College Lecture Series: “Murder In Paradise’

September 20, 2022

The Bermuda College Lecture Series will return on Tuesday, September 27th with a “candid panel discussion about the prolonged young Black male homicide crisis plaguing our community; and taking a serious look at the causes and solutions.”

A spokesperson said, “Kudre Hill’s brother died as a result of a violent act several years ago. He says providing a solution to the violence does not have to come at the price of being a victim of it, or experiencing personal loss.”

He said, As a Bermudian man whose life was affected by gang violence, I had to navigate through a treacherous path in order to escape being murdered in paradise. Although my life was saved, I still experienced great loss that will impact me forever. You don’t have to wait for the pain of losing a loved one to show up at your door in order to be a part of the solution. It is an honor to participate in this event as I share my story to inspire and empower the youth of today to make personal transformation in their lives.”

A spokesperson added, “Well acquainted with Bermuda’s social ills and a former presiding magistrate of both Bermuda’s Drug and Mental Health Courts, Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe; respected author ‘Border Crossing Brothas: Black Males Navigating Race, Place and Complex Space’ and motivational speaker, Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas; and psychologist and former Bermuda College lecturer, Quinton Sherlock – all Bermudian men – will examine the issue from both cultural and professional perspectives. They will be joined via Zoom by Mr. Hill, whose brother was violently murdered.

“The Bermuda College Faculty Association is collaborating with the Lecture Series Committee to produce the event.”

BCFA Chair, Necheeka Trott says the issue is not something any one agency can handle alone. “The prolonged young Black male homicide crisis is a community problem. It’s time to return to the village concept of taking a village to raise a community. This forum is focused on actionable solutions to address a local issue that affects all of us, using homegrown experts to do so. Everyone is encouraged to attend in person or online to hear first-hand, a way forward.”

“I am participating in this event because I love and believe in the people of Bermuda”, says Dr. Douglas. “A significant portion of my professional career as a researcher, K-12 educator, professor, pastor and administrator has centered around the journeys and conditions that help Black males in Bermuda and across the Diaspora, strive and thrive. As an alumnus of Bermuda College, I feel privileged and obligated to come to Bermuda anytime I can to be part of solution-orientated initiatives at this critical time in our country’s history.”

The spokesperson said, “The in-person event takes place Tuesday, September 27 at 6 p.m. in the North Hall Lecture Theatre G301, and will also be livestreamed on the College’s YouTube channel and Facebook platform.”

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