‘No Resolution’ In Industrial Dispute At Dock

October 23, 2017

[Updated] “No resolution had been reached this morning,” in the ongoing industrial dispute on the Hamilton docks, Stevedoring Service confirmed at around noon today [Oct 23].

Stevedoring Services previously confirmed they “received notice of industrial action from the Port Workers’ Division of the Bermuda Industrial Union on Thursday, October 19.”

“The Stevedores have unloaded and delivered refrigerated containers [reefers] and will complete unloading of other perishables on Friday, ensuring that essential goods are available for collection,” Stevedoring noted.

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Update 5.36pm: Polaris CEO Warren Jones said, “There has been no change in the status of the ongoing Hamilton Docks industrial dispute which began on October 19, 2017.

“All essential goods have been off-loaded for collection. Two container ships left on Friday – one with only empty containers, and a second returning to its point of origin with all unloaded container cargo, except the essential goods.

“We can confirm there were no ships in dock over the weekend. The Oleander ship arrived today and the stevedores unloaded perishable items and essential goods.

“Negotiations are ongoing and we will update shippers and agents as the situation changes. We are unable to discuss specific personnel matters as a part of our company privacy policy. However, we will update stakeholders on relevant progress in today’s negotiations.”

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Comments (37)

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    What are they striking for ths time ?

    • Busted says:

      Bet you somebody got fired.

      • Paradise reclaimed says:

        Mlions in economic damage, fire the lot. These wildcat strikes must stop. Neuter and clip the ears of the ferrel wildcats and maybe they’ll think twice about giving no notice and breaking their collective bargaining agreement next time they feel like crippling the island over trivialities.

    • Weezle says:

      I thought they need 20 days notice take industrial action

  2. Bermudian Patriot says:

    When you dig another out of their troubles, you find a place to bury your own.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    Interesting. Stevedoring Services “received notice of industrial action from the Port Workers’ Division of the Bermuda Industrial Union on Thursday, October 19.”

    Thursday is also the day the industrial action started on the docks. And here I was thinking that the docks were an essential service and had to give advance notice of industrial action … silly me!

    • Busted says:

      Silly you. I was thinking they would call a state of emergency and put the Royal Bermuda Regiment on the dock to clear containers. Silly me.

    • Bermmanymanymanymen says:

      No need to follow protocols….that’s so last year

  4. A Chap called Vanz says:

    Should more notice of the industrial action have been given?

  5. Truths says:

    So where and when does the march start??

    • Mrs Brady says:

      No need for any march – PLP is in power now and they’ll fix it.

    • aceboy says:

      Follow the beat of the Gombey drums.

    • Louden Cleere says:

      We don’t march under this govt….just that other one.

  6. Change Agent says:

    Come on Jones. You’re the man. Sort it out!

  7. Chingas says:

    Watch this space. This “strike” is staged and the workers are being used as pawns to make their leaders look powerful.

  8. Ignaorance says:

    When the price of everything goes up because of the Unions action, go to Chris for a loan!

  9. Way too short says:

    What I am stumped at is- no press conference from either Government/ BIU-Furbert! No one???

    When the other Government were in power- We had the Union meeting at least once a month about one thing or another- NOW-silence? What about Ministers-where you too?

    • Bermmanymanymanymen says:

      Photo shoots and wiping down their new cars…where else?

  10. Up D Hill says:

    The silence of Government on this is ??? We want our stuff!!!

  11. Bermudian Patriot says:

    And as soon as it’s called off, everyone goes onto overtime. Stevedoring, Customs, Agents, truckers, everybody!

    This would never happen under the BPSU! They fight for their bosses and the BTUC and the PC. Not the workers!

  12. It's only just begun says:

    Get the bus drivers go work the docks!

  13. midnight special says:

    I just saw a politician on the news smug as all get out speaking on certification… Gotta make sure the consumer gets their monies worth… We are a twenty one mile island!
    We have word of mouth and Bermuda construction association, a consumer advocate that backs up the consumer in the advent of need… My question is who certifies the smug politician… Who ensures we getour monies worth… WA ho the hail is in charge of buses…?
    Who”s in charge of marine and ports? Surely thes politicians need a city of guilds revue…. They surely must not be qualified!

  14. MB says:

    So, let me get this straight
    The union people took off whatever seen as ‘essential’ stuff and then refused to do rest and sent the loaded ships back to USA full of goods needed by businesses across bermuda
    Bermuda, this is why we don’t succeed, why would any company want to operate or expand here??
    Sort your dirty laundry out before you start bringing down all of the island with.

  15. pink boxes says:

    What a joke these people are. I am embarrassed to be Bermudian!But, I am proud to have a second passport.

  16. Obliviate Bermuda’s Associations says:

    BPSU is managements Union. Ain’t done nothing for workers.

  17. DTG says:

    Now if the PLP cares about their Bermudians.. time to stop the striking of essential services… Like the bus’s ferry’s and the cargo docks…. Its so unfair that Bermudians are so affected by these services when they strike.. or walk out…

    • Ok says:

      Funny thing is, I read that the work force on the docks is close to 100% Bermudians….Self inflicted?

  18. Ok says:

    Docks on hold, buses still broke, airport contract about to be breached, hotel in st g on hold, trash trucks breaking down, no ideas to fix debt but pleanty of shots at the oba…PLP doing a great job guys…hope you are proud

  19. midnight special says:

    Buses arent working either..

  20. midnight special says:

    Ok… But Christmas is coming and nobody can visit or get home… Don’t invite anyone over they can’t go back home.

  21. Family Man says:

    I don’t understand. Of course the plp cares about Bermudians. Haven’t you seen the data – 3 out of 4 Bermudians are overweight or obese. By sending all these cases of potato chips back to the USA, the plp is helping to keep Bermudians slim and trim. They’ll unload the fruit and vegetables but they’re going send all the cookies and junk food back to the USA.

    Same with the buses; by randomly cancelling bus routes they’re forcing Bermudians to connect with their friends for a lift and if they can’t get a lift, a little walking does wonders for your health. The plp is looking after the health of ordinary Bermudians who can’t afford gym memberships.

    The Brilliance of Burt and the plp.

  22. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Disgusting…this hurts all Bermudians and their businesses.

  23. Birdlegs says:

    As an essential serice 21 days notice must be given before industrial action takes place. Unfortunately the courts don’t want to act, the Ministers responsible don’t want to act and the union is irresponsible. There is only one solution, get rid of Stevedoing Services and let someone else run the docks. To have such a small number of people hell bent on destroying Bermuda is crazy.

  24. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Double standards abound! And this Government has the nerves to state it promotes business. SORT IT OUT! I WANT MY CONTAINERS!! If the worker was doing a pack he should be let go no matter how well he’s liked!!!!

  25. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    There is a need to apoint an ARBITRATOR.

    Since 65 years ago the UK has never recovered to this day after being brought to its knees by the unions.


  26. Rocky5 says:

    What a complete & utter failure by our new PLP Govt.!! Ministry of Home Affairs under Walton Brown should have intervened last week via Dept. of Labour on Friday, got this into binding Arbitration or Mediation and got the docks operating as normal!!! I guess Minister Brown has been busy depriving people of Human Rights and dis-respecting International Business INSTEAD!!

  27. Y-Gurl says:

    Plenty of good people who could work at the docks, take care of what you have