • Jashae N Allen-Lamontagne with Merit
  • Joshua I DeAllie
  • Denyelle D Dublin-Swan with Merit
  • Lilyanna R Simmons with Distinction
  • Tyler A Simons
  • Gilat B Smith with Merit
  • Jessica J Tannock with Distinction
  • Joyce Waddell

Associate of Arts [Human Services]

  • Brittany M Oliveira

Associate of Arts and Science

  • Elisha S Bailey-Lewis
  • Ashley M Botelho with Distinction
  • Melissa A Botelho with Merit
  • Cashun Q Brangman
  • Etteleon N Burchall
  • Che Durham
  • Calshae T Hill
  • Arron S Lindsay with Merit
  • Sakile A Taylor
  • Zhane N Virgil-Darrell
  • Chiyaro O Wedderburn with Merit
  • Shannon M Williams

Associate of Science

  • Santashae’ C Ascento
  • Seta A Douglas with Distinction
  • Daelyn Glasgow-Thomas
  • Staesha M Pitcher with Merit
  • Cassandra M Roberts with Merit
  • Dennikia M Roberts with Merit
  • David A Simmons
  • Jawonday J Smith

Associate of Science [Education]

  • Kennisha R Deshields
  • Shamaine R Talbot

Associate of Science [Nursing]

  • Janai R Caldwell with Merit
  • Mirela Desilva
  • Rhonee A Ford
  • Olievia T Martins with Distinction
  • LeRhonda J Mills
  • Melina A Pacheco
  • Clairissa O Phillips
  • Victoria L Trott
  • Cathy C Williams with Distinction

Division Of Business, Hospitality & Technical Education

Certificate for Accounting Technician

  • Wendy J Dill
  • Gloria-Lee Franklin with Merit
  • Sara M Solis with Merit
  • Lakeisha-Marie Wolffe with Merit

Certificate in Electrical Wiring Technology

  • Kelvon S Butterfield with Merit
  • Ashton-Blair Stephens with Merit
  • Wentworth C Tucker with Merit
  • Noel I Vanputten with Merit

Certificate in Motor Vehicle Technology

  • Rory T Dublin

Certificate in Plumbing Technology

  • Shaquille S Jones with Distinction

Certificate in Wood Technology

  • Hernico U Johnson

Diploma in Culinary Arts

  • Meagan E Boyles
  • O’Keisha G Clarke with Merit
  • Cameron R Forbes with Merit
  • Joanne E Harvey with Distinction
  • Chavon J Outerbridge
  • Mary L Richardson

Diploma in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology

  • Kodi J Hinds with Distinction
  • Steve M Wilson with Merit

Associate of Applied Science [Business Administration]

  • Wendy D Brangman
  • Cristina P Carreiro
  • Charmaine L Dill
  • Sharmila C Harris with Merit
  • Shervonne A Hollis*
  • Nicole A Martins
  • Alex M Nanud with Merit
  • Rachelle R Smith
  • Trae R Stephens

Associate of Applied Science [Culinary Arts]

  • Zoleah T Frith with Merit
  • Chioma Lawrence
  • Farah D Ming with Merit
  • Kaisha L Simons with Merit
  • Jamel G Stafford
  • Alexis L Trott*

Associate of Applied Science [Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning]

  • Nicolas D Correia
  • Jonathan J Outerbridge

Associate of Applied Science [Hospitality Management]

  • Carina I Aguiar with Distinction
  • Keino A Arorash with Merit
  • Zadia S Augustus* with Merit
  • Gabriella L Pucci with Distinction
  • Ashley E Smith
  • Donavin E Trott-Burchall

Associate of Arts [Business Administration]

  • Karl E Brown
  • Cyana J Burgess with Merit
  • Kyle R Burrows
  • Terrae Z Christopher
  • Guisti S Clarke
  • Stenzia Q Darrell –Smith with Merit
  • Terissa C Deal
  • Jaylen S Dill* with Merit
  • Zana-Kay Y Douglas
  • Lauren M Genevieve with Merit
  • Jaquan D Hatherley with Merit
  • Tamara M Jackson with Distinction
  • Theodore M King
  • Vaniek N Martin
  • Stephanie T Mowatt
  • Sher-Kyra D Outerbridge with Merit
  • Brianna A Pacheco with Distinction
  • Kevin M Pacheco with Merit
  • Solomon A Pearman
  • Chelsea A Ray with Merit
  • Earl Andre N Richardson with Merit
  • Raequan A Rochester*
  • Zureena C Rubaine with Distinction
  • Quinae Z Santucci with Merit
  • Shirrea L Spencer
  • Ashley M Usher
  • Sadiq A Williams

Associate of Science [Actuarial Science]

  • Darren T Trott

Associate of Science [Computer Information Systems]

  • Luis M Correia
  • Cole E Durham
  • Brandon B Franke* with Distinction
  • Jameko M Gomes* with Merit
  • Jordon Z Lindsay
  • Marcus S O’Leary-Christopher*
  • Tajae A Rayner
  • Jabari Robinson
  • Victoria B Santos* with Distinction
  • Chrisjon D Simmons
  • Dominic Tessitore* with Distinction

* Graduated in January 2017

Mount Saint Vincent University

Bachelor of Arts [Child and Youth Studies] in Association with Bermuda College

  • Marilyn Swainson with Distinction & Highest Aggregate

Bachelor of Business Administration in Association with Bermuda College

  • Ryce Trott****
  • Chaundre Burgess
  • Lazeka Richards
  • Chelsea Lawley
  • Georgette Trott with Distinction & Highest Aggregate

**** Graduation October 2016

Miami University

Master of Education in Special Education in Collaboration with Bermuda College

  • Sabrina Demeglio**
  • LaKai Dill***
  • Kellena Douglas***
  • Jessica Minors***
  • Monique Paul***
  • Judith Welch**
  • Elizabeth Braithwaite

** Graduated August 2016
*** Graduation August 2017

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  1. Ladeej says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates!! Your hard work has reaped success and this just the beginning. All the best in your future endeavours.

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