OBA Interim Leader: Patricia Gordon-Pamplin

July 21, 2017

OBA Chairperson Lynne Woolridge this evening announced that Patricia Gordon-Pamplin will be the interim Party Leader, and Sylvan Richards will be the interim Deputy Leader.

Ms. Woolridge said: “Following the resignation of former Leader, Michael Dunkley on Wednesday, July 19th, the elected OBA MPs met this evening and voted for the new interim Leader and interim Deputy Leader.

“I’m pleased to announce that our new interim Leader is Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and interim Deputy Leader is Sylvan Richards.”

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin Bermuda July 21 2017

New interim Leader, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said: “I look forward to working with our MPs, party members and the Bermudian community to be a strong Opposition. Our team will hold the new Government to account and ensure they are working in the best interests of all Bermudians.”

The OBA added that Senators and a Shadow Cabinet “will be announced in due course.”

Earlier this week, Mr Dunkley resigned as the leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, saying he “felt it was the right thing to do given the election result,” adding that he “remains totally committed to helping the party.”

His resignation followed after the PLP’s major victory in the General Election, where they won 24 seats to the OBA’s 12, and 20,059 votes [58.89%], compared to the OBA’s 13,832 votes [40.61%].

The OBA now has 12 MPs in the 36 seat House of Assembly; Michael Dunkley, Sylvan Richards, Cole Simons, Trevor Moniz, Craig Cannonier, Jeanne Atherden, Susan Jackson, Dr Grant Gibbons, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, Jeff Baron, Leah Scott, and Ben Smith.

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  1. Chaos Theory says:

    Too UBP – and that from someone who has supported the UBP and then the OBA.

    • No way Jose says:

      So what are your thoughts on Jahmal Simmons, Kim Swan and others?

      • Coffee says:

        I will be expecting Pat Gordon and Ben Smith to cross the floor in 5 ,4 ,3 , ….

        The message is clear and will be made crystal clear by Premier Burt . All talented people that love Bermuda are welcomed into the PLP .

        Where is Georgia Marshall ? Tell her to come on by Alaska Hall .

        In the interim , I wish my friend Patricia well !

        N.B. In my post on the resignation of Dunkeley , I wrote that weak men like the fired former premier often hide behind strong women . He never disappoints !

        • There are some people that will ALWAYS hate P.L.P. and de Union.
          Sad how relatives off Freedom Fighters support de ideology and entity that oppressed their ancestors, but de relatives off de oppressors dont support de decsendents or entity off de oppressed.
          Talk about psychological damage

          • wahoo says:

            ….and there are some that will always be BERMUDIAN and want what is best for everyone even them that are blind. Wake up, your own fleas bite hardest.

        • cpm says:

          Premier Dunkley was not weak , he just had more class than you

          • Come on pay attention says:

            The seas are rough and Capt. Dunkley has abandoned ship. Along with First Mate sponge Bob. Seems they don’t love their party and country so much now…just saying! To me they don’t come any weaker than that. “It’s easy to navigate through calm seas, it’s how you handle the ship when those seas become rough.” Author missing

            • Liztitterton says:

              Well since it was you lot who got us in this HUGE mess in the first place, now over to you to resolve and fix it!! The old saying “be careful what you wish for” applied here!
              How come it ok for you to have numerous ex-UBP, including TWO party leaders and no nasty comments made??? Double standard???

            • Truth Teller says:

              Have they not learnt anything.
              I mean Pamplin is only interim but it still sends the absolutely wrong signal.

              After all, she is from the Marissa Baron, Monica Jones wing of the party.

          • Coffee says:

            Correction , having more money than someone never equates to having more class than someone . And you know this …. Than again maybe not

          • Hey says:

            What a great Premier and leader Michael Dunkley was, and you will realize this in the next 100 days.

          • David S says:

            Premier has done a lot for Bermuda, all politics a side.

      • Lol says:

        Plp mps, facts instead of thoughts

      • alicia says:

        don’t forget about Wayne Furbert

    • steve says:

      why cant we call on ourselves to all grow up and understand that some excellent people came from UBP? or the old PLP? or shall throw them all in the trash and waste some of the talent that is actually willing to be involved in politics( most great minds say no thanks I like my day job and family life) be fair with individuals.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Some people, like Julian Hall, changed sides for philosophical reasons. I can appreciate that. Others changed sides because they saw the power shifting and wanted to be near the powerful. I detest that.

        • Liztitterton says:

          Totally agree – Julian was very special, had honour to know him in those LSE days In London,along With Michael Scott.
          Sad to say W.Furbert, J.simmons, and K.Swan Not In Same League. Yet you embrace them and abuse Bob Richards and now Pat – who have at least been true To their convictions and consistent. And Done EVERYTHING they could to work at what is a thankless job and try to fix the huge mess they inherited.

          • steve says:

            nailed it

          • I have to respect those who hold to their convictions of supporting and advocating the cause that was fought by their ancestors.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      It will take the OBA or any new party if they form, at least 10 years to get back to power.

      By then, the face of Bermuda would have changed.

      • Rightok says:

        Yeah by that time the PLP will have to downsize the civil service because of the debt. I wonder what the unions will say then.

        • Onion says:

          Exactly. Losing the 2012 election was the greatest gift the PLP ever received.

  2. Blind sheep says:

    These have to be the biggest group of dumb start people. It is obvious they have not learned their lesson.

  3. Wow says:

    OBA have a weak team led by a feisty leader who will constantly be reminded of their motto Forward not back’

  4. Wassup says:

    Why only interim?

    • Onion says:

      The Constitution of the party puts the choice in the hands of the membership.

      • Well she was de only one that showed up at Vasco de Gama.

        • SOS says:


          • Liztitterton says:

            Is that really the best you can do? There Is no time for mindless gloating, Bermuda in huge debt, you should be thinking about how we going to get out of it! ALL our children and future generations deserve that!

            • Ohh, dont be a sour puss, if O.B.A. would’ve won you all would’ve been throwing pop shots.

              • bdaboy says:

                “throwing pop shots.”
                OJ, always reassuring us that he’s an idiot.

        • Rightok says:

          I still feel more comfortable with the OBA handling the government purse. At least they were fiscally responsible. The PLP can’t even manage a simple construction project. Didn’t we pay for two Berkeley’s? PLP got our debt 1.6bn and can be blamed for the OBA having to borrow 800 million at the time. That’s 2.4bn because of the likes of the former PLP.

          • Pulling my ears and sticking my tounge out.

            • Liztitterton says:

              Wow, you really need to grow the hell up!!

            • wahoo says:

              Do that for the next five years or less.

          • David S says:

            I would say things will change under Burt. His background at GW and finance will give him the background of sharp talent to call out bad business,
            Although I supported the OBA I say give him a chance. The Island is small enough where you can see excess pretty quickly.
            Look I now live in Miami, in a out side smaller city larger than Bermuda …. its not rocket science …. make sure schools are rum properly, health care is provided, trash is picked up weekly,
            civil security is maintained ….

          • bee says:

            You got that right. It would appear that the PLP voter thinks misappropriating $800m of thier tax dollars is ok but a $70m INVESTMENT in tourism is not.

  5. Wow says:

    I would have loved to see Cole Simons as leader and maybe Jeff Baron as deputy. No disrespect to Ms. Gordon-Pamplin.

    • Hair says:

      Pamplin should be the Premier!! More educated than all you lot!!

      • There is a THIN line between education and COMMON SENSE.

        • get real says:

          Signed, the uneducated one.

        • Come on pay attention says:

          Even got Mr. OJ talking bad about his party. Must have gotten some of that juice in his eyes.

        • wahoo says:

          You do not have either of those things so enjoy what you have helped manifest while it lasts. Not everyone wants a free t-shirt and a one night stand at HQ. oh and I am not deceiving you.

      • Lol says:

        Should be premier? On what grounds should she be premier? O because you say so she should be premier. Well shes not and rightfully so. Didnt she try to use her political power to kick rev tweed off the island in an un ethical and non legal way which was overturned by the courts and this should be our leader? The hyprocrisy that spews from the obubpa (or what ever your gonna call yourselves now when u put a few more black faces to the front) supporters mouths is both hilarious and troubling knowing how unfairly bias you all are.

        • Liztitterton says:

          Wow!! hatred and prejudice can come from all sides! And the hatred is gloating. Let’s hope that helps to get us out of the mess we in. Ps hatred and anger only hurts the one who hates and is

          • Liztitterton says:

            Ps. Most destructive to those who hate. And prejudice works both ways. Once we grow up, no excuses.

        • bdaboy says:

          “Didnt she try to use her political power to kick rev tweed off the island in an un ethical and non legal way which was overturned by the courts and this should be our leader?”

          So the courts ruling that tweed can stay is good…but the courts ruling on same sex marriage is bad?…got it…you’re a hypocrite, just like the rest of your bigoted plp.

      • Acegurl says:

        Congratulations and well done Mrs Gordon-Pamplin your time has come. The OBA has a small group of strong woman. On the other hand, a few we only see at election time.I know your party will be a good opposition given you have first hand knowledge of the debacle your party inherited. Good Luck! You will need it.

    • Honestly says:

      Cole Simons! Are you serious? He leaves a lot this be desired!

  6. SouthamptonMom says:

    I am thrilled to hear this news!!! She is the perfect candidate at this time!! She has awesome roots, is not afraid of issues and deserves the job!! Sadly, it should have been Premier – but that another story!! Anyone who makes horrible comments about her – need to remember that more then 3 ex-UBP are now in the PLP Cabinet and backbench! How is that ok???
    I wish you all the best Pat, there are many of us willing to help you hold the new Government accountable – how does the likes of Zane DeSilva get back in cabinet???? Please Premier Burt, keep a very, very tight hold on finance. Frankly I think a huge number of Bermudians would have been fine with this, IF YOU HAD NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR NEW CABINET players who were known to be ….! We will be watching…

    • Time to change the name back UBP 100% says:

      It’s ok because they told us in the PLP what we already knew …………………the truth about the UBP and how you treat people of color.

      The DUNK even admitted to the 2 Bermudas less than 24 hours ago after the election.

      WAKE UP

      • Come on pay attention says:

        Great new name, the TBA…Two Bermuda Alliance.

      • Liztitterton says:

        Ok let’s change name of PLPoopshalfUBP! Funny that line not so distinct now is it??!

    • So does that go for Craig also?

    • Come on pay attention says:

      Three ex UPB members huh….it seems that is all that happens within the UBP/OBA when members finally realize a zebra doesn’t change its stripes.

    • Lol says:

      O please just like the oba startef off as that but they made cannonier take the fall and at one point you had an all ubp cabinet. So that surrogate report was beyond accurate. Do you think ppl were happy when dunkely took office in the shameful way he did? O right i forgot blame the plp for that too. Almost forgot the obubpa party line, ” when we mess up blame the plp. When we lie its the plps fault. Nuclear bombs explodes blame the plp. Catergory 100 hurricane hits bermy, its gotta the plp trying to ruin our 120mill americas cup.” And the list goes on

  7. Warlord says:

    The PLP will implode at some point.There are to many egos and power hungry persons with a personal agenda.The OBA will be there again to pick up the pieces.

    • X says:

      Correct. But meantime we need to work together to make the island less divisive, if possible. I note that Pat was the only OBA member to appear at Vasco on the night of the election. Dunkley should have had shown more leadership and told all OBA candidates, whatever the outcome of their seats, they should have gather at Vasco to support each other and their party.
      It was the OBA’s election to lose, and they did. They did not listen to the people, which allowed the PLP to jump on their bandwagons and drive round the island rallying their troops. Now we have a Premier who is woefully inexperienced, (nice guy though) and thinks he can be in charge of finances too … heard that before?!

    • Lol says:

      Lol you act like your precious obUbpa didnt implode lol. And exploded as well 7 seats gone!!! Lololololol

      • Come on pay attention says:

        And notice not a peep out of Ms. Scott. I guess there has been no one around to write a statement for her. To be honest the whole 12 have been pretty dang quiet since Tuesday. Well not Sylvan, he had to make the announcement for Mr. Weakness….have you ever heard of such a whimp. A former premier of Bermuda that doesn’t have the courage enough to announce he is stepping down as party leader himself. Mr. Dunkley, that is very weak, you should be ashamed of yourself, as should the rest of your colleagues. Be a man and come out and apologize to your party and Bermuda. And also for the people’s money you and your party have wasted on these ridiculous witch hunts.

        • Lol says:

          But when you call him and his party out on that, they immediately deflect, deny, and straight up try to deceive you other wise like we dont have two good eyes and ears. That was the entire obubpa govt for 5 years. Always send out a surrogate to do their dirt. He is the true definition of a coward

    • YEA OK LMAO says:

      NO ONE IS VOTING OBA or UBP. Now run along and change the name again. The party needs to split if you have any chance of winning again and one or two of you’re MPs knows this.

      • NEW PARTY says:

        Bermuda needs a new party. The OBA is toast. They went from UBP to BDA to OBA – anything or anyone that reminds me of the UBP will simply not work.

      • Liztitterton says:

        Enjoy your gloating, sadly it will not help pay down the huge debt we in, thanks to PLP, and please, do not think all the promises and pie in the sky stuff will not come at great cost. When you get older, you will understand there is NO free lunch!

    • Yaaaaawwwwnnnn

  8. puzzled says:

    Interim ?

    That’s just another word for when the big boys take over.

    We will be Putin on a lot once they come. Right Nantucket ?

  9. Jus' Askin' says:

    Why not Craig ;-) ;-)

    • YEA OK LMAO says:

      Craig knows a sinking ship. Come home Craig. Cross the floor.

      • frank says:

        Craig can not move they have him by his
        Short hairs

    • They have a word for when you repeat de same method to get a different result.
      Rolling on de floor.

  10. Long bay trading says:

    I am thrilled . Excellent choice and frankly much needed for some time. Am in total agreement with SouthamptonMom. Excellent choice and make it permanent – not interim please.

  11. cpm says:

    Let’s not forget who runs the plp, the puppet master with the help of a bunch of flip flops

  12. Come on pay attention says:

    Say what you like. I say 24 – 12. PLP all the way, all the way PLP!

  13. Former says:

    Betty, your comments please!

    • Lol says:

      Aunt Betty sipping tea right now looking like a prophet. Sit back aunt Betty we got this from now on. You have done so much work for us and from the younger generation of Bermuda we thank you dearly

  14. parent says:

    I personally would like to see Leah as deputy leader to for OBA to move on with new people

  15. 2025 plan says:

    All pretty funny until someone has to be deceived, then it becomes hilarious…

    • Coffee says:

      Great Post !!!



      • Coffee says:

        Are you laughing now ? Isn’t it just hilarious ?!

  16. Hey says:

    Keep a close eye on this lot MP Pamplin, especially right now….The airport…..The Hotel…..Lahey Lawsuit…..Rev. Tweed.
    The FINANCES..Stop them from running roughshod.

  17. Nita says:

    Yes once again PLP are in power so what will happen now with our debt? How will it be managed now. I don’t think very well. Give them a few years and we will all be broke again. e.g. less jobs,higher tax’s,more debit. I don’t have much faith in PLP. OBA were not the best but they bought us some HOPE.

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    The new OBA leader appeals to the far right of the OBA and therefore will not win political support from the rest of us.

    • Hey says:

      She and the OBA willl be looking pretty good in about 6 months time, the PLP are full of the same old controversial non performers.

  19. Madge says:

    I personally think the remainder of the O.B.A SHOULD JUST QUIT!!!!

    • Defense says:

      I personally think it would be great if we could all live like like the carribean nations!

      • And the Caribbean nations have one important thing that we dont have which is vital to any country, and that is NATIONAL PRIDE.
        Something we lack because of constant neglect and criticism against the PEOPLE of Bermuda from those in athourity and F!@#ed up policies.

  20. Oh,I see now says:

    Supporters of both sides talk a lot of shyt hoisting their respective parties up high but you all sound like a bunch of squabbling idiots.I would shudder being a child witnessing you b!&@#ing about whom is the better parent whilst I stand and think……….

    Is this about me or about them………..