Photos/Video: Bay Retains Eastern County Cup

August 19, 2017

The second round match of the Eastern County Cup was held today [Aug 19] at Lord’s in St. David’s and saw Bailey’s Bay retain the Eastern County Cup Trophy winning by eight wickets. The final score was Cleveland County 89 Bailey’s Bay 90/2.

Bailey’s Bay won the toss and sent Cleveland County to bat. Bay bowled out Cleveland County for 89. Dion Stovell was the top scorer with 24 while Clay Darrell added 21. Kyle Hodsoll was the pick of the Bailey’s Bay bowlers with figures of 14-6-31-5 while Zeko Burgess bowled 11-5-28-4.

The 20-minute live video replay is below:

In reply, Bailey’s Bay lost Malachi Jones and Tre Manders early in the inning but an 85 run 3rd wicket partnership between Terryn Fray and captain Rodney Trott saw Bailey’s Bay to victory. Trott was the top scorer with 51 not out while Fray scored 29 not out. Damali Bell was the pick of the Cleveland County bowlers with figures of 7-1-8-1.


Cleveland County Inning

..09 (20) Adrian Burrows c Stephen Outerbridge b Zeko Burgess
..07 (22) Macai Young c Tre Manders b Kyle Hodsoll
..05 (19) Keishon Smith c Maachi Jones Kyle Hodsoll
..00 (06) Treadwell Gibbons c Coolidge Durham b Kyle Hodsoll
..00 (01) Steven Bremar LBW Zeko Burgess
..24 (58) Dion Stovell c Terryn Fray b Zeko Burgess
..21 (31) Clay Darrell b Malachi Jones
..03 (31) Damali Bell c Rodney Trott b Kyle Hodsoll
..00 (06) Dennis Mussonb Kyle Hodsoll
..14 (13) Najayah Raynor b Zeko Burgess
..00 (10) Lavar Talbot Not Out
..06 Extras (1nb-2w-3lb)
..89 Total All Out after 36 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-17 (Young), 2-17 (Burrows), 3-17 (Gibbons), 4-22 (Bremar), 5-26 (Smith), 6-49 (Darrell), 7-72 (Bell), 8-72 (Stovell), 9-72 (Musson), 10-89 (Raynor)

Bailey’s Bay Bowlers

14.-6-31-5 Kyle Hodsoll
11.-5-28-4 Zeko Burgess
7.0-2-07-0 Derrick Brangman
4.0-1-20-1 Malachi Jones

Bailey’s Bay Inning

..28 (92) Terryn Fray Not Out
..02 (03) Malachi Jones c & b Damali Bell
..00 (06) Tre Manders c Najiyah Raynor b Dennis Musson
..51 (64) Rodney Trott Not Out
..09 Extras (3nb-2w-3lb-1b)
..90 Total for 2 Wickets after 27 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-4 (Jones), 2-5 (Manders)

Cleveland County Bowlers

7.0-3-08-1 Damali Bell
6.0-0-24-1 Dennis Musson
2.0-0-09-0 Dion Stovell
4.0-0-09-0 Clay Darrell
5.0-0-20-0 Lavar Talbot
2.0-0-14-0 Macai Young
1.0-0-02-0 Steven Bremar

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