Court: Man Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

March 2, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

Jahleel Crockwell was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting and robbing a man.

The incident took place last year at a local establishment where Crockwell was one of the men who assaulted the man in the bathroom. The patron was put in a chokehold then had his Michael Kors watch, a gold chain and his wallet taken from him.

The total value of the goods was approximately $1,600, which included $30 in Bermuda currency and $80 in Canadian money.

Later, the victim recognised one of the robbers was sitting at the bar, who then punched him in the shoulder and the forehead, forming the basis of the assault charge.

Crockwell, along with several others, surrounded the victim’s car after he had left the restaurant and made an attempt to open the car’s door.

In addressing the court, Crockwell said, he wanted “to apologise to my family” and also apologised to the victim.

Saying “this is unbecoming of me” he said this was a divine intervention and showed him where his life was and where it could be headed. He asked the judge “for a chance to pick up where I left off and get my life back on track.”

Justice Archie Warner sentenced him to three years imprisonment from April 2017, followed by two years probation.

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