Blockchain Working Group Members Announced

November 22, 2017

Earlier today [Nov 22] Premier David Burt held a press conference announcing the Government’s Blockchain Task Force.

“The task force will look to advance the regulatory environment and develop Bermuda as a destination for Utility Tokens, Tokenised Securities, Cryptocurrencies, and Coin Offerings,” a spokesperson said.

“The task force has established two working groups to advance the development of this emerging area of technology for the benefit of Bermuda and Bermudians. The working groups will work under the direction of the Minister of National Security Wayne Caines.

“The Blockchain Legal and Regulatory Working Group will be chaired by Ms. Lydia Dickens, while Mr. John Narraway will chair the Blockchain Business Development Working Group.

Members of the working groups with Premier David Burt and Minister of National Security Wayne Caines

Blockchain Working Group Bermuda November 22 2017

“Ms. Dickens is the Director of the Business Development Unit [BDU] in the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism. Her work includes working in partnership with the Bermuda Development Agency [BDA], industry focus groups, government departments, and other stakeholders to facilitate legislative and policy reform.

“The BDU also works closely with the BDA to provide assistance to new businesses seeking to establish operations in Bermuda. Lydia has provided legal representation and support on employment litigation and tax matters, major infrastructure projects, commercial development projects, housing redevelopments, and other community development projects.

Members of the Blockchain Legal and Regulatory Working Group are:

  • Michael Scott, former Minster of Telecommunications & E-Commerce
  • Kevin Anderson, Senior Analyst Policy, Legal Services and Enforcement – Bermuda Monetary Authority
  • Sean Moran, Business Development Manager – Bermuda Businees Development Agency
  • Paula Tyndale, National Coordinator – National Anti-Money Laundering Committee
  • Sean Smatt, Head of Corporate Banking – Butterfield Bank
  • Chris Garrod, Director – Conyers Dill & Pearman
  • Stephen Gift, Assistant Financial Secretary – Ministry of Finance, Government of Bermuda

“Mr. John Narraway is a veteran of the entrepreneurial and mobile technology scene in Bermuda, having created technology-based ventures and held C-level positions in both private and publicly-traded companies.

“John is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Saker Aircraft that is developing the world’s first personal supersonic jet. He also founded Midori Ventures, a company that is designing electric-transport solutions, including the AMP Motorcycle.”

Members of the Blockchain Business Development Working Group are:

  • Alec Cutler, Director – Orbis
  • Chris Garrod, Director – Conyers Dill & Pearman
  • Stuart Lacey, Founder and CEO – Trunomi
  • Stafford Lowe, Chief Administrative Officer – DrumG
  • Artie Darrell, President and CEO – Darrell International

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  1. thank god says:

    I am so glad to hear this. I have been mining crypto currencies since 2013.. I hope we have atms in Bermuda and the atms with paper wallets capabilities.Thank you PLP

  2. Sickofantz says:

    So are you saying it is already legal to mine cryptocurrencies in Bermuda? Are the computers you are using in Bermuda?

  3. Itstoolate says:

    We are already witnessing all the hallmark characteristics of a “market bubble” in regards to this “block chain,” “digital cryptocurrecy” technology. I sold my coins (at a handsome gain) the moment the mainstream media and “me too type investors” began to climb on board the bandwagon…

    Good luck Bermuda – if you should chose to affix yourself to this scheme you will be a passenger on the downward side of an inverse parabola to oblivion.

    As usual the types above referenced are three years too late in following where the “money” is moving.

    The PLP have already contributed to a monumental financial folly…this will unfortunately be seen as version 2.0.

    • Crypto Advocate says:

      You sound like just another speculative investor who does not see the value of distributed ledger technology (which has many use cases outside of finance). Have you not seen the havoc that has been caused by fractional-reserve banking and central authorities controlling the money supply (i.e. quantitative easing)? A decentralized means of transacting will bring about some much needed transparency in the financial sector.

  4. Rocky5 says:

    Tried paying my the guy who painted my roof in crypto currency – he told me – F@#% RIGHT OFF!! Maybe I’ll try using it at Triminghams or Smiffs!!!