Docks: ‘No Resolve To The Industrial Dispute’

October 21, 2017

As of Friday, the industrial dispute on the Hamilton docks has not been resolved, with a statement sent yesterday to customers by Meyer saying “As of 4:15pm on Friday October 20th, there has been no resolve to the industrial dispute on Hamilton dock.

“BISL has made the decision for the M/V Bermuda Islander to sail at 4:30pm and return to Salem, NJ. 32 containers, containing essential items, were discharged in Bermuda and the remaining containers will return on the vessel’s next voyage.”

Stevedoring Services previously confirmed they “received notice of industrial action from the Port Workers’ Division of the Bermuda Industrial Union on Thursday, October 19.”

“The Stevedores have unloaded and delivered refrigerated containers [reefers] and will complete unloading of other perishables on Friday, ensuring that essential goods are available for collection,” Stevedoring noted.

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  1. Hurtze says:

    I need a reason…
    What reason is given? Why aren’t regiment trained to take over necessitive works?
    These lot are some of the most highly paid workers… the people and buisness rely on these goods… It is an essential service.
    Since this govt. Is sooooo closely attatched to union… I require full discloser as should ALL residents as to why and ALL appeasements!

    • Ride says:

      Perhaps because the Royal Regiment has a disaster relief and defence role and not an industrial dispute role.

  2. Ok says:

    Docks, buses and trash….Bermudas becoming a mess…guess it’s the foreigners fault….I’m on my way to the culture fest smh…”100% Bermudian” so it has to go well

  3. Union is in charge says:

    I thought you had to give 21 days notice of a strike ? Sorry I forgot CBA is only for employers to abide by.

  4. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    Bring in the SWAT team! The island is being held hostage!!

  5. Digger says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that a bunch of over paid equipment operators can hold a country for ransom. The knock on effect is felt by every retailer which then makes customers unhappy with their level of service and people then turn to shopping on line sending lots of money overseas. something need to be done to eliminate their ability to do this.

  6. DS says:

    I love hearing about the insensitivities towards laborers. Let the priviledged continue wining about their inconveniences. Employers need to be fair towards their employees, then there wouldnt be these disputes.

  7. aceboy says:

    Just a little reminder to the PLP as to who really controls the island and how grateful they should be for the support provided.

    The whole system we have is rotten to the core…..

  8. Fred says:

    This little island is rediculous with its power weilding unions. Essential services are just that. If these employees will not provide uniterrupted essential services then dismiss all that do not show for work and immediately employ others even if it requires bringing in others from overseas! And bar those that were dismissed so that they may NEVER be employed in essential services again.

  9. Sigh says:

    Our unions are MILD compared to those worldwide as the minute the public ‘cries’ the workers go back to work and the situation is not resolved… This is not the first time that there has been an issue on the docks so clearly there are issues in that workplace…. I’d rather hear that the issues are dealt with and we don’t have to revisit this space again in another few months… I often find it very disheartening that there are those hell bent on finding the workers wrong if they have an issue…. you don’t work there and neither do I for that matter but it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that clearly there are matters that need to be resolved…. An inconvenience? yes it is…. but workers rights are human rights… JMO