Premier: ‘Fintech Is Creating Jobs In Bermuda’

June 27, 2022

Premier & Minister of Finance David Burt recently visited the Bittrex Global and RELM Insurance offices, with the Premier stating that “Fintech is creating jobs in Bermuda for Bermudians,” noting that Bittrex has six full-time Bermudian staff members, while in the past year, RELM has “grown from 4 employees to 13, all of whom are Bermudian.”

The Premier continued, “When I spoke to Bittrex Global CEO, Steve Stonberg at Tech Week 2020, I urged him to hire Bermudians given the outstanding array of talent available in our country. I am grateful that he and his organisation followed through on this, and now have 6 full-time Bermudian staff members fulfilling roles in legal, compliance, and office management.

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications//Mark Tatem

“It is great to meet their team today and hear about their experiences, and how they are helping to build Bermuda’s Fintech and digital assets industry.

“It is also exciting to hear their plans to recruit more Bermudians in the coming months, as well as their sponsorship of a Bermudian student to pursue Fintech qualifications through NEXT, Bermuda’s digital asset industry association that I recently introduced at Consensus in Austin, Texas.”

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications//Mark Tatem

On RELM, Premier David Burt said, “Fintech is more than just digital assets, it is also insurance.

“In addition to the 15 companies licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, there are also 7 innovative insurer general businesses the largest of which is RELM Insurance. RELM is pioneering insurance in the global digital assets industry and is the world’s leading specialty insurer in this space. In the last year, they have grown from 4 employees to 13, all of whom are Bermudian.

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications//Mark Tatem

“They are hiring persons for entry-level positions. I have met interns in their office; persons who have just completed University where this is their first job and they have also hired two persons directly from the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies.

“There are opportunities available for young Bermudians in this field and it is great to see the commitment of our Fintech companies to building and training Bermudian talent.”

Photo courtesy Dept. of Communications//Mark Tatem

Premier Burt concluded, “The Government is keeping its pledge to diversify Bermuda’s economy, and this is creating jobs for Bermudians.”

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  1. Booboosnugglepuff says:

    Wow. 14 whole jobs. What a booming industry!

  2. Unknown800k says:

    Egomeir on his ego trip again.lets talk about the debt, the state of the crappy island and roads .
    You keep telling people what they NEED to hear. If you have intentions of paving the roads when’s the start date, obviously you can start when trenching is complete. Your hung up on this fantasy bs stuff talk about the latest one that is winding down.

  3. Comfortably numb says:

    Blurt and Flip Flop, what a dynamic duo! Six full time jobs: Snorkel Park hired more than that last week.

  4. Hey says:

    Fintec may have created a small number of jobs, but at what cost. How much money have we spent on fintech. Hiw many incentives have been paid out for business to be here, how much has all the legislation cost, all the travel and how much time. Who owns Victoria Hall? How much did that cost us? The amount spent could have been spent on the greater number of Bermudians. The time alone spent on this that could have been used to promote the islands i tourism industry which clearly has suffered.

  5. dunn juice says:

    They trying to figure out whos spewing the most rhetoric, burty or flip flops

  6. pocket change says:

    can’t wait to get me some of those Burt Coins, if they are worth anything. But when we become a forth world country I am sure that’s what will save us

  7. Guy Carri says:

    Love them a photo op!

    Meanwhile retail is dying a painful death with no help from the PLP even with the evidence of retail sales index AND visible store closings.

    3500 jobs vs 14.

    Long way to go.