Premier Welcomes Leadership Summit Attendees

March 25, 2018

Premier David Burt gave the welcome address at the Bermuda LEADS Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit which took place at Hamilton Princess this week.

A key message to the attendees was, “While here, I urge you to explore, learn and implement. The impact you make goes far beyond the walls of your office or this conference room.

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“As a leader you may never know all those you touch, inspire or give confidence. You may never hear the names of those you helped to be successful. A true leader will bring out the best in others and inspire them to greater heights.”

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Some of the keynote speakers for the conference included, Professor Chris Roebuck, Entrepreneurial Leadership Expert; Ms. Kendaree Burgess, Executive Director, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce; BHW’s Jason Sukdeo and Reverend Jeffrey Brown.

The conference was hosted by Benedict Associates, Ltd and sponsored by Bennett Jones [Bermuda] Ltd., Bermuda Business Development Agency, Clarien, and Bermuda Economic Development Corporation.

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  1. Great job, Premier Burt.
    You are sooo brilliant, connected, involved, meaningful and you care about YOUR island home… Bermuda!!